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  1. ..... ruin Phil Hughes the way they ruined Joba???
  2. I'll second Sterndive engineering... excelent produvt at the right price. I have 2 alfa 1's
  3. Just ordered a Furuno Fish Finder, a thru hull transducer & a fairing block. I'm installing it this weekend... any tips??? There is a old thru hull transducer that will be removed to install the new one. I'll use the hole in the hull for the new deucer. Figured I would use 4200 to seal everything up.
  4. Congrats Mike & Theresa! Best of Luck in you life together!
  5. Did they move the Sunday 9/27 game up to 8:00 for Sunday Night Baseball?
  6. Boat will probably be railed more than usual... any advertising is good advertising.
  7. Whats the low down on Spring Cod Fishin up in RI & Mass? Best month? Bait or Jigs? Charter Boats? Any infio is appreciated!
  8. Any info would be appreciated. Will be down that way soon looking for Party or Charter boats. Thanks!
  9. Congrats to the Eagles & their fans... Good Luck the rest of the way. Oh and.... lighten up Francis!
  10. Giants looked terrible and a healthy Westbrook showed what he could do. Too many droped passes. Hixton had a sure TD go through his hands. Cmon Man!
  11. Will this game end the Birds playoff hopes or are they already done?
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