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  1. I heard that Loomis may be revamping the E6X Inshore line like they did to the bass line and perhaps discontinuing the Pro Green and Pro Blue and bringing in IMX and/GLX Inshore Rods – meaning they are trying to keep all of the rods in the E6X/IMX/GLX/NRX format. Has anyone heard something similar?
  2. It’s that time a year again! Pretty exciting leading up to Icast. What rumors are everyone hearing? I have heard of a saltwater stradic and possible redesign of the Loomis inshore rods.
  3. Shimano is releasing a new Sustain and Sage has a few new fly rods.
  4. Does anyone know the size of the Shimano stradic 5000 FK drag washers? Looking to change them out for carbon washers. Thanks
  5. Any recommendations on here to purchase bearings and washers? I did a few searches and saw several different companies, but I couldnt always confirm which bearings were suitable for saltwater use. thanks
  6. Thanks. I think that may be the case for the 4K, but the 5K egg handle has much larger bearings. Does anyone know if the Stradic FK is what they refer to as Type B?
  7. Does anyone know where to get a small Eva knob for the 4K and 5k size stradic fk?
  8. Thanks! Great resource. I looked through it to see the stock lure for some of my favorite lures and unfortunately I don't think that VMC sells them directly. For example: Skitterwalk 11 has a VMC 8625 PS #2.....there isn't a 8625 on the VMC website.
  9. Its that time a year again! I hear G. Loomis is revamping the GLX line of rods and Shimano is revising the Stradic Ci4 +. Anyone hearing anything?
  10. Does anyone know if shimano will be revamping the smaller Stellas this year at icast?
  11. I am seeking to purchase jig heads made with the 4/0 Gamakatsu 2034 EWG 60 degree heavy wire hook in 3/8 and 1/2 ounce sizes. Does anyone know where to purchase or who makes them custom? Thanks
  12. I am having trouble getting the mono straight prior to tying the tail portion. Any suggestions? Also, I know someone stated that you use as low as 20lb/30lb test, but what is the ideal size to start with?
  13. I am specifically seeking a flex type. The CCG Hydro works well for me. I searched the Silvercreek and it appears that you need to email a person to purchase?
  14. Guys, any updates on the best UV curing flex product out there? I purchased the CCG Tack Free Flex a year or so ago and I havent been happy with it. My experience is makes the area very opaque, not clear and its very tacky. looking to make some brushback baitfish patterns and looking for some new head treatment! Thanks
  15. Though I am not Dick, I fish on the west coast quite a bite as we vacation there out of Miami. If its sight fishing I like to slide the fly with more of a steady strip with the fly in front of them. If the water is really clear they can be tough to feed, but still great fun.