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  1. I fish the back bays in Cape May County. The tide app (Tide Charts) I use is set up to show the tide cycles as waves. To me, the lines making up the curve at the wave peaks and valleys indicate current speed. The rising or falling slope of the lines indicate moving water, while the peaks and valleys indicate slowing or no current. Moon tides have steep lines. This app is very accurate for where I fish. I used to fish the Delaware Bay And the the currents didn't coincide with the tide times. Current always lagged the tide height. TOTW was they only way to figure that out.
  2. As said before, the Feds are responsible to control immigration, and they aren't. Except for secret night flights to cities across the country. The states are left high and dry to sort it out, and they should have bussed them to sanctuary cities beginning February 2021. As far as impeachment goes, Biden will never be convicted, and the Republicans will never band together. Both sides of the aisle are really in the same club. A club that is exclusive to 535 people in this country, and they each will do whatever they have to to retain their lifetime membership. They run their mouths to give lip service to the voters around election time, but they will never act on what's actually good for our sovereignty and the taxpayers of this nation. The only answer to both of these problems is term limits. Then, the club will be diminished.
  3. I'm late to the party here, but to answer the OP's question, and the thread title; No, and they won't. As Attorney General, she has the power to prosecute. If she could have, she would have. Why didn't she?
  4. For a long time.
  5. You're kidding, right?
  6. I don't know about the 9 year olds, but he pretty much said the Ultra MAGAs need to be stopped.
  7. GPS and location are turned off all the time, unless I need Waze. It's not foolproof, but it's not as easy for them as it could be.
  8. There's an article in today's WSJ, stating that the latest covid vaccines will be approved by the FDA without human trial.
  9. It was a good show!
  10. Good one!
  11. The night view from our deck at our trailer at Avalon Campground.
  12. I wanted some for my skiff a few years ago, and went with Smith rod holders. I had used them on previous boats, and liked their quality.