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  1. Admin Please close - found item
  2. Hi everyone - hope all is well: looking to buy a harbor freight 4x8 foldable trailer. Please let me know. Stay safe, T
  3. #following
  4. Looks like Steve is still Steve
  5. Nice! I gave Dan 20# of lead in my parking lot eons ago and gave me a boat load of those
  6. Thanks for bringing me back down to earth Mickrazz - I still suck
  7. Fresh not frozen = fussy
  8. hit or miss
  9. Same - OE
  10. seeing some posted pics of no masks or gloves - guys guys guys
  11. No one can open their fingerprint protected iPhones with rubbers on...
  12. waiting on grand opening reports and watching the “numbers” for the next 2 weeks
  13. Have to eat “something” after all those hookers and blow
  14. Wait - I typed doosh (with an extra O = Mickrazz) and auto correct to Mick???!! Hahahahaha!!! What the what lol
  15. I’m a Mickrazz and was soooo bored tonight; did this tonight