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  1. Kevin: I offer you my sincerest condolences on your family's loss, and this prayer: God, full of mercy, who dwells in the heights, provide a sure rest upon the wings of the Divine Presence, within the range of the holy, pure and glorious, whose shining resemble the sky’s, to the soul of Mary. The Master of Mercy will protect her forever, from behind the hiding of his wings, and will tie her soul with the rope of life. The Everlasting is her heritage, and she shall rest peacefully upon her lying place, Amen.
  2. Just to clarify - I am not saying greed on the part of Whiting - I am saying greed on the part of the Santa Monica girls. Same thing happened to the price of Super Strike lures. Why should the original plug manufacturer or Feather supplier sit back and watch someone make an exorbitant profit off their hard work? I would feel the same way. Shame of it is, folks of limited disposable income are always the ones who pay the price for the greed of others.
  3. By the way, in case you are wondering what happened to the flatwing hackle supply, the answer is greed. I have numerous Whiting EuroHackle Saddles, specifically labeled by Whiting as "Ideal for Striped Bass Flat Wing Flies" I paid $30.00 for each of those saddles back in the late 90's early 2000's. The way I understand it, a couple of girls out in Santa Monica California, decided they had the perfect get-rich-quick scheme - the bought saddles for $30.00, put 2 or three feathers on a hair clip or earing, and sold it for $30.00. Today, Whiting is selling the EuroHackle saddles under the category of Craft and Fashion Feathers, and selling a single "super saddle" for $375.00 to $675.00. Alternately, you can buy a "fashion pack" of 16 feathers for $18.00.
  4. chuck - here in Ocean County, NJ all of the fly shops went belly up before Superstorm Sandy, and since I am no longer able to walk the FF show in the spring, I searched for a reliable on-line source for Flatwing materials. I am very pleased with the customer service of the folks at Waters West Fly Shop in Washington State. They have Harelin Dubbbin Pastel color Flatwing saddles. and they have also acquired for me Silver Grade Whiting Herbert Minor Saddles. I have found the Herbert Minor in both Silver and Bronze Grade to have plenty of hackles suitable for Flatwings, but these days the more exotic colors like ginger and cantaloupe are hard to find.
  5. Summary of Rules I have followed successfully since I started using shock leaders in 2005: 1) 10 lbs of breaking strength per ounce of casting weight when using mono shock leader. For braid shock leader, I increase strength by 20-25%, since the braid has no stretch. 2) At least 4 wraps around spool. When using Braid to Braid running line or Mono to Mono running line on a spinner I set my shock leader length to 4 wraps plus distance to end of rod butt so as to have a thick line to grab when dragging fish up the beach after landing it. this can be done on a wider conventional reel (such as a 7000 series ABU or a 30 SLOSH), but the knot between the Shock Leader and the Running Line should never be overwrapped on a conventional - this then dictates the maximum drop length of the shock leader. 3) On spinners, Mono and Braid do not mix - use either Braid to Braid or Mono to Mono. I guarantee you that you are breaking off because the tail of the mono, at high line speed, whips the braid into a large loop that has an amazing tendency to catch itself, sometimes by wrapping around the stripper guide or its foot, and sometimes around the blank -this "knot" will not always remain formed, as the "shock" impulse just before line breakage can pull out the wrap, just as the shock leader breaks at the terminal end knot. 4) Mono Shock leaders will catch the knot on a rod that has a 20 mm low rider stripping guide. Use braid exclusively. 5) On conventional reels, mono is compatible with braid with a standard Albright knot or something similar, if the reel is a CT configuration. However, the only cure I found for CS reels is to splice the mono to the Braid running line using the Power Pro Hollow Ace methodology. I do not use Mono to Mono on CS reels, as any knot I have tried thumps thru the level wind guide and eventually catches, resulting in at best a hellacious birds nest and at worst a break off - note high risk of bending level wind guide as well. 6) I have found easiest and most reliable knot for joining Mono Shock Leader to Mono running line is a Slim Beauty where the Shock leader has a figure 8 knot and the running line has a 5 turn Uni Knot.
