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  1. Should have said Providence west to Conn.
  2. Anyone have a source for fresh menhaden?
  3. But let’s say on the longest cast of 115 yards...the fish took 50 that’s around 150-165 yards. strictly talking drum here, but you could substitute bass in there. Caught a few bass at the point and they came in easy in comparison.
  4. All my big fish have been on the beach via chunking on heavers. 20# mono to 20’ of 50#. Then a fish-finder rig. Never had a fish take over 50 yard runs. Biggest fish was only 37# and they were all post spawn. Caught 60# cobia and lots of red drum up to 52” on the same setups. Drum pull more than bass...way more. But ya didn’t ask about drum...
  5. Fish with 30-50 pound braid, 300 yard spools, 50-80# leader. No matter what, where, you’re covered, KISS...keep it simple stupid dont overthink it.
  6. Thanks ship. I thought links were a no go?
  7. This guy actually gets it. The author Summed it up pretty good in the article. The Hogan administration giving political favors to the waterman instead of trying to save the bass. Short sighted is this course of action. I’m outta hope for the asmfc. Time for a moratorium. They been kicking the van down the road too long.
  8. The Chesapeake bay oysters have been in bad shape as long as I can remember. Disease and predation by an over-abundance of cow nose rays have devastated the population to less than 5% of historical numbers. Oysters are one of the natural filters for the ecological health of the bay. They clean the water via filter action and help combat the dead zones and low oxygen areas the young stripers need for their very lives. So the Hogan administration who bends over backwards for the waterman, overriding the legislature’s thinks they should be harvesting these oysters instead of leaving them in the water to reproduce and filter the water and bring the population back to historic levels. Another case of Maryland screwing the bay/bass/oysters so the waterman can further decimate the public resource and make some money... the article is on delmarva now. I would post a link but no links allowed
  9. Any bill numbers to get behind?
  10. We have met the enemy and he is us. I’m all for leaving the bass alone to spawn, or when they are in staging areas (off va/nc in winter) block/canal in summer, and others. I’m also for reducing mortality. Enforcement of current and or future laws go a long way too. Observers on the comm boats, dmf at the boats ramps and uscg out there at the 3 miles line/sw ledge. It’s 2020, enforcement needs to act like it.
  11. MD overfished and wiped out the 2009 and 2011 year classes. They had a quota and went over and “took” those fish from the other states.
  12. not saying the comms are responsible for rec discards...just they should go way of the buffalo hunter. And the comm quota eliminated/used as a conservation equivalent/rec discard mortality. no reason for a select few to exploit the resource/recoup expenses under the guise of comm fishing. the law needs changing. If comm fishing isn’t to blame, how does MD get a pass for wiping out entire year classes? One could argue we wouldn’t be here if MD didn’t wipe em out before they could become part of the ssb. same for the winter trawls off NC...or the Chesapeake Bay (va/md) waterman. Ya need me to post the video of dead 20-40# for miles and miles from one trawl? Imagine what happens with no one around to video tape. If those fish were able to spawn the next spring they could have saved the fishery. Lest we not forget what happens off the eastern shore of va/md post spawn...they wack the hell outta them...
  13. Sure do...when you look at trawler waste/by catch/high grading. Easy argument. Same for some of the fish trap/net fishery. Not hard to win that argument...
  14. The fish that die via release mortality could be taken from the comm fishery. No need for a select few to financially exploit the public resource, cheating, high grading, etc etc etc all the way to the bank... change the law and solve a few problems
  15. Sue the state...make them financially responsible and shut their fishery down.