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  1. It was the first time bringing the car over and visiting many spots outside of vh and ob. I do enjoy scouting new places, and coming away with knowledge is a silver lining. Atleast that’s the way I look at it.
  2. It was mid day as I was with the family, Bunch of people fishing but nobody catching. Tried a beach near ob yesterday with some bait before catching the ferry home but got the skunk. fish were breaking offshore but the boats weren’t hooking up either.
  3. Thanks guys, appreciate your advice.
  4. I’m heading out to Wasque tomorrow. Any general advice for this time of year via pm would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Dedham, Marblehead, baby birds and wild grapes in my back yard
  6. Pretty sure I had a bite from a blue this morning at a ns beach on a chunk of Mack.
  7. Thumbs up boys.
  8. The wholesale price for me yesterday was 7.25/lb whole 17.95 for fillets
  9. I second the blackening season and grill. Instead of a brine I mix lime juice with some evo and marinate for two minutes. Pat dry and grill. I caught some in Florida back in April and they were excellent.
  10. It wasn’t wulf’s, They did have the best quality fish around. I was amazed at the stuff they offered. I can’t find the place I was talking about online. The place I was referring to also offered sushi rolling classes. I want to say Washington st Brookline. It’s gonna drive me crazy not knowing the name.
  11. I don’t know what’s down your way but sakanaya in Allston is great, they also have good toro among other things. Wegmans as stated is also in the Boston area. There’s a place in Brookline that sells sushi grade fish as well but I can’t think of the name. I used to live in Allston and I really miss eating sushi at fish market. If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend it. By far the best sushi place in mass.
  12. ??? Lol.
  13. Do this. Just to add to it, set the boat up in a drift and keep your eye on the fish finder. You’ll see deeper holes on the bottom and fish will hang out there. If you get a bite or catch just move the boat back to start a new drift over the same hole. I also add an egg sinker to the main line to keep the Mack close to the bottom.
  14. Yes sir.
  15. You need to have a certain number of posts, 10 I think, before you can send private messages. Once you can send messages feel free to reach out to me, I live in boston as well.