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    Fishing, any kind of fish as long as they're muskies, stripers, roosterfish, and anything that swims
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  1. Deals need to be made here. Not through pm. Read the rules.
  2. I will take these shipped to NJ. They will need to be insured, I guess.
  3. Sell outright, ship?
  4. What was the price on these?
  5. Do you get up near NJ?
  6. What does it handle weight wise?
  7. Nice! I won't be paying for a guide, but rather will be trying to figure out the lakers on my own. I have really good equipment....I just need to get out there, hopefully.
  8. Ok. I will figure something out.
  9. I got that much....I was asking if there is a lock that can go over this.
  10. Is there a way to lock a motor that has no key? I did some searching and can't find anthing.
  11. Alewife herring
  12. This doesn't look like July!! LOL
  13. So is Cayuga better for lakers than Keuka? I don't care about smallies, honestly. Thanks, Matt. Let me know.
  14. Does anyone know anything about the fishing there at this time of year? I will be looking for pike or jigging lakers. Any help?