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  1. With this strong sustained south wind they will be on south cape beaches any moment. Like tomorrow
  2. So much for that........
  3. A lot of black squirrels in Sagamore Beach area.
  4. If there a good midge hatch going the old tried and true black wooly bugger will catch plenty. No need for fancy flies during a midge hatch IMO.
  5. How’s the water level been? Going down?
  6. I know you can catch False Albacore from shore from southern Mass to North Carolina but never here of them south of there. Boat fishing for Albies/Bonita south of NC sure. But are Albies caught from shore in South Carolina , Georgia or Florida?
  7. Not exactly Ever heard of a lure called the Magic Swimmer? Zero skill. Just add water.
  8. Round these parts football is 24/7 and 365.
  9. Simms guide jacket is insane. Best rain jacket money can buy. Rated to 22” of rain an hour. Have had mine for about 5-6 years
  10. I don’t know about winters early exit. It is technically already spring and that forecast for the weekend has already been downgraded to 60,s and maybe some rain for Sunday. Late winter has been the trend the last half dozen years or so.
  11. SPRO makes a hell of a split ring also.
  12. Does the new. Certate have bearings or bushings in roller?
  13. Anyone get one of these new Exist? I have had reels from the first two generations but held off on this one. I am looking to get a 4000 size this season. If the new Certate is close enough in performance I might save some money. Will Ben interesting to see the difference between the two. Any info on 2018 Exist appreciated.
  14. Double unit is fast, easy and strong. Just cut tag ends low if casting through guides.
  15. Tackle Warehouse has been around a long time and are top notch. One of the best.