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  1. effeddy10x
  2. I’m NOT guilty
  3. RIP Rush, the father of conservative radio, your voice will be missed !!
  4. NY Strippers for dinner
  5. SJ in your hood methinks
  6. Paczki day, I bet eddy is stuffing his stupid fat face with this sweeeet goodness
  7. Unsafewerhooks is in da house
  8. You bad Thom
  9. Yes, you deduct the fiber to get net carb value
  10. A lot, 15 grams in a cup, I’m trying to stay under ten carbs total for the whole day
  11. Tripe soup is one of my favorites and I hope they cleaned them tripes really good before cooking
  12. Lol, I was forced to eat it too but I still enjoy it from time to time Cod liver oil.....not so much
  13. You should try it sometime it’s good and VERY good for you
  14. Must be the euro thing, I usually do liver with sautéed onions but I’m doing the no carb thing lately so no onions for me, pulverized pork rinds for coating instead of flour