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  1. Clambrella will catch when nothing else will!!!
  2. The ice mini wadd and green mack, and the popper. If you decide to split and accept 90 let me know glws
  3. Top two needles and the bm pencil chartruese for 85 shipped?
  4. I will see you in the winter.
  5. Where are the YEDs? Chomping off eels at the breachways I guess. Came off the beach yesterday and no brakes. Just as the nor’easter bears down on us. When it rains it pours...time to pour a tall one, or ten! Hope everyone who CAN get out gets em...looks like I’m a fairweather fisherman til the buggy is fixed.
  6. There is/was a 144-2 as well. Shorter butt, with the same tip/top.If you guys like I can take a measurement of my 150 butts and tips, that have 3 off the tip. Rdt used to cut 3” off the tip. The full length 150-2 is more of a 6n bait, which is why they took 3” off the tip to make it 8nbait capable. The 144 is a great heavy metal/6nbait heaver. Back when the obx had bass, this blank with a slosh20 and a 4-6oz hopkins was almost all you needed. Hope this helps.
  7. 225 picked up?
  8. I will take this for 55 shipped. Pm coming
  9. Kind of jumped the gun fellas. I dont really need this. I need new drag washers and some tlc on my reels. I was/am being lazy. Apologies. GLWS.
  10. Beat by a hair. All yours Z
  11. I will take this.
  12. I will take these
  13. BM

    I will take lot 1.