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  1. Depends on how many people total and where you're coming from. More than 5, do Frances Fleet in Pt Judith. Less than, you can choose from the many private charters. Big Game Charters and Booked Off Charters in Snug Harbor area are doing night
  2. Check out pinnacle wetsuits as well
  3. Frances Fleet and Seven B's out of Pt Judith and Island Current out of Snug Harbor. All In RI
  4. I use them to practice tying new knots that I'm learning or perfecting
  5. Depending on what you're looking to get, capt's tackle is there too by the fishing fleet
  6. There's always Amazon lol But seriously, try posting in the bst forum in the fly fishing area
  7. There's also a discount this weekend. 6.25% off for mass tax free weekend. Use code taxfree
  8. Bears den. In Taunton mass
  9. Fg knot
  10. Google bluewaternet. At bottom, click the clearance section. Looks kinda cheesy thou. Kinda same concept as Skidsteer spoke of.
  11. Something else to think about. Also carry around an Offshore Angler Bait Knife around my neck. The sheath locks pretty good on it too. Has a line cutter slot. When you buy it, just run a string through the sheath to hang around your neck.
  12. Currently in the fleet are 2 Avet SX, a MXL, a Release SG, and an Abu C3-7000. My main go to's are one of the SX and the SG.
  13. I have a Grundens Gage Deck Knife. Serrated blade. The sheath has magnets to keep it in place.
  14. Canal bait and tackle
  15. Just an option. Have you looked at the Terez series? You might be able to get away with one rod to do both. They may not be true jigging rods, but they still do the job. Just enough parabolic action.