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  1. I am actually in favor of a dusk to dawn closure of the Canal at this point. If that doesn’t do it close it all together.
  2. A shooting will happen at the Canal and it will be shut down. Nostradamus knows
  3. Not many places I can park on Cape Cod anymore between Memorial Day and Labor Day. And now I’m seeing more and more of residents only year round policy everywhere I go near water. And it is our own fault. The enemy is us......
  4. I don’t blame the neighbors over at Bell Rd at all. Get rid of those who are trashing the place and probably making a lot of noise in the deep of night. I would guess it would a closed dusk to dawn policy with the gates. Could happen all over the Canal. And soon.
  5. And once they lock the gates at Bell Rd I suppose anyone who lives close enough to walk or bike in would have the place all to themselves. You know anyone who lives super close to Bell Rd? Hmmmm.
  6. Are you sure it’s my thing......cause you can’t seem to stop saying it.
  7. Doesn’t calling me redundant in your previous post make this one........redundant?
  8. Another great read from years ago. A window into the past to show where the attitudes of online reports were at the time.
  9. So says the guy with 133,192 posts. Most of which are the equivalent of poking someone in the eye with a stick Who is really looking for attention here........
  10. Meh. I caught a lot of large in the 80’s. Sorry it was tough for some......
  11. The warnings were put out there over 10 years ago and many here didn’t want to hear it. Sucks ending up on the wrong side of history but going back in time can show you where things might have been changed.
  12. Some good reading here......
  13. The only reason the Canal burning stopped here was because social media took the torch. And then yes SOL members figured out what they were doing was wrong but they were way too late. Nice try with the revisionist history lesson though.
  14. And many said the internet wouldn’t ruin fishing the Canal. People should have had more foresight I guess.