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  1. wow, that's incredible, Pepe's pizza in Belize, awesome lol. agree about the hole-in-the-wall places. they're all gone everywhere it seems.
  2. I also like Modern better than Pepe's or Sally's, but if they get real busy the quality drops a bit. There used to be a place on Wooster St. (yes that is how it's spelled) called Abate that was less popular than all the other restaurants but had awesome pizza and great standard Italian fare. Haven't been down there in years (ok decades). Bar also has good pizza. Cafe Bravo for amazing cannolis, but my father was always very loyal to Lucibello's for pastry. There are so many good places in New, East, West, and North Haven (I'm from North) its not funny, even up into Hamden, Wallingford, Cheshire too. It used to feel like stepping back into time, even when I was younger down there. OK sorry nostalgia pizza snob out...
  3. 100% self admitted pizza snob. But I will eat pizza 100% of the time too, even garbage like town spa lol
  4. My brother in law raves about Town Spa all the time, and gives my wife the frozen take home pizzas when he goes there a few times a year. When I first tried one I thought it was a joke. That pizza blows!!! But I grew up right outside New Haven CT where real pizza lives. Sorry (contentious statement to follow) but I haven't had anything in MA that remotely compares to what is in and around New Haven. (mic drop, these thoughts are my opinions and mine alone, please no law suits or incendiary comments).
  5. And I'm sure I don't have to tell you but that ship sailed many years ago, and is not likely to return to port... ever... To be honest, even if baiting was allowed it would only slow the rate of growth. There just isn't a tremendous desire to hunt bears in MA. Baiting may provide some incentive, but it also takes a lot of effort to be successful.
  6. eventually, there will be resident breeding females across the southeast. Folks need to start to acclimate to living with bears in the mix. it's inevitable at this point.
  7. haha last April or May my wife and I were in the back yard around a fire having some beers, I look up to the north and see a line of "stars/meteor/comets" in a straight line. there were moments of confusion and thoughts that this was the end (early in the pandemic). A quick google search calmed my nerves. Until you start thinking about terminator 2 or the matrix and how the machines take over. gulp....
  8. did it look like she was missing any feathers? Search around for a nest... She may have been attacked sitting on the nest and then the eggs were predated. turkeys usually don't have much concern when their friends get picked off, and this time of year that happens a bunch.
  9. about a good 2 weeks before most of the clutches will hatch. Of those 11, probably only 3 or 4 may survive.
  10. usually an adult hen will lay 12 eggs before incubating.
  11. air/spring fired bb/pellet guns are 100% legal to own in MA without a LTC or FID. They are not regulated as firearms by MA or the federal gov't. Period. You must be 18 to purchase. A minor must be supervised to use one. You may hunt with them for most species EXCEPT deer, bear, turkey, migratory birds, and crow, or on stocked WMA's during the pheasant/quail season. They are not as quiet as you may think. As someone also suggested, also look at your local ordinances too.
  12. get him through the youth training course and he'll get his own tags.
  13. coupla friends did really well yesterday in ACK sound.
  14. Unfortunately this is where too many turkeys live these days.
  15. Really shouldn't be running dogs on those birds... it's borderline illegal in my opinion and not really helpful to be disturbing birds as they are migrating and/or setting up for breeding.