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  1. Yes - their current resale is approx. $200.00 more than Assembled in USA reels, don't know about made in China reel resale value.
  2. Maybe I'm misreading the site, but it now says 929 comments total, having received 11,115 and I noticed that my comment (NOAA-NMFS-2018-0106-0001) is not there even though I received my e-mail receipt on 11/10. Based on what the asterisk says on the bottom right corner, I assume mine was one of 186 that they chose to redact, and therefore not count as legitimate public opinion. My comment pasted below: Your comment was submitted successfully! Comment Tracking Number: 1k2-96gx-z2ww Your comment may be viewable on Regulations.gov once the agency has reviewed it. This process is dependent on agency public submission policies/procedures and processing times. Use your tracking number to find out the status of your comment. Agency: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Document Type: Rulemaking Title: Fisheries of the United States: Regulations for Striped Bass Fishing in the Block Island Transit Zone Document ID: NOAA-NMFS-2018-0106-0001 Comment: Dear Sirs/Madam As a Striped Bass Surf Fisherman since 1978, I have seen the decline of the Striped Bass of the late 70’s/early 80’s that led to a 10 year moratorium. What I have seen since 2004 is a steady decline in the surf and bay population, not only here in New Jersey, but also in Hatteras, NC, to the extent that I ceased fishing the latter for Stripers in 2007 and have never returned. To me, the ongoing decline is thus deja-vu. I recognize that the ASMFC has data showing that the Chesapeake Bay has produced strong YOY populations in 2011, as well as 2017 and 2018, and that this is, at least in part, the basis for the “belief” on the part of the NOAA that there will be no negative impact to increasing fishing pressure, especially on the largely EEZ resident population of breeder Bass, by opening the Block Island Transit (BIT) Zone to Striped Bass Fishing. However, I wish to go on record as strongly opposing this proposed rule, for the following reasons: 1.The belief that strong Chesapeake Bay YOY populations will have a positive impact on the overall East Coast populations ignores the detrimental impact of the Mycobacteriosis disease affecting better than 50% of the Striped Bass resident in the bay. Indeed, the Department of Environmental and Aquatic Animal Health, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary reported in 2001 that samples of Striped Bass collected from June 1999 through December 2001 exhibited up to 75% infection. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that this trend has done anything but worsen since 2001. 2.The BIT Zone is an important refuge for the Striped bass, especially breeding aged females, which sometimes spend the entire summer there. These fish are the future insurance against the decline of the Chesapeake hatched population, since at least some of these breeders are genetically programmed to spawn in the Hudson and Delaware Rivers, as well as in minor hatcheries such as the Toms River in NJ. 3.The average angler will not see any benefit if this bill is approved, more likely they will see negative effects. Shore and inshore fisherman will likely only see a worsening decline in fish due to offshore harvest of the breeding stock. 4.Opening the Block Island Transit Zone to Striped Bass Fishing in the EEZ sets a dangerous precedent that will undoubtedly result in other states demanding similar measures to satisfice the demands of their for-hire recreational fleets, as well as the commercial sector likewise demanding their share of the pie. Given the fact that the NOAA passing of this rule will signal to all that the multi-year efforts of Rep. Zeldin (to open the BIT Zone to Striper fishing) has paid off, the flood gates will open to future Funding Bills directing the same actions for other areas of the EEZ, eventually rendering the protected species EEZ status of the Striper, signed into law by President Bush, null and void. In conclusion, as a conservation minded fisherman, I urge you to not approve the proposed rule. As the vast majority of East Coast Striper Fisherman, especially shore bound fisherman will attest, if anything, the extraordinary fishing pressure of the past several years, combined with technological advances in Fishing Tackle, have proven detrimental to the Striper population. The last thing the Striped Bass needs is a reduction in breeder population protection that will result from opening any area of the EEZ to fishing, recreational or otherwise. Uploaded File(s): No files uploaded This information will appear on Regulations.gov:
  3. 12ft 6in Breakaway LDFS123-2H built on an All-Star BGSW 1477-2 Blank (2-5oz) that I rebuilt as a Spinning NGC rod using Fuji BMN0G Guides, Japanese Shrink Wrap handle and Plate type Reel Seat - Pictures below - $250.00 Firm plus shipping or we can meet in Ocean or Monmouth Counties in NJ.
