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  1. Yes please. Where's the Greek's sister?
  2. I love you buddy.
  3. Or my marvelous labia
  4. I haven't found a woman worthy of being with me, so I got that going for me.
  5. Fake story. Like Steve preparing for a 5k
  6. Portigees are the worst human beings. You're welcome. P.s. behind the Greek pizza maker of course
  7. This is the thread that breathed life into my hair and lungs. Got any pics from Norway?
  8. I thought you were a gay black man. Wtf???????
  9. Sounds like anal fissures to me said Greek's sister.
  10. Cant be worse than using your sphincter as a safety deposit box.
  11. Don't you ever confuse Somerset to Fall River. There are fewer dirty portigees in Somerset.
  12. My hometown. Tells a very sad story.
  13. Hey look, it's Otter