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    i prefer an overcast day.
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    Piano playing, modeling, theater.
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    Professional Dancer.

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  1. here is one from the second fling, i think that is Mcmike in the middle.
  2. maybe even micmike or that monkey guy who was picking on Mauru.
  3. dam, poor mikemc.....
  4. 2nd place Moles
  5. i vote KOQ.
  6. "loveable loser" reminds me of a banned ex taverner
  7. i love the sound of American Indian drums and chanting. I do that all the time around my house and my sons love it. My wife doesn't even get mad at me any more.
  8. Dam, i thought mikemc was supposed to be on a business trip somewhere else.
  9. youtube causes ass cancer.
  10. if Homer were around he would be so happy.
  11. men wear ball fro's proudly.
  12. i think gillette is hurting because all the limp wristed hipsters are copying each other and growing beards.
  13. i think you have a gas leak Doggy, open up the windows now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. that's the spirit!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Nicely done ballmo. Will post mine up tommorrow.