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  1. nighty talk
  2. Like the goats give damn i think might like green field more than sand
  3. Mikeeeeee with another piece of useless information this am
  4. Can you splain walrusing to eddie and ernest tomorrow
  5. Sadly
  6. Mad wader is not far behind
  7. The night tough guy is a total failure again, he’s in Eddy’s league
  8. Excessive tattoos are a turnoff in my book and I’m not a gynecologist but I’ll take a look
  9. Now eddy is an idiot with no experience
  10. Ernest has experience too but is a very slow individual
  11. Of course and he has experience
  12. I’m almost 60 yo and I don’t get it so eff him less than Eddy
  13. So eff you McGoateffer
  14. This homo and the ex debbies coach are the main reason I dislike the sharts not Pete
  15. They should go back to the asbestos and black mold infested mausoleum, that’s where this ****** team and their greasy fans belong