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  1. Im curious as well. Looks like a lot of different options out now.
  2. NOT keeping a log despite being told to do so.
  3. I caught 5 last thursday up to about 25 inches. All on bucktails, south shore beaches.
  4. those look nice, love the increased weight! thanks
  5. Definitely a lot of opinions continuing to come here. IMO a jetty, like many other scenarios, has a lot of variability in which you can fish. I would view it more as to what YOU are trying to do as that will help find the proper rod for the task. At times a longer cast is all that will yield fish. At the end of the tide just the other day the fish moved out in to the ocean and my 11 ft CTS made the distance NP, I was glad I didn't bring my shorted rod out because it saved me a 100 yd walk to the truck. Earlier in the tide the fish were just off the rocks at my feet and I was thinking a shorter rod may be easier . I definitely agree with SC in his thoughts of "hiding" at a lower position in the rocks as to not reveal success in landing fish. A long rod will make that quite tough and likely turn it into a shorter rod! Good luck in your decision.
  6. A higher geared reel would help get your rig up a little quicker. What is your current setup? Another component to consider is that if your on medication for your PD, there will likely be a window when your movement is optimal. Perhaps try to time fishing and other physical activities around that. You may also not be thinking meds yet as your symptoms may not warrant it. Im also curious of your location. Theres a lot of gear heads on here to hopefully help guide you to a more advantageous setup.
  7. I have a saltist 20H on a rod I built. It is a jigging world blank with similar ratings to that crafty one. I use it for deeper fluke, seabass, cod and some bass fishing. So far no complaints and the reel is still running smooth on its second season. I also bought a saltiga 10 around the same time which sees a lot more use and I prefer only slightly to the saltiga. Both are very sweet reels. Not sure if it matters for you but one of the sizes, I think 15, has a spool lock feature instead of a clicker. Its for breaking off when your snagged on wrecks. I didn't really like that feature so I avoided that size. GL, Chris
  8. Damn, I better start calling too.
  9. Interesting. I ordered 3 blanks from NFC around the same time. Two of the three came a few weeks ago. Still waiting on the third but haven't emailed them yet. I couldn't pass on the price
  10. Where are you located? Also any idea of manufacturer of boat and is the floor wood? Any decay in flooring? thanks, Chris
  11. Great program! I've been tagging for them for about 5 years. Its pretty cool too because if someone catches and reports your tagged shark, they will send you the updated info. (where it was caught, length, etc.)
  12. Would you take $30 pp shipped for lot 2 and 3? Thats the 4 poppers and the single darter. Im on Long Island. 11901. and Merry Christmas!
  13. Personally I prefer a higher retrieve rate when fishing the jetty. Helps me get back in faster and avoid blues. I mostly fish bucktails on the bottom.
  14. I just this past year stepped up my game on fish care. The bleeding in a bucket prior to icing makes a huge difference IMO in your end product. That plus vacuum sealer provides awesome fish all winter. I have never added the saltwater to the ice in the cooler. I'll be giving that a try next time. Thanks Joey
  15. I bought a Guy Cotton top this past winter to replace my 10+ year old Precision Pak top which I loved but is falling apart. Not sure if it is the Dremtech or previous version? Overall I like the top and the fabric is very durable which is the main reason I picked it. I fish jettys a lot. No issues with water intrusion through the sleeves or neck from rain/waves (I do not swim). It is fairly comfortable. I have worn it a dozen times so the test of time is still in the works. Being tall and thin, 6foot @ 165 pounds, I find the body a little baggy for me in size large. Sleeves could be an inch longer but this is also the story of my life with how most clothing fits.