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  1. Try to contain your excitement Ernestine
  2. Ouch Thom, on the bright side my pal is ready for the occasional giant bluefin taking shortcut thru the pond
  3. FUMOTO mother****ers
  4. Wagner bitch
  5. Not in Effrata they don’t
  6. I like your style pal, go big or go home
  7. 550’s come in cab chassis only, too much of a headache to fit regular bed on it
  8. Good luck Vincenzo, I hope you stay with Ford, I think it’s time to retire my spackle mobile I’m gonna kick tires on a new 2020 F450 when they come out this fall
  9. Nah, he has no personality
  10. Eddie should think about getting off the dole and getting a liquor pusher job
  11. **** you eddie
  12. And didn’f pay afaik
  13. Eddie, when are you gonna send the JHL dues ? you stupid fat delinquent cheating prick
  14. but I'm NOT falling for his trickery, this fat sob has no life besides this thread
  15. I'll do anything to help that cause