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  1. I’m a hack at best and I’ve forgotten more than I know.
  2. You should throw away all your hooks while your at it.
  3. Good to see you on here CK. Miss you man.
  4. Sorry about being a stranger. I planned on this year being the year of tony. not exactly working out so well. For obvious reasons.gonna do me some fishing this year.
  5. I have over 60 fishing poles many fit this question is I guess about the new composites I see that can handle tuna and stripers through their bendy profiles
  6. Snagging
  7. 228
  8. Posts till 10k I need a 7 ft ish spinning rod for stripers on a boat what’s the recommended model these days. I see all these new bendy rods I am not familiar with.
  9. The big Mohawk was back early yesterday with a boat limit go to the website for reports they have been murdering the sea bass..
  10. I’m still fat
  11. I was going to buy a new one..
  12. Hey Ricky, Miss you guys..all is well hope your all doing good out there..Say hello for me..
  13. used to bend them in the boards of the boardwalk..So many variables.small tin squids for small eels reeled slow, larger blended metals for larger eels retrieved at a better pace..some work better in bigger water some have actions better suited to calmer ones..Common sense is the rule here.. Ideally I liked my eels to make a snake like wiggle upon the retrieve one that would almost produce a thumplike feel in the rod.i worked it at a pretty good pace.this thumping caused the fish to come from a distance to crush this enemy/prey causing bone jarring strikes.Thats why they where so much fun.
  14. Charlie we had the best times fishing together..Not sure what your talking about But I will always remember them..