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  1. In your case "take your wheelchair to the sreet". You wouldnt even get accepted into antifa's basic training program.
  2. Yes, looks like a RWS.
  3. Well said
  4. Wharton business school mother F er!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Yes, stay well and best wishes on your new arrival.
  6. Exactly, he has no shame.
  7. Exactly Eric, he is a dimwit.
  8. dam, so he was a grateful dead fan.
  9. Lol, that's great. If i saw mikemc out on his front step i would blast him in the head with a paint ball gun no questions asked.
  10. Spoken like Heinrich Himmler. I wonder if Himmler also wore a bro.
  11. pick up some lettuce and make a salad.
  12. guy may be related to Doug.
  13. I hope these antifa folks put an end to Black Hole rods.
  14. Cut these kids a break. Its their woodstock.