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  1. Sounds good. Sold to GraniteStRockfish. PM coming. Thank you to other inquiries but just don’t want to travel if I don’t have to.
  2. Sure are a lot of squares in here........
  3. St Croix Avid surf 8 ft rod. model. AVSS80MMF only used a couple times. Rod is in great shape. Few scratches on reel seat. Was using as extra Albie rod. retail $260. Will sell for $130 picked up Canal area.
  4. Do you get the $30 flat rate service program on the Stella SW like here in the US?
  5. If Daiwa ever puts in place a similar warranty program like Shimano than we can truly have a discussion on which is better the Stella SW or Saltiga. As things stand the Stella wins every time due to the fact that even if they do a complete rebuild it still only cost you about $30. Daiwa will charge up to $200 for the same rebuild. Wow! I am a big fan of Daiwa as well as Shimano but can’t bring myself to own a Saltiga these days due to the potential incredible difference in service bills between the two reels.
  6. You would be ghost peddling. Zero tension being put on pedals. Even straight into a 20 mph wind. Hence zero effort fake peddling. The electric motor does 100% of the work even through they call it pedal assist. Hope this helps with your understanding
  7. If using an electric bike where you might be allowed technically just remember to keep it under 10mph and use pedal assist mode. No one will realize the bike is electric. Just don’t put your feet on the handlebars while throttling at 20mph and you’ll be fine.
  8. Any other news on the new Stella SW? I hope they change the looks a bit from the tester reel pics. Lose the gold and replace it with a silver or titanium color would be a big improvement.
  9. Good news for performance junkies but just like the current model I do find the looks kind of fugly.
  10. Used is fine. Like I said Shimano will make it like new again for $30 I believe. May have gone up to $50
  11. If you are willing to spend $600 try to talk yourself into spending a bit more for a Stella SW or Saltiga. Twinpower is closer to a Saragossa than the Stella SW. Also with the Stella you get the best reel service deal out there. Shimano will do a complete rebuild of your reel if needed for peanuts.
  12. Anyone hear anything on the next Stella SW?
  13. WD40 is only good for removing grease and rust. I just rinse and dry my reels after every use.
  14. I quick google search comes up with a few too many incidents involving GW and kayaks for my liking.