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  1. that's because they are woodpeckers!
  2. were going on Sunday so will report back what it's like. going on a 6-pack
  3. we've chartered bad influence and jimmy the greek a few times. fish from 50-120' of water, 6-10+ ounces. more or less fish a hi-lo with a squid like something tipped wiht squid, gulp, fluke belly etc. The times I've been we've fished a ways SI of Sankaty. I wouldn't say 8-12 is the norm but 4-5 pounder easily are, with some occasional and frequent fish to 10ish pounds. Lots of nice sized seabass (20ish inches) too. some big blues. lots of dogs sometimes.
  4. heavy ass plain rain here. stay safe.
  5. I gotta try this, it's the only place anyone has mentioned that's remotely close to where i live. i got an electric smoker this winter and really enjoy everything i've done on it.
  6. Took my kid for his first trip ever on Friday. I'll be honest I was nervous on whether he'd like it or not! Well, I think he's sold! He did a great job handling sea bass up to 5#, using the rod holders a bit helped but he did an awesome job and really enjoyed being on the water. Weather was ideal and needless to say sea bass fishing is incredible right now. I'm a proud daddy!
  7. i tie a slim beauty knot and have had nothing but great results, even when casting through the guides
  8. Not to totally derail this thread, but yeah late season is tough, and the weather just doesn't seem to want to fully cooperate. at least not on the days I have to hunt. I don't expect any bunnies to blow up on Noman's, theyre are muskrats out there so pretty sure it's unlikely
  9. yeah planning to get the boat ready this weekend. went on a haddock charter this week so my mind is more into fish and less into birds right now. I'll still get out a few more times for turkeys, haven't been skunked in a looonnngg time
  10. Hey there friend. Yeah haven't been lurking here much lately. Worst turkey season for me in a decade. partly their fault (lousy bird feed birds), partly being too busy with kids, work blah blah blah.
  11. so probably the best part of this project was that high school students at bristol aggie held and fostered the rabbits in captivity from the time they were trapped this winter until earlier this week. the students were all really interested in the project and in being part of the conservation of NEC. many are headed to college this fall for natural resources degrees.
  13. hearing the words "limits of fluke" and "easy" sound very strange to me lately...