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  1. The Surfing Striper
  2. 9/14-9/15 DSSP 1.5 hours each day on the afternoon incoming. Small blues, Kingfish, Flounder and a few 2-3' sharks. All caught with cut fresh finger mullet on high / low rigs. Used a few of the small blues, tail cut off and bleeding, as well as whole finger mullet, in hopes of catching something worth catching. Had a few run-offs with a southern ray brought in. I have a feeling the bigger stripers are still North of me.
  3. Fished DSSP and caught a few really small blues on cut bait, as well as some, 2.5' sharks. The guys next to me were tossing small spoons to catch the blues and they got into a school of 24" stripers caught within spitting distance of the wash.
  4. DSSP 8/20 - 8/21 Sunday was a day filled with small, 5-8" snappers on cut bait casted just beyond the dirty water. Incoming was more productive than the outgoing. Monday the blues were bigger, some up to 16" caught with fresh spot. The spot were caught close to the wash using FBBW on hi/lo rigs. Coincidence or not, the biggest blues hit during the eclipse. About the eclipse - I walked back to my house and heard the crickets and birds chirping like it was dusk.
  5. I've fished with skate, either cut up or winged for sharks....many times. I've never caught a ray while using clear nosed skates as bait. I think southern rays are more picky than cownose rays. Are you intentionally trying to catch rays?
  6. 4-5 days per week. Reasons I can run the boat and fish that many times per week: Boat is in the slip at a marina that is less than 5 minutes from my house. From slip to fish is less than 5 minutes - if they are cooperating. All that being said - DO NOT BUY A SEAFOX boat. pm for details.
  7. A few kings on FBBW at the DSSP. You may need to try casting at different distances until you find where they are. Sometimes I find them as far out as I can cast, others they are right behind the suds - never both at the same time period.
  8. DSSP 7/25 - A few kingfish and a spot. I've been catching kingfish just past the brown water on fishbites. The water temp has been a little lower, as the incoming inlet temps are still in the high 60's.
  9. DSSP 7/22/ - Kingfish on both the high and low tides, caught using hi/lo rigs with fishbites. Tried close in but the bite was out as far as I could cast. Caught 4 flounder on the same rigs with FBBW alternative. Largest was about 15" I fish long and why is it that the googan next to me using slated clams, casting with a terrible slice, catches a 24" cobia from the surf? "Hey, this is my first time fishing, is this a good fish?"
  10. If you're in North Bethany and would like to use your kayak in the bay, bay access to the Indian River is located close to the state park. Flounder, croaker and possibly other smaller speciaes can be caught there. If you need specific info, feel free to PM me.
  11. Blues up to 36" with the heaviest weighing in just under 11#. Finger mullet on mullet rigs at the turn from low to high.
  12. It's usually caused by the same people who don't help clean the boat after a hard day of fishing.
  13. Walked up on this juvenile at the start of my afternoon walk around the IR Marina and Burton Island.
  14. Jah Rastafari!