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  1. I left my folks when I was 18 yo
  2. Yeah, spending last day with mom, Im taking her into home care tomorrow I’ll be home this weekend spend every precious moment with your loved ones, take it from a real me !!!
  3. Eff eddy
  4. No sausage
  5. 1 lb burger
  6. Eff eddy bright and early
  7. Can you thank the young lady for her service from most of the Jackasses
  8. You’re a fool
  9. Ty for a logical explanation Thom
  10. Is it an equivalent of catching a 10 lb stripper in the pond ? im trying to grasp the concept
  11. I’m not trying to be an eddy but I wanna crawl into your head for a moment Seriously what made you pull the trigger.........five year drought ?
  12. Look, your boy gillum lost so there will be no additional taxes Please stay up north and keep your liberal agenda as far away from Florida as you can unfortunately we have too many socialist like saltfisherman that vote for clowns like gillum and the other commie lizard you can volunteer to pay additional taxes in joisey for all I care
  13. C&R.....don’t you think the poor fish feels pain ?
  14. Eff eddy