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  1. Even though I no longer own any VS pliers I will say they are in a league of their own. I personally use Rapala hook outs to remove trebles because I am not fishing where I am in the water and submerging my pliers. And hook outs give you the best leverage and strength to remove large treble hooks.
  2. And those old Penns are super heavy IMO. We used ABU and Newell because they were light and the Penn Mags because the drag was far superior to other reels.
  3. I used the Penn Mags in the 80’s and early 90’s. They were great reels...
  4. The comm guys are such a small % of the Canal fishermen you won’t even notice they are gone. Place will still be a ****how. Who will next seasons Canal villains be without the comms to pick on........
  5. This is not just about the wealthy trying to keep everyone away from the ocean. There were never enough parking spots for everyone and now the locals are being shut out of their own town spots by out of towners. You may have noticed there are not a ton of public parking spots near the ocean on the Cape. So we used to share with the locals. And that worked until way too many people showed up to park. Not enough room for everyone. Again sorry but true. The wealthy homeowners were never crazy about sharing in the first place but tolerated it in the past because it didn’t really effect them. Since internet reports that all changed. The bad behavior just helps them tighten or enforce already existing parking restrictions. Which they have all the right to do. Some of you just don’t want to hear it as if this whole parking situation will turn around and go back the way it used to be. Not going to happen. And no I am not a homeowner on the beach I have just being out there 40 years observing.
  6. Both is the problem. Before the internet most fishing info was passed person to person. Not only that but I personally would get to know someone a bit before I gave any info. This is a slow process and only increased the numbers of people at certain spots in a very small way. The internet reaches thousands of people at once and zero vetting on who is getting the info. It just will never work with spots with limited parking. At the same time thousands of new people were now getting info that only a handful used to get people were getting more disrespectful overall. The combination has been a complete disaster for shore access. Do we really think we can greatly decrease the numbers of people putting pressure on these parking areas? Do we really think people are going to get less disrespectful than they are now?
  7. Let’s take the bad behavior out of the equation for a moment. Years ago when I might park in a resident only spot I might be the only non resident out of 10 available spots. This was not an issue with the residents as it did not really effect them. This is one of the main reasons we didn’t talk much about where we fished. Those spots just couldn’t take a lot of outsiders going there because of very limited parking. Then internet reports come along and tell thousands of new people where some of these limited parking areas are. Now all 10 residents only spots are taken by non residents and not only that some even park up the street out of bounds. At this point the residents want us gone and I don’t blame them. The bad behavior just amplified the situation and gives the homeowners ammo. This situation with lose of access will only get worse. Sorry but this is the truth.......
  8. Since the number of people parking/fishing has increased by a huge amount due to the internet the number of people who have no respect has increased by a huge amount. So what used to be an isolated incident in the past is now a daily occurrence when we are talking about people parking where they are not supposed to, being too loud, littering, shitting on the beach etc. Nothing absurd about noticing the change over many years. I have been out there a long time and the amount of disrespectful scumbags out there now is through the roof. The balance we used to have when sharing space with the local homeowners has been broken. Even though I am sad about losing access I can’t blame the home owners at this point. Shore fishermen have destroyed their own access with so much bad behavior. I feel sorry for the young guys who will never be able to experience the type of access freedom i grew up with. But those were different times with frankly different people.
  9. The day internet reports started showIng every scumbag out there where the fish where the problems of access began. Now you just see where it will end up. With little to no access because the scumbags messed it up. We should have just passed on fishing info the old tried and true way. Person to person. It is basically over for shore access folks. Find a new hobby..........or buy a boat.
  10. That’s a huge difference my friend. Not 1234 to 275 but still a huge difference
  11. Truth. The real difference is $360 a week.
  12. Surface Tension lures for bluefish....they are.....
  13. Guess it would better to be in Florida where the weekly maximum is $275........ouch
  14. Did someone say weasel? There where minks released on the Canal years ago to control the rat population. It worked because there are next to zero rats down there but many minks about......
  15. Wearing a simple mask can decrease spread of airborne disease by 20-80% depending on the mask. Do it because it is helping your fellow man not because the big bad gummit told you too....come back down to earth man.