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  1. I should be able to cook them and if they don’t open I can assume they drowned, right?
  2. Hello went clamming yesterday day and I placed my clams in my cooler and place layer of paper towels and three five pound bags I them. Well I forgot to put them in the refrigerator and had a omg moment this morning, did I just drown my clams? I notice one was dead with togue out. How do clams drown in fresh water and not in ocean? thx
  3. Hello Looking to get my OVS this year I am stuck between Sandy Neck and Nauset beach. I heard during the summer months that both places are first come , first served. I was wondering how early do I have go to be guaranteed entrance on a Saturday and Sunday? I will be going with the wife and kids during the summer months, we do get a two weeks off during the summer, but the majority of the time we will attempting to go during Saturdays. I have a place that is in the middle of both of these places so I am about 25 minutes from Sandy Neck and Nauset is about 40 minutes. Any other advice I am all ears, is there anything I should watch out for? Thank You, Xmytruck
  4. Ok great went with the 17 inch tires that are 70. Thank you
  5. 20 inch rims vs 17 what you think is better for over the sand
  6. Hello Thinking about getting a 4runner limited and notice that it comes with 20 inch rims P245/60R20. I was wondering if I should be concerned about the size of the tires and airing them down to at least 15 or 12 PSI. Thank You Xmy truck
  7. Got the LT2 so far so good
  8. hello First time going over the sand getting some new paws for the 4runner sport I between the following three tires BFGoodrich - Radial Long Trail or Michelin - X Radial LT2 or Michelin - LTX M/S2 , any feedback or other tires I am not think of would be great. Thank You
  9. Looking for some advice on the Avalanche Snow Removal System type of roof rakes? These fakes you push and the snow slides down trap or should I stick with tried and true style rake. Thx
  10. Hello. With the weather getting colder would like get a pair of waders for my 4 year old, not looking to spend more than 50 any advice on a brand? Thx
  11. To me it sound like some jerk last year took a cast they should not have taken hit the boat with kid and mother. I am sure that was not a pretty site , picture treble hooks lodge in a small child and mother screaming. Now we are all paying for it, itonly takes one jerk to screw it up for the rest. My advice stand down and let the year pass before it gets worse. Don't like it fish somewhere else. If you think you have rights on army owned land you do not, as my father would say want go to America step off the canal road that where you have rights.
  12. The gutter on lower roof or the main roof ?
  13. Here is the top down
  14. Hello Had a company repair my gutters and put flashing up on the gutters. It has seems to solve some of the problem but I'm still getting some water behind the clapboards any other ideas what else could be causing this?
  15. hello Was wondering if you think that the color matters when fishing? I always fish with moss green, I think it stands out less in the water column. I would think that yellow would stick out like a soar thumb. What are your thoughts on this subject? thx