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  1. They got absorbed into Nys police “troopers.” Same happened several years ago with Suffolk park police. Rangers can conduct enforcement the same as anyone else. What will most likely happen will be a designated unit within NyS police that patrol many of the parks. Either way nothing will change in the long run besides a different uniform and vehicle.
  2. The breach closed stay home
  3. Yea I get it… only getting worse. Unfortunately the rich and entitled have the loudest mouths nowadays. Good thing about us is we are creative and always find a way.
  4. In all reality there isn’t really anything better to do. Rules are simple… not a resident stay out.
  5. What time are you heading down there?
  6. Still searching
  7. Meet me in the middle 45 shipped?
  8. Going to have to elaborate. Not to familiar with these reels
  9. Discontinued emblem pro 5000 for parts. Reel foot is broken can be used for parts. Everything else is in great shape.. $50 plus shipping
  10. Still looking for a 150. Had a good fish on this reel the other night. Handled It awesome . Drag worked great
  11. Photos added. Serial is 4xxx. Spool was replaced last year. Can throw in power handle which is currently installed or 275 knob.
  12. Cool, I’ll pm you we can work out a meeting spot
  13. Looking to trade used black VS200 USA made for vs150. Reel works as it should and is serviced. Would like to trade locally so both parties are happy. Suffolk LI