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  1. Why? What is he watching for? What connection is he hoping won't be drawn?
  2. Here's what I don't get... how did Chelsea Clinton manage to get an email address in a name that she's never used from a school she only very briefly attended? Who was involved in that deal, and why did NYU go along with it?
  3. So it was back when Trump was a democrat, and before he jumped on the KenyObama bandwagon.
  4. And yet they posted police with automatic weapons outside the British Embassy, shut down the airport, and turned off flightradar24, all concurrent with Podesta being in London and .mil's extraordinary rendition plane flying from London to Raleigh-Durham. There are real reasons to be curious, despite someone with the wikileaks twitter account reassuring us.
  5. I live in a Democrat stronghold (for two more weeks- can't wait to leave!) and have to show my ID every time I vote. It's not that they don't care about voter fraud, it's just that they only care about it in the places they live.
  6. You have to apply for the absentee ballot, filling out an awful lot of information on name, date of birth, address, etc, and when you do they cross mark your name as already having voted on the list. If the registrar is in on the scam you could probably pull it off, but that's a much bigger conversation.
  7. I went to high school with someone who committed voter fraud in 2008. They didn't get away with it, and the vote was found and discounted, but it definitely happened.
  8. Umm, if you recall we sent a team into an allied country for the nominal purpose of apprehending OBL. If you want to say that that was just a pantomime and it was an assassination from the beginning, go ahead, but I'm not sure that necessarily makes your case. The fact is that I don't find myself terribly reassured by the idea that the person who is likely to be the next POTUS can brag about that as "bringing someone to justice" with a smile on her face. Are there people in the US who should be "brought to justice"? David Duke? Alex Jones? Fred Phelps? Martin Shkreli? Was David Koresh "brought to justice"? Was Randy Weaver? How about other people in foreign countries? Kim Jong Un? What's the popular opinion threshold before killing someone, whatever the means, is justice?
  9. "Good shoot" (ie. justified homicide) is a very different metric than justice. Who decides who we can shoot then throw off the back of a boat and call it "Justice"? Who decides who we need to try in a court of law for justice to have been served? Who else can we shoot and call it justice?
  10. So now the crazy left is saying that every time police go to arrest someone and are forced to shoot them because they won't stand down, it's good?
  11. Although I'm not voting for Donny (I'm not voting for Hilary either), I thought he won the debate. Hilary said the exact same things she said in the second debate, in many cases verbatim, while Donny made use of new pieces of information that had come up recently, even in the past week. That's my metric.
  12. It's partially Sean Hannity's fault. Trump: "We won the New York primary! We're going to put New York into play and New Jersey into play and change the electoral map" Hannity: "Oh wow, that's great. I can't believe that someone won the new york primary, clearly that means that they'll be in play. You're so impressive, you're the best ever, I love you forever" (that last one might be Ann Coulter instead, I'm not sure). He surrounded himself with credulous yes-men eager to stay in his good graces. The really hilarious thing here is that Hannity, Bannon, Ingraham and Coulter will all benefit from having the most corrupt president in the country's history ("corrupt" doesn't mean "worst", they're separate arguments) in office, because it will boost their ratings.
  13. The question is whether or not you really think that anyone with a D after their name or plausible deniability on that front (Lieberman? Lincoln Chafee? Cynthia McKinney?) wouldn't have had the same organizations, like CTR, doing the same things behind the scenes.
  14. For what it's worth, my grandmother has voted, proudly, for Obama, Obama, Kerry, Gore and expresses her desire to vote for Donny. She really loathes the Clintons. I'm really unsure what the point of this thread is, though. I've got a broken laptop computer. It's a laptop, and it's broken. Clearly, I'm prejudiced against all laptops, right?
  15. Am I really the only person who found her use of "brought to justice" distasteful when referring to someone who was shot, killed and thrown off the back of a boat, rather than being brought to trial and sentenced? I don't doubt that the SEALs did everything in their power to get the guy alive, and he wouldn't come quietly. That's not the issue. The issue is the mindset that views that as the desirable outcome. Somebody should ask her if she thought that Mike Brown was "brought to justice".