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    Fishing avidly for apex predators for close to 5 decades
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    Fishing, any kind of fish as long as they're muskies, stripers, roosterfish, and anything that swims
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    Carpentry and chasing muskies full time and finding them.

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  1. Only 4 active threads at one time.
  2. I am sorry that you think that you are above the law here and are being singled out. Any and all commentary about pricing is not allowed. You questioning too high or too low is not permitted here. Learn the rules if you want to participate.
  3. No problem. No longer available.
  4. Let me know in the next hour or so. I am moving these elsewhere.
  5. As I stated above, not interested in trades. Sorry. These are the last of what I have for sale with Hahns.....not too many out there new anymore. Not sure that $25 each is crazy.
  6. $65 shipped. Best I can do.
  7. Sorry, not interested in trades. I have circled what I think you are interested in. I can do all of these for $110 shipped firm.
  8. Please do not send friends and family payment. It is against the rules.
  9. Friends and family is not an accepted form of payment here. Please acquaint yourself with the rules. Do not ask for it, do not accept it.
  10. I'd let this go for $75 shipped. Perfect size for what you are looking to do.
  11. Kevin, my condolences.
  12. I posted a whole lotta pictures. Any response? I also have basketball, football, hockey and star wars.
  13. OK......that's enough of this.