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    , What’s not to say?
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    Pennsylvania State Representative

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  1. For those brick weeds, just mix vinegar and dish soap in a spray bottle. Hit those bastards, they will die!
  2. Yes Sir, so far great tonight!
  3. I’m just angry Red, can’t help it.
  4. Terry Mac


    Pretty crazy looking out here in Chester County Pa. It’s the end of times fellas!!!
  5. That punk needs to be put down like vermin in a rat trap.
  6. What the hell is wrong with you Red! Would be great if he got his teeth smashed out with a billy club from Mayor Rizzo. What a poser.
  7. I blame Ringer for most of this garbage.
  8. dam, i'm hoping Dingy doesn't take this news too hard. I think he may have had the Iron Sheik pillow case.
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