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  1.  Nothing beats the bubble and fly for sheer numbers of trout but I prefer to use 2-3” stickbaits these days. It is more active and fun for me plus I seem to catch larger trout with stickbaits than flies. Only issue is you usually need waders to get the small, light stick bait to the fish or drop off. Spoons and spinners are great for easy fish but the two methods I mentioned are two of the best for finicky fish IMO. And if you know how to catch finicky fish you will automatically catch easy fish by default. 

  2. 3 mins ago, JimP said:

    no - capitol is spelled with an "o", not an A.  no problem.  Just making sure you don't go ballistic over a misspelling and clutch your pearls running to the feinting couch.  


    "Very dangerous storming of the capitol........."   you crack me up,  Keep them coming.  

    I have never been so low on material that I would have to bring up someone’s spelling. That’s about the lamest thing one could do in a forum. If you understand what someone meant that is all that is important. Try harder. 

  3. All it takes is one of the knuckleheads in the crowd who was chanting “ Hang Mike Pence “ to be serious about it. Sorry but the very dangerous storming of the capital is going to stick to the GOP for a long, long time. It is already ingrained in our history. Trump screwed the right. Screwed them. 

  4. 22 hours ago, JoeyZac said:

    Not one single Congressman was in any real danger at any point during the entire riot.


    The Capitol police would have slain the idiots by the hundreds if they needed to to save just one Politician's life, if that's what it came to.

    I see. It was the first completely safe riot in history. Of course. 

  5. That 74 million number that supported Trump has been cut in half since the  stop the steal nonsense and the  storming of the capital. The right won’t have anywhere close to the numbers needed the next 5 years or so. Maybe never. Men without a country. I hope they don’t all join militias and become homegrown insurgents. Quite the fall from grace for a bunch of clowns who thought they were Patriots I would say. 

  6. The righties had a terrible last 12 months in here

    Dead wrong about the severity of the pandemic 

    Wrong about the election 

    Wrong about the election being stolen

    Following other crazy conspiracy theories’

    They will never admit it but damn that is embarrassing to get so much wrong over a years time. They should reevaluate their lives in some ways. I can’t even take these guys seriously anymore. Who could.....

  7. 44 mins ago, Slacker said:

    Don't mess with Texas... as long as the weather is nice.

    Many in Texas got a good laugh about all the severe winter storms in places like Boston and NYC . Even the fires in liberal Cali made them giggle. Chickens have come home to roost Texas. 

  8. 5 hours ago, The Mad Deckhand said:

    You guys...

    They are sooo brainwashed in here. Really sad. The issue in Texas was the deregulation of their power grid. It was downgraded over the years and couldn’t handle this cold snap. On top of that now people are getting power bills for thousands of dollars because of Texan politicians. Biden has nothing to do with it. The cult is still alive in here. 

  9. 20 hours ago, Maine Guide said:

    People who deny IGFA certified world records based on a picture are a joke. 


    My position is not based on the “wording”. It is based upon the fact that the planet was getting hotter, until it wasn’t.  And then the wording changed. You can worship John Kerry and the rapist, Al Gore, all you want. I recognize false prophets. 


    How much money, and to who can I send it to, to reverse this deadly course?

    First off you are not very thorough. The WR holder had a shady past in other tournaments. Not just that his fish didn’t look more than 50 pounds. He also had a product and book to sell before the record was set. He didn’t let more than a couple people even see the WR in person. Why would that be? He also hasn’t claimed to catch any more giants since his WR. What happened there. He was catching 60’s and 70’s left and right before he broke the WR. Not surprised someone who is easily fooled into believing conspiracy theories on the right would be fooled by just about anything. Good luck out there. 

    ‘’I am not surprised you can’t understand weather patterns changing when you probably can barely change your socks. Pray for the other climate deniers in Texas. And yourself. 

  10. 1 hour ago, flyangler said:

    Another fake story about the day, one you may or may not have believed, bites the dust:


    ANOTHER TALKING POINT DEBUNKED: The Capitol riot’s ‘zip-tie guy’ appeared to take the plastic handcuffs from Capitol police, prosecutors say. “[A]ccording to the new filing, Munchel and his mother took the handcuffs from within the Capitol building — apparently to ensure the Capitol Police couldn’t use them on the insurrectionists — rather than bring them in when they initially breached the building.”



    Ever hear the story of the boy who cried wolf...........story of your life apparently. 

  11. 2 hours ago, Maine Guide said:

    Remember when the lie was “global WARMING “. 


    That just didn’t work, so the lie morphed to “ global climate change”

    So because you don’t like the original wording it is fake news. :laugh:  I can assure you climate change which is causing severe events to be more severe and frequent is real. People who deny science are a joke. 

  12. 23 hours ago, flyangler said:

    Bullchit, an unprovable concept.


    Just as is this argument :


    Progressives putting aside regulation, trusting corporations, rewarding performance, paying for production before clinical trial results - little to none of that could have happened the same way under a progressive administration. 

    So the Dems wouldn’t have helped the vaccine companies? The party of science wouldn’t have helped? You really are just a dolt. :laugh:

  13. 5 hours ago, CapeDave said:

    What the leftist have failed to realize is Trump can and more that likely be more of friend to 

    a rising storm of republican's that will run for office in the future.


    Get ready to have your ass's handed to you in up coming elections.

    Trump lost the White House and senate last time around. Get ready to be disappointed sir. 

  14. 6 hours ago, Kbetts said:


    Don’t act stupid.  I asked for one specific example of a divisive Trump policy and you had nothing.  Still have nothing.  

    Difference between me and you.....

    I am a Democrat but not dumb enough to fall in line with the party line bs.


    Give me an example.....anything.   Meanwhile the Democratic newspaper I pass by has a front page article on decades of KKK oppression.  Today’s Dem voter is so uneducated they don’t even know they are the party of the KKK.  Hate and division brought to you daily by the Democrats.

    If you are a Democrat I will eat my hat. You voted for Joe? And most of what Trump did was decisive as far as breaking the norms in the presidential position. Forever hurting what it means to be a US president. You seem very confused. You are a Democrat? :laugh: