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  1. Rod sold! Thread closed.
  2. I’ll accept that offer. I’ll send you a DM with shipment/payment details.
  3. One last bump.
  4. Rod is still available - $425 shipped.
  5. DM sent!
  6. Meet you halfway for $425?
  7. Darn, because I had been meaning to post this for awhile now. I probably shouldn’t have disclosed that…hah!
  8. Nothing wrong with a little temptation
  9. Rod has only been lawn cast, so safe to say this is in like new condition. $450 shipped
  10. The Tsunami Trophy II is definitely one of the forerunners. Was considering the Tica Dolphin as well since they have 8’ MH with basically same specs, but also a plus that it’s decked with Fuji components.
  11. The more I think about it, I’m leaning towards an 8’er that’ll handle up to 3oz, most of which are MH power, and your suggestion confirms that, Slim. Guess that’s gonna be the trade off; being able to handle the lead weight is of greater importance than having a rod that’s fun and light power for the smaller fish.
  12. Yep, another rod recommendation question. To preface, I’ve done plenty of searches to try and find an answer to my question, but haven’t really come across anything concrete. I’m in North Carolina, and there’s a variety of fishing options given the season. Bulk of my beach trips these days, though, are family trips and letting a rod soak in the wash…just fun and whatever bites type of fishing. I have setups for slinging metal, heavier bait rigs, and a heaver for OBX. Not to mention inshore rods for jigs/mirrorlures etc… I already know I’m overthinking this, but I’d like to have something for in the wash bottom rigs. Tossing no more than 2oz of weight and soaking bloodworms/shrimp/sand fleas/fish bites….you know the smaller fish kind of stuff. I’m a gearhead and just like having setups for different situations, as well better quality. Particularly fly fishing and river smallmouth! However, since this is a “fun” rod, I do have some limits and would prefer to keep it below $100. Seems like a 9‘er isn’t necessary and a 7-8’ would be a fine length for in-close stuff. Initially, I thought something with medium power to have some fun with the smaller fish, but most medium rods top out at 2oz weight rating. I was originally looking at the tsunami trophy ii in the 7 foot medium version, but I’m hesitant with the weight rating only going up to 2 ounces. They have the 8 foot version that is medium heavy and good up to 3 ounces. But does that medium heavy because too stiff and take out the fun with the small fish? Seems to be the scenario with most rod manufacturers. Thoughts?