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  1. Thanks bud - in recent weeks we’ve been dealt the most unfortunate news and as previously mentioned, we’re praying for a miracle or at least a better quality of life : /
  2. Appreciate- need as many good vibes we can …
  3. He’s home - we’re hopeful…
  4. Oh man - thanks Slacks - has been a rough few months with the old salt :/
  5. Absolutely Slacker and Black Sea bass tacos
  6. cooler was full last time - I gave them away after limit ... anywho anyone wants to hop on that day I'll be there early,,,
  7. nothing wrong with fish tacos - I'll be there for the occasional cod and BSB ... lets go!
  8. anyone interested in jumping on the JII on 12/17? I booked yesterday for a 14hr trip. Lets fish ... T
  9. I'm hoping ... still a lot to wrap up outside ... the garden and leaves are done; now the outdoor furniture stuff. ...
  10. Looks warm - cold as a witches teet here...
  11. hey Sparks! Hope all is well with you - sure miss fishing in good company
  12. I had a bison steak this weekend and it was amazing - usually a little dryer this one was prepared perfectly
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