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  1. It's CPS, as a I believe they're officially called Cast Pro Series rods. But yep, CCP or CPS...same thing.
  2. I've been very satisfied with the CPS rods. The 13 8-12 was my first build five years back and later added a 10 1-4 and 12'8 4-8. Brian, if you're looking for a light duty 8nbait rod for the fall at AI, the 12'8 is a great choice. It excels at 6nbait of any size, but performs equally as well for me with 8oz and a drum bait. I'm not old but have developed minor neck and back issues, and the 12'8 is my go to for 8nbait fishing for anything short of large sharks.
  3. This is my third year running a 2017 on the Delmarva beaches. Good thing the fish and ponies don't mind that it is ugly and has a CVT.
  4. Definitely make the one time investment in Wheeleez tires...your body will thank you. They float on top the sand barely making tracks where the regular tires dig in making getting out to your spot a real chore.
  5. I'm interested in seeing responses to this since I've been considering building one of the two. Can't seem to find feedback on whether there is any difference in action between the two blanks, or if the 1306 is basically a stouter version of the 1305. I also see you can get them 50/50 split from CTS which would make transporting easier. Anyways, here is a free bump to get it to the top. If you don't get responses, try in the NC forum since a lot of guys are using the s7s down there.
  6. I use mine for 8nbait fishing and was having the same issues. I added a small magnet onto the existing one and it slowed the spool down just enough to eliminate the problem. Try buying a few sizes of really small thin rare earth magnets and experiment until you find what works for you.
  7. Very cool. I love seeing reports of exotic species caught from our beaches. Looks like a juvenile tiger. There were a few caught in Delaware not too many years back. And of course the infamous bull shark from around 2011 or so.
  8. I use a couple of SXs and MXLs for surf casting, but the MXLs only come out for sharks. SX MC should be a good fit for how you plan to use it
  9. Red drum at 51 inches with pic below. Was also spooled a few days prior to this by what im guessing was a large dusky shark. Was catching them up to four feet or so before getting dumped. Had enough drag just not enough line.
  10. Like clock work same time every year give or take a week. Try snagging a bunker and putting it back out on a strong bait rod.
  11. I haven't fished the St Croix, but a 10 foot rod in that weight range should be perfect. I use a 10' CCP 1-4 and its still a fun fight with smaller fish. Not sure if you're spiking, but the extra length helps keep your line above waves and people walking under your lines.
  12. Didn't realize things were that far along already. I usually don't see the bunker schools in OC/DE until early July. Thanks for the heads up! Now if I could only find time to take the trip down.
  13. Based on water temps in the mid 60s and reports of rays, it seems like it's at that slow point right before spring fishing transitions to summer. The surf should be settling into the normal summer routine soon with whiting, spot, another summer regulars. Should start seeing the bunker schools passing right off the beach in the next couple weeks also. Can't comment on the inlets as I have no experience there, but fishing the beaches in July can be very entertaining with nice variety of fish including the larger ones we don't speak of.
  14. Subarus can handle the beach with aired down tires and common sense. I've got a year on mine without any problems. Just air down 15-20psi, turn off VDC, and go. And don't forget to enjoy 32mpg on the highway and about 26 on the beach! Their biggest weakness isn't the AWD system or engine size. The AWD system is well proven and they weigh around 1,000 pounds less than other 4WD trucks, which IMO, negates the need for a 6 cylinder engine. The one area you might feel lacking if coming from a truck is ground clearance. After tire squat and loading up, you'll have about 8.5" of clearance. Probably fine in most cases but might be a limiting factor if forced into deep ruts. I put a 1 inch lift on mine for $150 and am confident driving in the deeper ruts.
  15. There's always something better but it comes at a cost that often times provides little to no benefit in real world fishing applications. The current Avet design is robust and more than capable of being fished within their spec regardless of possible problems with a first run of reels a decade ago. How do i know this? Well over 100 large sharks and rays caught from the beach on my MXL and MXL raptor which are about 6 and 7 years old, respectively. Not one bearing replaced and virtually no maintenance beyond adding grease every couple years. These reels have been fished hard but always within the recommended drag settings. They are capable reels that have proven themselves time and time again with or without a thrust bearing.