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  1. You're a coward. Shameful. Eff you.
  2. Yeah, the first years. As if the Democratic poosy-foots haven't been trying to unseat Trump from prior to the election. Covid is so 2019. Pivot onto race riots! There were be another bugaboo, then another, then another. Whatever happens in the world, they will point to Trump.
  3. what? Are you on the right thread??
  4. That's easy to say NOW.....what a joke of a thread you have here. It's exceedingly funny that you expect people to change their minds about Trump now, after Dems threw everything including the kitchen sink at him and he's still standing. Nazi.
  5. Says who, YOU? This is the oldest debate which exists. Liberal snowflakes have never accepted Trump, no matter what he says or does. Face it, you won't ever accept him. From prior to winning the election. As if you're going to convince anyone NOW that someone else is going to handle all the chit happening better than Trump. No. how about that for an answer. Biden? HAHAHAHA What an effing joke. Just wait until that guy shows up to debate - you'll be embarrassed. Actually, you won't. It'll just be sad....
  6. Bullchit. Anything Trump says is divisive TO YOU and your merry band of snowflakes. Give it a break. Vote in November.
  7. Right on. Except you forgot to add - "and blame Trump."
  8. Rank & File? Take a closer look. This group is led by Bill Kristol, the war monger and never-Trumper. "On February 1, 2020, Kristol tweeted out that, at least until Trump is out of office, he considers himself a Democrat." Doesn't sound rank and file to me. Does it to you? Win back voters? Who said he lost any?! Highly likely Trump gains independents and some points from the black community.
  9. Dems can't chew gum and walk without tripping and smashing into something. Complete failure by Cuomo to protect long-term care and thousands died, but FaKENeWsMaXx is complaining about space....
  10. Agreed. Originally slated to close for 14 days. Then every school in the country closed for the remainder of the year. We could have put strict limits on kids visiting the elderly and accomplished the same thing without cancelling sports, graduation, and in school learning for millions.
  11. Well, which is it? You mentioned earlier in this thread that it was easy, look at the average deaths over 10 years and the extra numbers was due to Covid. Now you're extrapolating due to various factors, some lower and others higher. The bottom line is that Covid killed many, and the fact is that the overwhelming majority were old. Very old and very likely sick. The fact is that many of those would have died anyways because they were at the end of their life. Sad, but completely true. Look at the demographics and you'll quickly see it.
  12. Too small a sample to be taken in context. The above show measured deaths vs. expected deaths, both of which are vague and unreliable. And doesn't include 8 states. To really see how many "extra" deaths we have, look at monthly deaths Jan. - May for the past ten years and see how many extra we have in March, April, May of 2000. It's going to be a lot lower than 100k. Many of the 80+ crowd in long-term living facilities would normally die each year in those months, so you can expact the average excess to be lower than the advertised 100k.
  13. Literally, this would have changed everything: First, every state that has mandated that nursing homes accept actively infected COVID-19 patients should immediately rescind and reverse that mandate. Second, as Florida has done, we must restrict visits to nursing homes by family and friends for at least the next several months, with the possible exception of those who can prove that they are not actively infected with the novel coronavirus. Third, we must prioritize nursing homes and assisted living facilities for personal protective equipment, at an at least equal level of priority as hospitals and other first responders.
  14. Actually, you do need the data. Because the data would show you a "lower average per year due to Covid" total than the 100k you keep spewing. Cause a bunch of those elderly would have died regardless, and peace to all of them. Don't avoid it, go gather the data. You brought it up - do some research instead of flapping your mouth.
  15. Found a tool from the CDC which can bring additional perspective. I don't believe we have tens of thousands of 30-50 year olds dying from Covid19. There's many, but nowhere near what you would think. Looking at the CDC graph, you can see that about 80% of deaths are 65+ and only 3% 18-44. Even looking at the 45-64 year olds, it's safe to assume that the deaths are not spread out evenly across all ages, rather they will increase with age. Again, not trying to demean any deaths. But saying tens of thousands of 30-50 year olds are dying is not remotely true. The data simply does not show it. We are losing older people, who are dear to us all.