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  1. Or maybe the kid's 6'6
  2. The review has the answers to all of your questions. Worth a few minutes spent reading
  3. Dreamcaster I do most of my fishing at surfside. Thanks for the offer but I'm not gonna be able to come out this weekend, would love to try swinging some of the longer sticks although i doubt i can handle the 14'
  4. Gambler, I hear ya, trial and error is a time consuming and costly process, that's what often deters me from doing something new, fly fishing is one. Will definitely look into the manufacturers you recommended.
  5. 150 perhaps is a bit too optimistic, however I see people hitting 100 yards with 8nbait quite often with a conventional. Not quite sure what difference it makes when it comes to using a spinning reel. I did my share of searching, but the results aren't very clear. Kind of fixed my decision on a custom ballistic but I will hang on and wait for some more replies.
  6. Hi all, I'm considering adding another rod strictly for distance casting. Will be throwing 6 to 8 n bait but I don't like to have it maxed out at that point, perhaps a 8-12 oz range is more representative. The rod will be paired with either a 10000 or 12000 Shimano Technium and 30-40# Daiwa Samurai. All I have now is very heavy gears for drums and sharks along the Texas coast, the best I can do now is about 80-85 yards with a 10k Stella on a 10' rod and 65# Jerry Brown solid. Looking to reach up to 150 yards but not sure if that will be possible with the specs mentioned above. I'm using a form of rudimentary Hatteras cast but will try to refine it to a more proper pendulum. I have been looking at several rod options. First is either a prebuilt or custom Daiwa satiga ballistic 35 or 40. Or Century/CTS, neither of which I'm familiar with, the only thing I know is those have a lot of long casting potentials. Last but not least is the newly released Shimano Tiralejo, but as far as I know a 8-12 is not available yet (or at all). Cost is not an issue. Looking for comments and suggestions from you guys. Thanks in advance.
  7. Try looking at JDM sea bass rods. Many can be had for 200-300 dollars. Major craft is a good example
  8. Got it! PM me your address and it will be on the way
  9. Matt give me till the end of today, I'll look for the knob and if i still have it, which i think there's no reason i shouldn't, I'll pass it over to you at no cost. I'll look in the part schematics to get you the part number of the knob bearing as well while I'm at it. Deal?
  10. I think i have one lying around somewhere in the closet, will have to look. Not sure if it's a direct fit to the stradic though
  11. Thats correct. This is a Shimano Vanquish 4000XG. Shared a lot components with the smaller series stella, magnesium body, magnumlite rotor, a few less bearings and also a few grams lighter. I picked it over the stella because of the subtle look. Since the new job is less than 5 mins away from the beach I always carry it in the car and apparently I don't want something that screams money. Have it mounted on a Shimano lunamis 9'6", the combo weighs less than a stella 5000sw Another pic of the pair