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  1. I have no issue with going back to paper and glass. Soda was a much better experience when it was in glass. And trees.........**** em. Just plant some more.
  2. If you use it in saltwater rinse it off as soon as you can. I even dry around the roller, where the handle connects or any other seam where water can collect and take a while to air dry. I have certainly seen a difference in how long my roller bearings last since making this change many moons ago.
  3. Well. Brian definitely wins the PG this week. 7 pages of squirming and deflection and not one righty was willing to answer his question. Trumpets got smoked in this thread. Smoked.
  4. Put a suet cage on a tree in your yard away from house. Woodpeckers love suet. After he finds the suet he will come to your yard to eat and not bang on your house. Hopefully.
  5. Who’s rusty? You lost me there. I don’t make up fish stories. Never needed to. I will leave that up to pretenders like you.
  6. Feel free. I have nothing to hide.
  7. Sorry J I don’t hunt so you got me there. I have serious back issues also. Getting harder to do what I love. No doubt.
  8. I will take you Albie fishing if you want in September cause I like you for some strange reason. Let me know.
  9. Buddy. I know people who banged a 50 in the Canal on there first outing. A few pics from 30 years ago don’t mean much as far as how good you have been throughout your life. I talk the talk and walk the walk. You remember that.
  10. Just having a little fun with natives Tim. Since I don’t think I will be in the PG in the future I figured I would go out with a bang.
  11. These guys in here are special though Tim. Thought I would make an exception for them cause they are so silly. I have zero problem showing anyone what kind of a fisherman I am in person. Never have. Never will. You don’t think I didn’t know exactly what I was doing when I put up that 1% comment? You know better than this. Don’t feed the trolls.
  12. Just a few pics of fish that I am not posing with to let my fishing partner know the fish were there. Nice try though.
  13. You know me Tim. Just stirring the pot a bit. I am personal friends with some of the best in Mass and never lie about fishing. Believe what you want.
  14. My guess is you are full of it. But nice try though.