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    i prefer an overcast day.
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    Piano playing, modeling, theater.
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    Professional Dancer.

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  1. Boycott muzzy broadheads!
  2. Smile next time. Nice bass.
  3. With the homeless population on the rise out on the left coast why cant all these shelter dogs be used to feed them. It makes perfect sense.
  4. Says the guy who doesn't know how to properly use a comma.
  5. I recommend experimenting with different breeds. If you dont like your choice just let it go in the woods. Not a big deal.
  6. If mikemc was an idian his name would be Dances with cocks.
  7. Yup, he would give you the shirt off his back. Great guy. He is no Doug.
  8. Drew and i will be fishing area 47-C Mon & Tues. good luck.
  9. Good day!
  10. Looks like a Doug scene.
  11. Chinese need to eat.
  12. greyhounds are a lousy breed that lack character.
  13. Looks like the spring run is over. Was fun while it lasted. Time to re organize your gear. Have a great summer!
  14. Eeebs, im going to punch you in the nuts!