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  1. I was telling someone about the breakfast buffet. The bad part is you have to go play after eating. It took me three holes to digest.
  2. 36 a day is kinda tough for iphish said about Tobacco Road I heard good things about.I think I played Southern pines it was ok. For a Ross course probably gets dark 1/2 hour later there than here.I’m good for as long as you want. What about Cleatis.
  3. Same here
  4. If a tree falls in the forest.. Back to freezing town. 86 in Fla to degrees to 36 degrees here.Tell me why NJ is good again. drove back in one shot. Not bad I basically peed every 322 miles when I got gas.which was four times.
  5. This is me I prefer to throttle down my wedges. Never hitting a full shot. Flighting the ball down. To me a more controlled swing has a better chance of being more accurate. My goal is ten feet from 100 in anything less than that and I’m disappointed. Recently trying to replace my 56 10s spin milled wedge. I have em bent down 2 degrees with some lead tape on the top back edge. I liked em heavier. It kept me slow and smooth. Toying with a few new bounce designs. Utilizing a more professional bounce impacting chip shot. On some shots. It’s fun lots of spin. Google short game chef. Like Paul Azinger did on the golf channel. The F had 14 degrees might be a bit much. I think if I shave the back edge I can still lay it down to open it up.
  6. Coming back on November 12th til after New Years whenI’ll be heading back down.
  7. Fumbled my way to 80 yesterday with two balls in the water.had three birdies and putted well. Played with a guy older than me who shot 66 he had five birdies and a eagle. Along with a bogey. It didn’t really sink in how well he was playing till he had the eagle in the 12 th hole. He then birdied the last three holes coming in literally throwing darts at the flag. One approach from around 150 was a kick in. I was sore as hell afterwards riding in the cart wears me out. Florida life is tough I’m off to the gym.
  8. Probably from the lack of a proper warm up. I swear my hip issue is from that.
  9. Nice graphite!
  10. Ouch! this is a new thing for me. Been about ten days now did some time on the air dyne bike yesterday felt pretty good but not great. Actually slept 5.5 hours last night. That’s a big difference. Thing that Sucks. It’s a banner day out there today.I love fall golf.
  11. Nice I have the first run of the 200’s. my brother got this years model of the 200 I like them better. Mine have this crappy chrome coated plastic badge in the back of the club. So unlike titleist. The newer models have a solid cover on the back and are forged where mine are cast. I always played a forged club but my irons felt like butter when I hit em so they did not bother me. what shaft did you get?
  12. Hate the music! some of them Bluetooth speakers stick his a magnet to the post on the cart. I will just go over and shut em off.
  13. This is the first time I have ever had anything like this. Feels like if could crack it like a knuckle it would feel better. Usually after a few days stuff like this usually feels better. But this is going on a week now and it’s only slightly better. I know the I’ll effects of NSAID’s and almost never take them. All through the initial knee issue (uprooted meniscus and arthritis) last year I never took them. Took some Aleve for this though as the pain was radiating down my thigh. problem is it effects my sleep. According to my watch I’ve only slept maybe ten hours in the last 5 days. I keep getting told I need to go to the doctor. But I am stubborn. Feels better every day but I’m only at about 50 percent. Simple yoga stretches are helping. I do a little more every day.
  14. I get all of that. They can claim they would stop when your swinging but how do I know that. luckily for me I don’t hear well. I was picked up 1/2 hour prior to starting time. When I told my friend I like to get there earlier and hit a few balls and warm up take my time I was told this is not the pga tour. I politely responded I know this but I just don’t enjoy when it as much when I suck. Last thing I needed to hear when I got back was “Tony was a good golfer but he can be a dick to play with.” As I had never even met the other two players. Trust me normally I like to set the record straight right away to avoid any issues later. I blame it on myself as being one of them crazy golfers that’s easily distracted. The other bottom line I tell myself is is should just be better(stronger) and not let it bother me.
  15. The best players do it all the time.