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  1. been awhile since I posted anything or let alone fished. But i did get out twice this week. Quickly found fish and tons of bait. To my surprise all the bass I caught especially the low keeper size, seemed very skinny and malnourished. I would think they be a lot fatter with all the bait I’ve seen. Anyone else noticed this?
  2. Hello Dan I’ll like to order 20 - 3/4 oz bare spro jig heads thanks
  3. I’m in will enter every fish that is not listed. Hopefully I’ll land that 10# sea robin
  4. Was actually looking at some the other day. But I’ll stick it out my with jeep
  5. Purchased my very first fly combo. Never done it before but i will be wearing a full face shield. Planning on hitting my self in the face and back the head more than once. Main goal with the fly rod is to target flukes. Also never tied flies before but I’m going to try and make some. Hopefully they’ll look like the mummies, silver sides and other small bait I’ve seen them throw up in the past
  6. $75. Haven’t won the ones i bid on before and if i dont win this one I’ll still donate $75
  7. Sorry to tell you but kevin passed away almost 2 years now. Might want to post this in RI forum. Someone there might can get in contact of his family member for you.
  8. Bucktail, darter, pencil popper
  9. Boy do i suck at this tourney stuff. How long have we’ve been doing this now? Never caught anything worth taking a picture for. 2018 will be my year! Going to gun for a weakie next year.
  10. Noticed this past Sunday i was out. that seals dont shut down tog fishing, unlike other fish
  11. There is always the good and bad memories from there. Best ones was bob and them mass guys “daddy” <hate/love with them guys