  6. Noting that I only recommend rods that I own or have owned: 1st Choice for distance Century Slingshot HJ144L now SS1505, rated 1-4oz - this is a 12ft 6 inch blank - I personally cut mine 3 inches off the butt for better pencil popper "parabolic" action, although it is not nearly as parabolic as my 11ft Lami S-Glass. Some have cut as much as 9 inches from the butt. My measured sanctioned (SportCast USA) field cast with a 3 oz t-Hex and a USA VS250/30lb PP was 351ft using a Uni-Tech Cast. For extra distance I pair this rod with a Daiwa Saltiga Surf (now out of production), or a Daiwa Emblem Surf 35 SCW QD (available on the European market). This is mag sealed, with a 35mm stroke long cast spool with Quick Drag, Slow Cross Wrap Oscillation and a polycarbonate body 2nd Choice for Distance Century Stealth S1 1325, rated 1-4oz - this is an 11ft blank, more parabolic than the slingshot series, so it loads easily with an overhead thump cast that pulls with the left arm vice push with the right. Also an excellent Pencil rod, but prefers a max of 2oz in this plug to properly dance it. I pair this rod with a Van Staal VR175 3rd Choice for Distance Shimano Tiralejo 10ft 6in rated 1-3oz. I pair this rod with a Shimano Ultegra 5500 CI4+ reel.
  7. I purchased the same reel and an extra spool for use on my TFO 12ft 12wt TiCr 2 handed rod. I always load my reels with backing by hand, and I can say that the reel is as smooth as any fly reel I have ever had. The drag seemed extremely smooth in my pull test, with no discernable start-up inertia. I never was able to acquire a c-vex, so I cannot compare, but I have several Ross Canyon Big Game number 6 and 5's. Also, I have been a user of VS reels since they were made in CT, and I have never had an issue with any VS product, including the VR200 and VR175 spinners that I sue quite frequently. As regards, field usage of the VF12 wt, I had knee issues most of the summer/fall of last year, culminating with surgery in November and 2 months of Physical Therapy, and with the COVID quarantine closing the bathrooms at IBSP, the reel has yet to see salt.
  8. RLS Crazy Menhaden - same page as the RLS Razzle Dazzle
  9. RLS Razzle Dazzle - from page 93 of A Perfect Fish
  10. Not really, since my selection is condition based. I addressed current, or the lack thereof as a selection factor. Regarding color, my daytime color selection is based on water clarity - olive over white for clear (natural coloration), yellow or chartreuse over white for more turbid water. At night, mt go to colors will be black over chartreuse at dusk, and then mostly blurple, with black over orange as a change-up.
  11. Some flies from large to small imitations. My preference is for Floating line greased line drifting (mending) Flatwings, but lacking a current, or a point off the beach on which to wade, I will go for the cast and strip technique using the synthetic imitations and an intermediate or sink shooting head.
  12. You might want to look at the Shimano Tialejo or Speedmaster Surf Casting rods. They are 12ft and rated for 4-10 and 3-10 oz repectively. I have the Tiralejo myself and have been very happy with it for 6oz and a large Bunker Chunk.
  13. Cold Fury Squid
  14. Of your two choices, I would NOT go with the MV50 for reasons I stated earlier - my 4-runner tires are smaller that yours (265/70R17) and even though I ran two of them and a 2.5 gallon tank, the fill up time (15psi to 34 psi) was ridiculously long, bringint the compressors to a heat level where in the summer the thermal switches would trip. The specifications of the SmittyBuilt indicate this will not happen, but I believe that the authenticity of compressor specifications is proportional to price. What the tank buys you is stored volume of air at a higher psi than you require. So what you want in theory is a tank that has the same volume as your tire, but charged to at least 5 times the change in PSI that you need. Unfortunately, this usually requires a rather large tank, which was the idea behind the 'Truck Lungs" design of using running boards as air tanks. From what I can tell, the company is now defunct. Hope this and my previous posts help. Unfortunately, on-board fast air is not an easy or cheap proposition, and if you opt for a powerful but slower portable compressor, you are looking at an expensive 100% duty cycle compressor that needs very efficient cooling, unless you want to wait 15-30 minutes for it to cool down enough to pack up. I have seen this "hot compressor" issue solved by hard mounting the compressor in a large toolbox, but again these are not cheap either.
  15. Pink Needlefish - pretty much verbatim Ken's recipe from pg 105 of "A Perfect Fish" except that thinking weakfish, and their preference for pink, I changed the body Braid to pink vice Kenny's pearl.