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  1. Very nice - would be hard pressed to leave; you know the saying "if you find a winner; stick with it". Let me know next time you're around definitely want to fish
  2. You going to write out the week or is it going to be a clift notes kind of reporting of the week
  3. Great pic! All I got: oh and that's Sparkys trigger...
  4. Doing well ~ you in tomorrow?
  5. Slacker ? Mick ,? Cape May? Nose punching? What the what???
  6. Everyone knows the jig is King ~
  7. Tried Christine's in AH with the wife last night in AH - was good (I had the veal shank) After took a walk down to the fleet and watched a mini snapper blitz on rain fish next to the long dock
  8. Did the boss of this joint get an invite?
  9. I'll put on the ****ing coffee......
  10. Paid up - mark em up
  11. Did Humboldt say "new guy??? I'm the cafe guy - Spig is the strudel guy
  12. I'm in - sign me up - Tfisher Tom M Thanks Slacks
  13. Feeding time at the new pond - a few new koi from Brock
  14. Bikini? On that boat??? Rare treat like strudel