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  1. Great thanks. Pm coming
  2. I have a few striper bites available for sale. The spider pattern I’m asking $40 shipped. Numbered 10/10. The other 2 are $50 for the pair. Take all 3 of them for $75 shipped. Please See the small chip out of the green/yellow by the eye.
  3. I have these available. The spider one would be $40 shipped. The other 2 would be $25 each. Take All 3 for $75 shipped. They are all new but the green/yellow has a chip missing by the eye you can see in the pic. Spider is the 10/10.
  4. I think I have some as well, different colors than MW. I will post tonight
  5. No sorry this was my last jaget
  6. JayG123 its yours. Sending PM now. Thanks
  7. Stripers bites spider pattern swimmer. Labeled #10/10. Very cool paint job. Only used on display, never swam or carried. Asking $45 PayPal shipped.
  8. Looking to sell a Jaget swimmer. Beautiful pattern with green over gold and white. Never used, only on display. Asking for $63 PayPal shipped. Thanks
  9. Well crap, thanks for the info guys.
  10. It was sold to me as a maple so that’s all I can go off of.
  11. I have 1 used Olive over white BM maple spin for sale. It is still in very good condition. Has a few pointers and small scratches from the hooks but still a ton of life left. $27 shipped PayPal please.
  12. I have 2 PPW lures for sale. Both are brand new, never carried or thrown. They are from 2018. Large purple and black is 3.75oz and the smaller black and gold is 2.5oz. Asking $50 shipped PayPal
  13. Thanks, they are similar to tattoo too, just not the same ya know. lol. Appreciate the response though