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  1. Sure thing, Gill. PM coming
  2. It's yours 7 Rivers. Thread closed. Thanks SOL
  3. Price drop on the Habs popper to $18 shipped
  4. I'll drop this to $95 shipped PP
  5. I can do that. I’ll shoot you a PM shortly
  6. Sure thing. It’s yours
  7. Miscellaneous used plugs Bernzy commander $30 shipped PP Habs popper $24 shipped PP AH swimmer $18 shipped PP
  8. Lightly used Shimano Ultegra 10000 that’s been shelved for a while. Spoiled with 50lb j-braid. $110 shipped PP
  9. Id go $70 shipped PP, Digga. Just to offset the shipping a bit.
  10. Thanks blackdogfish, it’s well worn but for the price, it’s a great deal. I’ll leave it up here another day.
  11. It’s yours. I’ll follow up with a PM shortly. thanks SOL
  12. Fair enough. I’ll shoot you a PM