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  1. Why does he have labia across his face?
  2. ...
  3. This is why my whore sister broke up with you. I've never met a Greek who isn't abusive. Dirty bastages.
  4. Hey man! Still in CT... My honey holes are very dry lately. Like Ravs keister.
  5. I miss you too my friend. There was always something about the albies that got my loins throbbing.
  6. Well, I certainly didn't. Etched in the dark recesses of my glorious mane.
  7. Where's Steve? Still piecing together the events that led to the break in and subsequent fellatio streaks found on the sofa?
  8. Thank you Mr. Weed. I harbor no ill will towards Rav as he is one the hairiest, burliest hunks of man goo I've ever met in person.
  9. You know me well Mr. Skywalker
  10. I would have expected something like this from Steve, but not you Thom. But I am grateful for all my fans across the world, especially here in the fishing community. touch my sister again and its on
  11. Can you send the carcass's to me? Thx.
  12. My Blink cameras from Amazon are fantastic. But then again, one must be able to control an electronic device to use one. Therefore, that solution is out. Next best option is to hire one of those crack donkey's in Foxboro to sit in the meadow with his camera.
  13. Weed....although I may be the hottest transgender here, you were always special to me. I'll send you an autographed copy of my new autobiography, "Hair, Cher, and Flair". I hope you enjoy.
  14. Steven....its not a good idea to tell the world when you are not home. Makes the pickle scrubbers job a lot easier knowing he could Patrix you while you are away.
  15. You should start to exercise. That doesn't sound too good there Steve-O