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    Looks like a gary2 slim. Great profile. And I hate to break it to you but I literally have thousands of fishing trips under my belt. I have been out there a sick amount of time. Maybe too much time. Foot is finally coming off the pedal at age 50. Other things I would like to do.
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    You didn’t want that picture of me for your spank bank. Did you? Ewwww
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    I would like to thank TimS for creating and maintaining a great fishing site I would like to thank the fans of Tailslap Lastly I would like to thank all the over emotional low IQ posters who provided plenty of cannon fodder for Tailslap
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    Giving you a shot to actually get in a good dig. Terrible so far. Hurry up.
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    You wish Two Words………
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    Sure thing dopey. Hilarious
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    That’s how you want to end it with me. Looking like the same dull, repetitive, uninspired poster everyone here knows you are.
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    Feels like it has run its course. Some will be very happy about it.
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    You’re not sure I even fish? Really? Have you read any of my fishing related advice here? You must be kidding.
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    Nope. I had a hell of a run. Close to 15 years I believe. It’s over.
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    That’s terrible. Do you really want that piece of crap attempt at a dig to be the last thing you get to say to me? Try again.
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    Hurry up and get your final licks in tards. Because at the stroke of midnight the legend Tailslap will be no more…..
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    I am pretty bad in person as well. Thanks though.