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    i prefer an overcast day.
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    Piano playing, modeling, theater.
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    Professional Dancer.

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  1. Red smokes bologna and makes fum of turkey.
  2. exactly.
  3. fine then.............
  4. exactly, but these insecure fatbodies will try and make fun of ya
  5. i bet the majority of the posters here lactate.
  6. yes it was and most likely a favorite of that idiot Ballmo.
  7. lousy sissies.
  8. of course it was one of your clients over a fax machine, of course................
  9. its funny how you limp wristed queers love to talk about cooking meat and your special skillets ect. Newsflash, you are gay.
  10. dont push me over the edge Kevin!!!!!!!!!
  11. i actually like turkey and turkey burgers you dumb asses.
  12. go back to sleep Doug.
  13. i wont play in their games Sir.
  14. says the gal who rides a trike.
  15. exactly, plus this lard ass clique actually tries to shame folks who are not lard asses. its funny as hell to read.