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  1. thumbburner will send info now sorry guys I went hunting yesterday,pheasant opened and i had to take the pup out for a few birds.got up 4 birds,2 hens,one rooster at 100yds,one rooster dead.dog did awesome couldnt of been more proud. johnny
  2. what is a momatt? I will sell ya just the one lime green thumbburner
  3. I have yet to fully read this post but the pics so far are amazing.top notch stuff.I really like some of the rocky areas in the pics.I think this west coaster might be able to do some damage out there. And as far as i can tell it will not be very tough to see a follow....especially when there might be a few ciustomers in line trying to do the express check out......great trip guys.
  4. I have a green penn 700 for sale.It does not come with a box.it is in excellent condition.I am asking $70 obo. Buyer pays shipping and I only accept payapl. thanks,johnny
  5. 2 yellow with pearl belly 7in 3oz 40ea. 2 lime green with pearl belly 7in 3oz $40 ea. I would like to sell as a group.but i might split them into pairs. Buyer pays shipping I onloy accept paypal. thanks,johnny
  6. Just a question, How long should you wait for a payment through paypal before you repost them for sale? thanks,johnny
  7. I have 2 brand new fixter cigars for sale no trades at this time. 2 lime green cigars.they are about 7in and approx. 3oz. 40 ea. 2 yellow back with pearl belly 7in 3oz asking 40 ea. buyer pays shipping i can only accept paypal at this time. Thank You for your interest.Johnny
  8. if i screwed up and eddie should of got that plug my apologies.If eddie will send me his info via pm I will send him a pikie on the house for the screw up but he will have to pay shipping!!!
  9. sold to jdr724 thanks alot you huys are quick...lol I will send you my apypal info now johnny
  10. sorry no pics.I will send you the paypal info now.thanks fishNH and SOL BST Johnny
  11. Fishnh the pikies are 3 pikies are yours. The total for the lot is $239 I will take $230 for the lot plus shipping I forgot to state that I can only take paypal at this time. If this is a problem for you fishnh my apologies johnny
  12. I have a Hoyt supertech compound bow for sale.The bow is in excellent condition.I have hunted with it 3 times and have used it at the range about 6 times. 28-30in draw lenght 60-70lb draw has quiver has a Fuse quiver spot hog sites doinker stabalizer peep sight 4 sets of limb savers Drop down arrow rest. This bow is very fast.it shoots 320ft sec.I have this set up to hunt,it is extremely quiet and nimble.I have over $1500 invested in the bow.I also have a SKB hard case for it.The case alone costs $200. I am asking $650 obo. It has seen minimal use and has been well taken care of.I just do not use it at all.To be honest I have been turned to the dark side.....I am strung out on duck hunting.Please help me support my addiction and take this bow off my hands.I need to buy more toys for the quacker hunting. Thanks for your interest,Johnny
  13. I have a nikon range finder for sale.I have used it maybe 3 times at the archery range. It has the realtree hard woods finish.It is waterproof also.brand new it cost $400. Asking $200 shipped.I have the case it comes with but I am not sure if I have the box. Thanks for your interest.Johnny
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