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  1. Up for sale is a $100 Cabela's gift card. Asking $85 cash or PP for it. Included with the gift card is a $20 off coupon for a purchase of $150 or more that expires on 9/28/16. I can either ship the card and coupon or provide the buyer with pictures of both so they can be used online. I'm fine with either option. Thanks!!
  2. Got to agree on that Jet. Drink any of my alcohol without my permission and you are labeled scumbag of the year. I was luckily able to get a new pair of fishpond pliers for $45 not including the sheath so I was pretty happy about that. Still messed up knowing someone has them on their belt and is using them right now....oh well you live and learn. All the best to all of you. Thanks so much for all your help and kind words. It is much appreciated. -Vinny
  3. Thank you Rich I really appreciate it!
  4. Hey guys, I know this is a total longshot, but figured I'd try anyway. Was fishing to the right of false bar yesterday between 6 and 8pm. I had my pair of blue fishpond pliers on a rock behind me the entire time. Then they went missing. They were up on the beach relatively high so I know the tide did not drag them out. If anybody has them or knows their wearabouts and can help get them back to me I would greatly appreciate it. These are extremely sentimental to me as my father gave them to me and I have been using them for almost 8 years now. Thanks guys!! -Vinny
  5. Thanks for the information Bassomatic, I was actually able to find another one today in green so I purchased it. I am still interested in more if anybody has them here.
  6. Hey Ted, Long time no talk. I hope all is well. I heard that the builder lives in Long Island. That is all the information I have so far. I bought this needlefish at a tag sale and it casts a mile. Would love to try and get my hands on some more to fish the sand beaches with. Take care! -Vinny
  7. Looking to buy this exact Waad style needlefish. Not sure who the maker is or if it comes in any other colors. If so any colors are welcome. I will be exclusively fishing this plug so condition does not matter to me at all. Thank you! -Vinny
  8. Caught a nice one this past summer on a small green needlefish right in the wash. There were a lot of small bass and blues around also.
  9. Tail wrap is pretty messy
  10. Hey guys, I purchased this lure a while ago and it was advertised as an old beachmaster. Can anybody confirm this or is it something else? Thanks
  11. Sure Jackson. Thread closed.
  12. Thanks Ted! Hope all is well with you. Price drop to $40 each for the remaining two plugs.
  13. You got it guys
  14. No problem Steve. All is going well here. Just finishing up undergrad and am going to be applying to grad school in about a year. Hope all is well with you too!