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    Fishing avidly for over 4 decades
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    Fishing, any kind of fish as long as they're muskies, stripers, roosterfish, and anything that swims
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    Carpentry and chasing muskies full time and finding them.

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  1. I think I have one too, Steve
  2. I can answer this that color has never made a difference with me when using refills. Even fish in the middle of the night are honing in on the paddle tail. Just my .02
  3. I might still have some Campos if you're interested.
  4. I was referring to 6 inch bombers when I said I had yellow load, Steve
  5. I do have some yellow load bombers.
  6. I can respectfully offer 165 shipped.
  7. I think I'm going to keep these. After looking at what other people have sold them for they're worth more to me to fish than they are to sell. Sorry.
  8. Some of these are tough color redfins not loaded? Which ones are you interested in?
  9. All green load. I have lots of Campo bombers too. Mostly yellow load.
  10. No longer available
  11. Spro 65, Hahn darter, and RM no name.
  12. No longer available
  13. I have a few of them, bombers too. All Campos
  14. I have quite a few green load if you are interested.
  15. Good one