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  1. "Reputable news sources like the NYT and WaPo." Now that's funny.... FIFY. Agreed.
  2. Great vid bud!
  3. Right on. The folks who work and pay the overwhelming majority of taxes in the US voted for Trump.
  4. Break his toilet?
  5. Your exact words were "if they were more scare they wouldn't be able to afford them....." By all means, explain what you actually said.
  6. So what you're saying is you want to take them away. Eliminate them.
  7. Same as for every other illegal item or service; marijuana, heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, prostitutes. All available for criminals to purchase. How is that possible?
  8. You rock bro!
  9. Of course it is, I realize that. But poking at his troll is also fun!!
  10. This might be the most illogical post of the year. But since the OP is a lefty, it makes sense to him. If it all leads back to Africa, wouldn't the question be "So how Black are you?" LOL.
  11. BAHAHAHA!!!
  12. Twitter user. Search the account yourself, he posted plenty of selfies. Antifa.... Flowers for Atomsk @iamthespookster
  13. From time to time, I like to look at threads from a certain period. In this case, after the latest Mueller-nothing-burger hearing, it occurs to me to look at what activity we had on that topic either one year, or two years ago. Gotta love website functionality - allows you to quickly look up sh-t from the past!