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    Fishing avidly for apex predators for close to 5 decades
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    Fishing, anything that swims
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    Carpentry and chasing fish full time.

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  1. Please acquaint yourself with the rules. Deals are to be made in the thread, in public, not through pms.
  2. If these don't sell this weeked I will return them on Monday. Size XXL, Green Polarized lenses, Tortoise frames. I upgraded to the leather case which was another 23 bucks. All told it was $251. I have uploaded a picture of the receipt and have blacked out my info. This size is almost always out of stock. I found something else I want instead. $225 shipped FF payment or non GS only.
  3. Again another one. Sold to whom?
  4. You have these for sale on Facebook. I was going to remove them here but I want to give you the benefit of the doubt. Take them down there, here, one of them.
  5. Great package for the price. Package is heavy so shipping is costly. I'll probably throw in a few more things. $80 shipped Zelle preferred. Other payments through non G&S can be worked out. You get. (10) pcs SS wire. (10) pcs Port Orford and AYC (10) Billy West lips (10) Large Lefty lips (10) Big Don Spoon lips (5) L Surfster lips (5)Med Surfster lips (4) Large Pikie lips
  6. I am sure I am going to get private messages asking me to list these separately on my own but I will offer them to you first because you’re a great dude. Two big Don 1 ounce Polaris. They float and they throw so much water. It’s ridiculous. You can have these both for $60 shipped. There is a tiny Apoxsee blend on one side, but it won’t affect the way it fishes for sure. Lol.
  7. Makes absolute sense. There is one thing that I would like to add. When someone agrees to buy something, others that might be interested will consider it sold and will move and and purchase something else. When a buyer holds or stands up a seller it's almost as bad as the seller backing out. Almost, but not "as". If you agree to sell or agree to buy, it's a deal and if someone backs out, it's unfair to someone....was my point.
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