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    Watching old videos of The Lawrence Welk show while wearing my smoking jacket
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    Big pharma

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  1. Hi Dug.
  2. Don't hire Dug. He will huff all the paint.
  3. she is wonderful.
  4. l love everyone.
  5. LOL, yea most likely......
  6. i thought this started over there????
  7. just do it, that's cheap.
  8. Make up your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Caitlyn Jenner interview.
  10. Not a bad looking broad Mokes is.
  11. last night was mesmerizing. I was on the edge of my chair the entire time.
  12. says the lousy shark poacher.
  13. great imagination, but way too noisy.
  14. The Union loves the pandemic and blm.