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  1. I noticed that shortly after your West Coast contest that you were personally selling several NIB Accurrate reels on your site. Accurate was one of your contest sponsors. Were you selling contest prizes instead of awarding them at the contest? Can People on SOL come on to your site an advertise contests and stuff? Isn't that practice banned? I recently saw that you wacked some posts for a competing So Cal contest due to CKF posting policy violation issues. Hmmm.... I am thinking this post is pure Room Temperature Spam.......and who wants that? Hey but what do I know "Just something I heard Homer say" - J Smith
  2. USA patent 3,598,121 Are you going on a fishing trip any time soon? Looking forward to trolling for fish on a yacht with nice weather, good food and great friends, but you're dreading the laborious task of hauling your catch out of the water? Well listen up lazy, because this fishing apparatus invented in 1972 is your guarantee that you won't have to get out of your seat all day long! A gigantic balloon floats on the water surface above your baited hook. When you feel a pull on your line, press the button on your fishing pole and balloon instantaneously fills with gas and hopefully hooks your fish. You will watch in awe as your denizen of the deep is pulled effortlessly out of the water and suspended mid-air. Now you can sit back and comfortably reel in your catch - OUT OF THE AIR! Better reel it in fast; sea gulls may swoop in to devour your hanging fish (talk about the one that got away)! Hey, sounds like fun for the whole family to enjoy.
  3. Thanks. I'll salt it down. It is a nice red and black tail with long hairs. S1
  4. I nabbed a great looking Squirrel Tail today from a fresh-dead one I found on the roadway. I threw the tail in the freezer. Now what do I do to preserve it for tying use later on? Any help appreciated. Thanks, S1
  5. Das, Check your PM's please, RL
  6. have one similar and hate it. I use an hard shell Orvis now-Bueno!
  7. Just a little report from yesterday FYI. Fun day on the water.... Tony Mullins and myself went out with Capt. Conway Bowman out of Dana Landing in San Diego's Mission Bay. We started the chum slick 6 miles off La Jolla point about 7 AM today, 9/12/02, and within 5 minutes Tony was onto his first Mako on the fly. We rotated and then it was my turn in the barrel. We ended up with drifting 5 miles along the 60 fathom curve and caught four (4) Makos and one Blue. Conway has the "Bait and Switch" thing down pat, when needed, and it was a round of exciting fly fishing. We used single strand steel bite tippets and 20# class tippet and red and also orange off-shore style bait imitations. None of the fish were over 100# this morning, although we had one very wary brute Mako eye-balling Tony's little blue shark right at the boat. One of the little Makos I CPR'd jumped nicely and another greyhounded along the surface for a bit. We were surrounded by HUGE Ocean Sunfish at one point and could even reach overboard and pet some of them. We also saw lots of Porpoise and a goliath Blue Whale gave us a show! BTW-Capt. Conway Bowman has become ESPN's latest celeb and will be filming 5 or more episodes in locations around the world for his new Fly Fishing show which begin airing on ESPN in Jan.2003. I highly recommend his services. RL [This message has been edited by sharp1 (edited 09-13-2002).]
  8. Wear a rash guard. It is like a pair of lycra long johns. Surfers use them. I do too. It works. Helps getting the wetsuit on and off too. Clean your wetsuit. Don't wear cotten under wear. Use bycycle padded polyprop shorts. They won't hold the crud amd helps with hard seat syndrome too. If this post is unrelated to kayak fishing, you have the wrong forum and I don't want to go there RL
  9. Thanks all, I got some smaller hooks and will make another attempt: Flatter head, thinner legs, segnmented and duller colors. Stand by... RL
  10. AlexT-I'll give you a pity-reply Joe had 14 or fifteen tyers and then the deadline came and went and ultimately only 10 sent flies to poor JoeB. So we all got doubles of something as a result, and they arrived about a month behind Joe B's schedule. Luckily, it was worth the wait. I still don't know what kind of birdseed to feed that critter that Chumbucket tied us!! Those Bendback are very cool. Never seen one. Bass bugs galore! Lots of goodies. You droolin' yet? So how about hosting a new swap to make up for your inattentiveness? You could even personally double us up on that one We are just full of compasion here-right folks? Anyway, don't sweat the small stuff AlexT [This message has been edited by sharp1 (edited 08-31-2002).]
  11. Thanks Fly Bye Nite. actually the tails are very flexable and bobble around quite easily. They are essentially rubber toothpicks. I am going to try to incorporate exactly what you have suggested on the next iteration. Thanks again
  12. Well what does the board think of this nasty bug? I started off weaving, or crocheting some Antron from back to front on a Gamakatsu Salmon Hook after building up an under body using two FlyMaker Taper Grubs. Then after weaving about 1/4 inch forward, the Antron fuzzed and broke. So I brought out two colors of the tuff, mutlti-stands of Bio-Fiber and finished off the weave all the way to the eye. Then I wrapped the head, added eyes and figuered it had to have legs. So those legs are made of twisted Bio Fiber and SW Krystal Flash,CA glue and 5 minute Epoxy. I bound them on one at a time with clear mono. Finally, I brushed the taper grub tails with Hard as Nails,dusted with gold micro holo flake, colorized them with a sharpie pens and over coated with 5 minute. I kind of like to weave fly bodies. It is a mindless task and a great diversion from doing chores RL
  13. They made it out to California. Thanks fellows. There are some really nice flies here; flies I would never find on this coast. Thanks all. RL/S1/whatever
  14. Ah.. J.K. Fisher rods. Those were sweet. I have one and it is a 2pc 9/10 wt. I was in their factory in Mound House Nevada (near Carson City), several times years ago on aerospace business. Fisher made really nice rods and their technology at the time was top-notch.They also produced high tech tubing for sattalite structures there. Paiute Indians artisans wrapped those rods. Yes those JKF rods are slow and have a softer feel than todays wonder rods. I have never had a problem with my nine and have fished it off of kayaks for years in the salt. I would not part with mine. And it was indeed a $300.00 rod at the time I bought it; around 1983. If it looks good and is priced right-get it! BTW-The Fisher legacy continues. The Joe's Grandson Kenny manufactures carbon fiber push poles for use on flats boats nowadays.
  15. Thanks for the good words Fellows. They are sorta fun to build if you have the time.