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  1. Never had a steelhead, but by far the best fighting fish I have hooked in freshwater have been grown on (i.e. stocked as small fish) rainbows from big waters, with lots of natural feed.
  2. Speak of the Lurch and he doth appear One reason to have a higher lip slot/line tie, with the line tie no lower than central is that a low line tie/lip seems to encourage roll. And going without belly trebles means the plug will need all the help it can get to minimise roll. I haven't made enough plugs to work out yet what the slope on slope headed plugs does, apart from a reduction in bouyancy and again, more roll. So if it was me I wouldn't bother with a slope on the head. imho you have set yourself a challenge, getting a neural- ish buoyancy plug to hold level with a lip at the front and no belly hook may be tricky. Best Wishes to all for Christmas and the new year - Lurch
  3. Airflow lines are not pvc coated. So this wont help you with those, but then most lines are pvc coated and if you have a pvc coated line (lots of cortlands, aircel, wetcell etc) then you need to treat them with re plasticizer ( permaplas is a good make ). Without this pvc lines just dry out and crack after a year or two, then the coating peels off and they are junk. Re plasticising my freshwater lines means that they last for years hard use and stay supple ( at least until I wrap them round a prop ), rather than stiffening up and cracking up after a year or two. Most tackle shops dont sell plasticisers, just cleaners. If you ask them some might even say they don't work. Perhaps they want to sell us a new line every year. permaplas is v easy to use and I highly recommend it for pvc lines. Cheers - Lurch
  4. Hi, I know some people use kevlar braid to attach "assist hooks" to jigs. How tooth resistant is this stuff? I am thinking of using it for attaching stinger hooks for pike and if it stands up to blue fish etc, then pike will be no problem. Cheers - Lurch
  5. Hydro blanks in a dish of white spirit (I don't smoke ). No need to dry them then before sealing... Cheers - Lurch
  6. Never had a Musky or a Tiger, but wonder if the Tigers are more spooky because they are half Pike. The Pike round here are very spooky. When they follow they mostly stop dead when they get close and just look at you. They seem to know I'm not supposed to be there and mean them some harm. So I try to not get spotted on the approach and to trigger a take in the first half of the retrieve. I've recently read that if you get a follow on a soft plastic and stop the retrieve and let let it drop static onto the lake bed, then pike will sometimes just swim over and suck it in. Something to try next season...
  7. Nice plugs. Thanks for taking the time to share the details about the depth/action and tuning. Its appreciated ! Cheers - Lurch
  8. Palomar knot has never failed me for braid, mono or flouro. Its the only knot I use for attaching line to swivels, links , lures etc. Best of all its really easy to tie. You don't see people blaming user error in tying this knot. For attaching braid to a leader direct I have been very happy with the alberto knot. There is a "how to" on sol for this. The Alberto is neat & slides through the guides very cleanly.
  9. Sorry to hear this. Sandy had a lot of coverage for the first 48 hours after the storm, lots of coverage of the flooding, power loss & fire damage. Mention of petrol shortages and transport problems. Then the UK news pretty much switched to other things. No mention of any looting or anything. Its really bad that some people take advantage of their rights and forget their responsibilities. We had an outbreak of copycat looting for several nights in quite a few UK cities a couple of summers back following a random little riot in one city. The police were told to go soft for the first couple of days and a lot of kids with no self respect just took advantage. It only stopped when the politicians finally told the police to get stuck in hard. If you have the space and time to take good care of it a dog might be a good option to deter petty crime. A smart well trained dog like a german shepherd will alert you to anyone anywhere near your property instantly and see them off in seconds. - Lurch
  10. What's a storm got to do with buying a defensive firearm . Defending from what Watching the news pictures of sandy from this side of the Atlantic made me think of buying a diesel generator in case of something similar happening here. I was lucky enough to visit some of the areas later hit by the storm on vacation this last summer. I never met a more polite or law abiding community of people. What happened after the storm, did society break down with widespread looting or something?
  11. Thanks for the recommendations. The 3:16 look very interesting but a bit expensive. Huddleston's seem very trout bait centred and even more expensive. Maybe I need to try making my own too . Cheers - Lurch
  12. Exactly. After a couple of bad personal experiences my view on this are now just the same as above. On a kayak I am not a marine mammal, just a monkey having some fun on a big plastic carton. I don't rely on, or expect anyone else to get me out of trouble. I don't have anything to prove, to myself or anyone else, and I don't want my kids growing up calling someone else "dad". So now I don't paddle anywhere I wouldn't be happy swimming to somewhere safe from. Most the few fish I have caught or the scores I have seen have been in the breaking surf zone anyway, which I would prefer to wade as its difficult to fish anyway other than by trolling from a kayak in the surf. Cheers - Lurch
  13. Concave lips (like a colorado blade) work better on slow retrieves anyway... But there could be lots of causes, post a pic or two so the guys can see exactly what the lures are set up like and I am sure you will get lots of advice.
  14. If , like me your sawing skills are appalling, then its worth a try sawing roughly to shape then fine grind up to the template edges with the plate and wheel on a bench sander. Cheers - Lurch
  15. This happens all over the world. I have had gulls pick up a Rebel f30 several times in saltwater. So far they always dropped it without getting hooked. Terns often look at my surface lures, but if I leave it static so they get a good view they always leave it. In fall/winter hundreds of gulls roost at night on my local reservoirs (100+ miles inland). A couple of weeks back one picked up my slider as it came in to roost and did get hooked. To my surprise as I wound it in scores of them followed and came down hovering very close around my head , so close I could feel the air from their wings. They never touched me but it was intimidating....luckily I got him free v easily and he flew off no harm done