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  1. a very few bonito have occurred out s of MV since mid-june still have never caught a bonito, spanish, or king. only albies which they are cool but I like eating fish
  2. Winter flounder?
  3. Vineyard Sound was okay, caught plenty of keeper seabass and a bunch of short fluke. About 10 of the biggest scup I've ever seen. Fluke weren't really even close to legal. Fished from Falmouth to nearly Menemsha in 15-95' of water. Crazy nice weather though so that was cool. Couple of epic yatchs rolled through
  4. Hmmm. One more try into Buzzards bay or off to vineyard sound to try for endangered fluke and sea bass... What would you do??
  5. Just that it's a pretty nice forecast and it's been blowing pretty good the past couple of days. Hopefully everyone is saving up for Friday/weekend.
  6. tomorrow morning gonna be interesting at the buzz bay ramps. god help me...
  7. no you can launch your boat and go fishing with your wife, just not your neighbor, or so it suggests. I think so long as people act reasonably even that won't be a huge issue.
  8. Where'd you launch from and was it a cluster F? Planning to head down after the blow but am always anxious about ramp crowding. Assuming the fishing season will mirror hunting season and there will be huge numbers of participants.
  9. ... Sorry, my laptop just had a stroke...
  10. Disagree. Gas, bait, gear etc. all contributes to the local economy. An awful lot of "small" boat anglers out there. I fish with co-workers and friends frequently, it all adds up.
  11. so winthrop was open I assume? and how you like that NC 20?
  12. I haven't been there in 2 years, but when they re-did the road it was permit parking after June something (sorry can't remember). If you park waaaay down the road you can do it without a permit. I used to use it in late may for seabass and scup fishing. It's a fairly shallow ramp but I can pretty much put my boat in a bathtub. Bit of a walk from where the parking is along the road to the ramp but not bad. Probably a lot of folks using it now for squid etc. I thought there was another ramp on the west side of poppy but can't remember the name.
  13. had a few bark at and growl at me a few years ago when I was dragging a deer along a field edge toward my truck. little extra excitement with that deer kill! No F'ing way they were getting my deer tho!
  14. There is some pretty fascinating research about how hunters and hunting effects the gobbling activity and behavior in general of turkeys. There is a reason that over half the season harvest occurs during the first week.... everywhere...