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  1. Thanks Big Country for the ideas, I'll give them a try
  2. I have seen gaff blanks in a couple of catalogs, Has anyone ever made one? How would you attach the head? Where would you get the head (have not seen them listed in the same catalog as the blanks)
  3. Al, thanks again for the help, I can't wait to try this one out. Billy, that's some sweet work! Thanks guys
  4. Al, when you say the rotation of the guides will be counterclockwise, is that looking at the rod from the butt, or the tip? Boy, it sounds like this rod will look rather odd, but hey, I'm always willing to learn new things. Thanks for the advice.
  5. At the risk of sounding dumb, what are spiral wraps, how are they different from "regular" wraps?I'm putting together a rod built on a calstar graphiter blank that will be used for jigging the race off Niantic and would maybe like to give em' a try.
  6. Al, I took a recently completed rod out on a cod trip and when cleaning my gear when I got home, noticed that I've got cracks in the epoxy at all the guide feet. Here's the setup, Lami bmb1083 blank cut back to a 12 tip additional blank removed from the butt for an overall lenght of 7'6", Fuji HNSG guides, underwrapped w/gudebrod matallic silver size a, double overwrapped w/gudebrod regular nylon thread size a. the epoxy I used was flex coat regular high build (4 coats total) The rod sat for at least 3 weeks before I used it. Any ideas?
  7. I am looking for a new supplier for rod blanks and components. I've been waiting for over a month for an order to come in from the supplier I've been using(can anyone guess who this might be)I'm pretty new to rod building,so I don't know of many places to get stuff. I've heard a lot about Merrick Tackle on this site but unfortunately they're a wholesale only dealer(at least that I've found)I live in central Ct. so what I'm looking for is a catalog or mail order company. Thanks in advance for any info
  8. I know that Penn makes a manual bail conversion kit for the 9500ss thru the 6500ss. My guess would be that you can get these parts at a tackle shop in your area that's a Penn dealer.
  9. Is it worth the added time to triple wrap guides? I'm building a stand up rod on a 50lb blank, and a local shop in my area does a triple wrap on their larger lb. class stand up rods. I was wondering if there was any added benefit to triple overwraps over double.