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  1. Smith's Point closed after 8PM. I spoke to one of The Rangers who said its due to Protecting The Plovers and that some Jerks did Wheelies over some of the dunes last Week. When I asked if that is the case Why are They Just closed At Night, His response was "that was when the incident happened" and that during the day Wrong Doing could be observed and action taken. I don't know what to believe. sb
  2. Sir, Try out the Fishing Pier at the end Of Navy Road. You can get bait and directions from Paulies Tackle. I used to take my Grandchildren there when they were younger. Caught Porgies, Bergals, etc. Just be sure that you use small hooks like #10 etc so that the children will catch and not get the bait stolen. You can also get away with a 2 ounce sinker. Just drop the offering right down next to the pilings. I love to see young children fish and their smile when they catch one. Bring a Camera. goos Luck sb
  3. Sir, There some Beaches at least in NY that Require A Four Wheel Drive Vehicle in order to obtain a permit. All Wheel Drive Vehicles do not meet those requirements. I would first check out the Beach Driving Regs before going to An all Wheel Drive Vehicle. Just a point of Info. Good Luck and Stay Safe. sb
  4. Price Reduced $35 shipped
  5. Want to sell A Lot of 4 Plugs. (1) Gibbs Wooden Darter Used and Repainted but in good condition (2) Gibbs Bottle Plugs Blue/white used many times in Montauk and repainted and is still very fishable. The Other Yellow has only been fished a few times and is in very good condition. (1) Super Strike Bottle Plug Blue used but in very good condition. Asking $43 shipped. Check/Money Order or Pay Pal Only.
  6. Are You Calling Me An Old Man? lol Stay Safe Sir. sb
  7. Jimmy, that Real Elderly Gentleman, you know, The one who always follows us around, told me about A Shark in one of your favorite spots. Wow. good Luck, Be Careful. sb (V)
  8. I have kept a Log of every trip that I have made since August 1964. I can tell you almost exactly how many Bass, Blues and Weakfish that I have caught. I say almost because there are times when you lose count. At the end of each Season I do a Recap of the years Successes and More Important Failures. My Diary Notes include 1. The Number of the Session for the year 2. An * which designates that a fish was caught. Tide, Current, Moon, Time Began/Ended. Details of events, eg I dropped two fish on a Mag Darter, Frank had three on SP Minnow Bone Color etc, Any other Plugs that were used during the session. I also include other info via a Short Story. I can look back 45 years and tell you a story about a friend who did something funny etc. However, I feel that the Most Important Item you should include in Your Diary (Journal) Whatever, Are the Details Of when You took it on the chin, Got Skunked. good Luck, and Please Everyone Stay Safe. sb
  9. Ok Sir, sold. I am just trying to Cull The Herd. I will PM you my info, please do likewise. Most of all, Please Stay Safe. sb
  10. WTS A Lot Of 7 Plastic Lip Swimmers All used some slightly but All Still fishable. (2) 7" Rebels, (1) 7" Bomber Bone Color, (1) 7" Jointed Bomber, (1) 7" Sinking Red Fin, (1) 7" Bomber Long Shot, (1) 5" Bomber that was repainted. Asking $30 shipped. Check/Money Order/Pay Pal Accepted.
  11. Thank You sb
  12. Ok Sold. I will send my PP Kindly send me your info. Thank You for your interest and Please Stay Safe. My PP ""
  13. Sir, which Darter are you speaking about? thank You sb
  14. WTS A Lot Of 5 Gibbs Plugs. (1) 4" Gibbs Bottle Plug, used by in good condition, (1) Gibbs 6" Polaris used but good condition. (2) Gibbs 5" Polaris used in good condition, The Green has been repainted, (1) Gibbs 6" Pencil Popper, used but in good condition. Asking $25 shipped. Check/Money Order/Pay Pal Only.
  15. I have had these plugs for some time and cannot recall where or how I got them. Can someone please Id them for me. I do not feel that the yellow popper is a Gibbs, but I could be wrong. Thank You sb