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  1. I knew this birds of spring thread would jinx us. Lol.
  2. I realize they are mummichogs. Up here in Mass Chubs is just a nickname used. Same fish discussed and pictured by OP.
  3. We used to call them chubs. The cuts in the marshes was where I used to trap mine. Simple bread in a minnow trap caught all I wanted.
  4. These would be great for Sudsy's bunker. The smell of defeat must be overwhelming at this point down there.
  5. 10 lousy post since TUESDAY for the Rams. You see how many are in the hater threads. Lol.
  6. Ah! We have a TB hater thread and separate Patriots hater thread. These are the good times my friends....soak them in and enjoy.........
  7. Actually they are .500 in SBs. 5 and 5 if that makes you feel better. See there you go I just gave the haters a new angle. I realize they are running out of angles so I thought I would step in and help.
  8. In all fairness Tim. Calling someone a snowflake isn’t personal? Come on man....be fair. That being said I am hoping to be able to continue calling people Snowflakes as I find them useless.
  9. Correct me if I,m wrong but wasn’t the unhinged angry template created by the right during the 8 years Obama served? I guess we have forgotten how some in the tea party were behaving during the Obama years. And isn’t CNN now just doing what FOX did for all of Obama’s two terms? So we are to believe that what the far left and CNN are doing now is NEW and wasn’t taught to them by the right and FOX in the recent past. Can people’s memories be that short? Guess so.
  10. Yup! I,m like a vampire that feeds on the misery of other sports fans. This is usually the time of year I build up my reserves.
  11. Pilot was probably just a Jets fan.
  12. If I say the word Obama does that flip the switch on this thread? Asking for a friend.
  13. Another vote for the Shimano Saragossa. If the Gossa is too pricey I,d go with the Daiwa BG.
  14. How can you frikkin hate a team that has a larger playbook than other teams How can you frikkin hate a team that can run more different schemes than other teams How can you frikkin hate a team that works harder at practice than other teams How can you frikkin hate a team with the best coach and QB of all time How can you frikkin hate a team that succeeds over and over in a league set up for parody How can you frikkin hate a team that just keeps winning and winning and winning How can you frikkin hate watching the BEST football team in history
  15. And how can I possibly think someone is intelligent when they resort to the tactics of a 6 year old. “ Bobby were you breaking bottles?” Bobby: “ but, but, but Scotty and Dave were also breaking bottles” Mom: “ That may be so but that isn’t getting you out of trouble “ ‘I could care less if the Clintons go down for things they may have done wrong but that doesn’t mean I don’t think Trump and his buddies aren’t going down for what it appears they have done. This country could use more people in the center even though we don’t have anyone to currently speak for us.