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  1. Sold! Thanks guys
  2. I live in Long Beach I work in an emergency room so I have kind of varying hours and days. But I'm off tomorrow and friday, sunday night and monday day I believe. If any of those days work for you and your willing to come to LB or I can even meet at a reasonable distance away. Let me know. Thanks
  3. From the album CTS S8 surf 11'6" 1-3oz

  4. From the album CTS S8 surf 11'6" 1-3oz

  5. A little strapped for cash right now and need to let something in my quiver go so I'm letting this awesome rod go for a good deal. ITs the CTS 11'6" 1-3oz s8 model, 2- piece, I wrapped it myself, no under wraps just simple over wraps, aconite K-frames in a concept esc layout. $200 its yours
  6. Nobody is denying that, believe me I've traveled all over the world for surfing, lived right at Sunset beach on the North Shore of Oahu for two years, I'm very aware whats out there. They aren't coming to NY thinking its going to be the next pipeline, They are here because they wanted to have a world tour ASP event on the east coast, i'm sure with hopes of allowing the sport to grow. They wanted a location close to a large city and that would have good enough waves to run a surfing contest people would want to watch. So it was a no brainer coming to NY for their goals during September. Yes NY and the east coast is very inconsistent when it comes to surf, our swell windows are short and don't develop long period large swells like elsewhere in the world. But when we do get a decent swell I must say our beach breaks are pretty damn good. That said during the months of September and October the east coast is actually very consistent, the rest of the year is not so consistent (actually spring usually is) so I think it's a great time to run the event, with a two week waiting period your pretty much guaranteed a few good days. Anyway i'm glad they decided to come back and I look forward to watching he contest next year.
  7. Gonna do my best to make it this year...
  8. Is this nonsense still going on? The contest was a huge success for the surfers and residents alike. The city sent out a survey for residents to fill out whether or not they were in favor of the contest returning next year. While the official release of that has not been made available as far as I know, the rumor around LB is that residents are VERY much IN FAVOR of the contest returning next year. As far as if it will be held in Long Beach or not is still not official, but from what I heard it WILL be held in LB next year after some things are settled. Anyway why is there such negativity about this event FishLife? A life long resident of LB I would think one would be proud to have such an event in our little city. The had some pretty good waves for the event last year and I hope they get surf as good if not better next year. This year as a whole has been the worst year for surf in NY that I ever remember, granted I didn't have much time to surf anyway, it was still a terrible year for surf for us. Though the last couple of weeks have had some really good days, Searchin there was a couple of days at Lido that were a full on barrel fest. Hope you got out there But overall very inconsistent compared to years past... On a side note I haven't been on the site in a long time, i've been very busy with school and just haven't been checking these sites much, anyway hope everyone is doing well and is having a decent fall fishing wise
  9. Don't even bother I'm pretty convinced that a certain someone is what we like to call a "poser" and never surfed a day in his life as shown by lack of any knowledge of the sport or of our area. On a side note the contest was great to watch and I look forward to next year. John, we caught a few good days together in Lb last year that were pretty damn good. Bodyboard, surf, bodysurf, its all riding waves and I respect it all. Oh and don't bother posting a reply for me, I'm far to busy to be checking this website often enough to respond. Carry on
  10. Swell was a little to east for LB to get really good. The lefts were bending away a bit but the rights were a bit steeper and offered some little barrels here and there. But It was by no means as good as it gets here, every storm we had last year topped this one IMO (just don't tell anyone ). But either way it was fun over head surf and the pros were pumped that NY had some fun waves for them. Another storm moving our way hopefully will setup some more surf for us early in the week, hopefully it will have a bit more south in it as well I'm sure MTK was pumping the bit more east in the swell, the current in LB was ridiculous with that swell direction, it was pretty much a paddling treadmill lol
  11. Like* Anyway it's really awesome to watch these guys, anybody that has the time should take the family down and enjoy.
  12. It's not luck it happens every year. Just luck all of us that surf said Anyway its about 4-6ft and semi clean in LB and they are killing it out there. Tomorrow and Friday should be pretty good, 6-10ft and clean... http://quiksilverpro.com/live.en.html
  13. It is a spinning rod and if your willing to come pick it up I will accept $150 PM me for details on location
  14. GSB 108 1L made by Lou Caruso (Redhawk19) and used very lightly and in mint condition. All fuji components, guides, reel seat, etc. The handle length I believe is around 22" but I will verify when I get home as well as post photos. Located on Long Island in Merrick, $175