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  1. Do albies come in this early? I’m watching a school bust on peanuts right now. They have gotten about 10ft close to me to see that they are some kind of tuna type of fish.
  2. Fished the past two nights found pogeys swimming mid bay and out front along with sand eels and silver sides. Managed a few slots but mostly shorts. Did see tonight a blowfish swimming around underneath a pier light. Light dark(olive geen) to black color plugs been working for me.
  3. I haven’t been there in years for fishing but I’ve have been taking mornings drives there this winter. I always remembered there was a DEM worker sitting on jetty in the summer months. What happened to that? The worker was like young college kids making sure people picked up after themselves. If a bigger problem would to have happened they would call EPO. Which I’ve seen them do in the past.
  4. Exactly what it felt like. For what the bite felt like, I wouldn’t know. Bait was sitting for awhile till i decided to bring it in for a recast, thought i was stuck when I felt resistance.
  5. Not sure how deep but i know where i was casting in a 30 ft area i could count to 15 before my 4oz sinker hits bottom. Anywhere left or right of that area its about 8 seconds
  6. I tried researching that same question while i still had it hooked on land, but couldn’t find anything. So i guess as long as it meet size limit and its not caught in a federal or state protected area. Well i meet one of my life fishing goals. Catch a cod from shore. Bluefin tuna your next
  7. First post in a long time. Haven’t had much to report till now. Caught this 23” while togging from shore.
  8. Bump I’m still looking for the owner
  9. Thanks I don't use grips at all i gave it a shot when i caught some fish but didn’t like it. If I don’t find the owner by this time next year I’ll just do a free giveaway in the RI forums
  10. As the title says I found a boga grip in the sand this morning as I was leaving. PM if this is yours and give me a location of where you lost it. I’ll get it back to you
  11. been awhile since I posted anything or let alone fished. But i did get out twice this week. Quickly found fish and tons of bait. To my surprise all the bass I caught especially the low keeper size, seemed very skinny and malnourished. I would think they be a lot fatter with all the bait I’ve seen. Anyone else noticed this?
  12. Hello Dan I’ll like to order 20 - 3/4 oz bare spro jig heads thanks