  4. As requested, with my personal data redacted by x's - carryover from my DoN PII training. By the way, I am not trying to make any point, nor do I have some sort of agenda - read my OP again, including the imbedded one in which I state that I have both USA made, USA assembled and China made VS's, and could not be happier with any of them. I was simply sharing info I received in writing from the person at Van Staal who has been there the longest, as I see this question come up over and again. From: Craig Cantelmo [mailto:ccantelmo@vanstaal.com] Sent: Friday, September 7, 2018 9:43 AM To: Flatwing@xxxx.com Cc: Mona Scott <mscott@zebco.com> Subject: RE: Spacer between side plate bearing and main gear on VS Xxxx, Thank you for the email and for being a loyal Van Staal customer. Let me answer your question in order: Please order spacer washers from Saltwaters Tackle in West Islip and any other seals you may need for either your VS or VR reels. Saltwaters Tackle: 939 Montauk Hwy, West Islip, NY 11795, 631-5399422 All reels that are SN#7000 or above are made in China or had all the parts made in our plant in China. Remember, you lose your limited lifetime warranty if you don’t have our Authorized Service and Warranty Center at Saltwaters Tackle service the reels within a calendar year. We’ll still service the reel after that but you need to pay for parts. Also the VR200 is self serviceable and you can get all the seals and parts you need directly from Saltwaters Tackle. Hope I answered all of your questions, Craig Cantelmo Van Staal
  5. Rather than the answer coming from me, please read the imbedded post, which quotes Capt. Craig Cantelamo's e-mail to me of 9/7/2018. Prior to receiving this e-mail, I thought I owned 6 made in the USA VS's, as only my VS150B of serial number 19XXX says Made in China on the box. Come to find out that, to again quote from Craig's e-mail: "All reels that are SN#7000 or above are made in China or had all the parts made in our plant in China."
  6. I recently observed used VS sales in which false claims of USA manufacture were made, vis-à-vis the Serial Numbers are higher than 7000. I will say no more, I simply hate to see my fellow SOLer's exploited, so I am attaching a link to the thread I previously started on the same subject...
  7. I have a 12ft 6in Breakaway LDFS123-2H built on an All-Star BGSW 1477-2 Blank (2-5oz) that I rebuilt as a Spinning NGC rod using Fuji BMN0G Guides, Japanese Shrink Wrap handle and Plate type Reel Seat - Pictures below - $250.00 Firm plus shipping or we can meet in Ocean or Monmouth Counties in NJ.
  8. I would not go with thicker washers - you need to account for end play adjustment coming from the drive side only - this will close the gap that you are showing. If further braking is needed, add 1-2 mags at 90 degrees.
  9. Plenty of room there for either fixed mags or knobby mag.Try searching "conventional reel knobby mag" and looking at your options before you take the plunge. I like the adjustability for the surf, as I want less braking with the wind coming out of the west and more with the wind coming out of the east. I have static magged conventional reels for jigging the PP Canal, and sized them so I can hit the opposite wall casting into the wind, so I thumb the reel if the wind is at my back. But in the surf, I want maximum distance, so I wind off the mags to where I only have to touch the spool at payload splashdown, regardless of cast weight or wind direction/speed.
  10. I would use the Akios Fireloop for plugging, and take advantage of Cabela's return policy and get rid of the Salt Striker - I believe you get what you pay for. Then I would get the Penn Spinfisher VI LC reel in the 6500 size or the Penn Conflict LC in the 6000 size for throwing bait. Otherwise use the Salt Striker for bait until it breaks which probably won't take long.
  11. Since you mentioned technique....
  12. Welding Aluminum is not like welding steel. First of all, to have any weld integrity at all, the weld method must be TIG, vice the common MIG method. Secondly, welding Aluminum causes radical material strength loss in the Heat Affected Zone, which can only be reversed thru localized Heat Treatment. Finally, I suspect that your bumper is powder or epoxy coated, both of which must be ground away to expose the Aluminum base metal prior to welding, and both of which will suffer unpredictable immediate and likely future delamination both in and outside of the Weld Heat Affected Zone, which means the bumper will suffer Aluminum specific corrosion down the road, especially since it will be exposed to a salt-air environment. Based on the above (and 32 years as a Aircraft Carrier Equipment Engineer for the Navy), I suggest one of the following 2 Approaches: I believe, from what I've seen on their website, that Curt makes a Front Hitch for the E-250. As for stabilizing the single receiver mount, I had the same issue and solved it with Stainless Steel Shackles and Turnbuckles mounted to the tow loops on the Curt Front Hitch for my 2018 4-Runner. You could achieve the same result using the tow loops built into your custom front bumper. Assuming you are not going to be installing a winch in the locker, you could have a custom steel piece made up that would have two 4-bolt mounting plates, so that you could drill and bolt thru the top of the bumper, spanning the locker, with the 2-inch receiver in the middle. I would have the piece powder coated when it is all welded up, so as to prevent a galvanic couple between it and the aluminum bumper. Again, I would use the tow loops with Stainless Shackles and turnbuckles to stabilize the cooler rack. On a final note, I had a 6061-T6 Aluminum 2-receiver front hitch on my 2004 4-Runner that I made as a bolted assembly. I did this because there was not available a single receiver front hitch for that year 4-Runner. On my 2016 I have, as I mentioned earlier, a single receiver front hitch from Curt. Installing and removing the rack is much easier with the single receiver.
  13. 1) Breakaway Tackle and Development is located in Corpus Christi, TX - they are one of, if not the, pioneer of Long Distance Fishing Tackle in the US. 2) You can purchase Penn Spinfisher and Conflict LC reels directly from Penn via their website 3) You can purchase LC tackle directly from Carolina Cast Pro via their website 4) Hatteras Jack/Advanced Fishing USA is another on-line source for LC tackle I am sure their are others I do not know about