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  1. Ty for your concern Eddy, I’m wearing my jacket and the vehicle I’m driving is equipped with heated seats we we need to check on Ravintola
  2. Or the huge black buttplug you’re choking on
  3. You feel the noose tightening around your neck ?
  4. SJ ocho cinco ain’t gonna save your drunken Irish ass, should’ve taken clusterfcuk.....go asslanders go
  5. He must be playing Mr Hockey
  6. No snow down here Eddy.......eff poaches
  7. Lol, Rag$ embarrassed the contender.......3!!!
  8. Ty Zdenko
  9. tuukuus would've stopped that
  10. B's.......D O N E !
  11. no goal tuukkus dead !!
  12. 5-6 on the B's is 1-2 on the stupid Rag$
  13. any minute now