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  1. Nice 5 pounder.
  2. Dam, looks like Jimmy finally woke up off the couch. This is a truely historic event.
  3. Well said.
  4. Turkey, just look in the mirror.
  5. Addidas 510 in some form. Been riding the new trail cross version over the last 3 weeks.
  6. the thread title describes Y's posts.
  7. Its time to melt all guns down and build new bridges with the steel! We are all children of God, enough is enough!
  8. 10-4, thanks. I'm 200 on the money. Will go 42 as the center strip should make the ride nice on roads. .
  9. Pathfinder pro on backorder. Will jump on the waiting list, jensen. I'm torn, gonna go 38 again tubeless of course this time. Am I crazy?, Go 42? Just looking for good road tire and decent gravel taking my tire flat track record way down. If you think I wont notice a diff on the 38 vs. 42 on the tarmac let me know. I will go 42. Good eve.
  10. so is boB's you unset pickle pirate.
  11. wow, great observation Poindexter.
  12. Good work Carole! We all love u!
  13. I know Mike, its been 3 years since i' have gone.
  14. quit being so dam disrespectful you ruffian.