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    Fishing avidly for over 4 decades
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    Fishing, any kind of fish as long as they're muskies, stripers, roosterfish, and anything that swims
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    Carpentry and chasing muskies full time and finding them.

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  1. Would you be willing to do $40 shipped? I think I paid 40 for this over a dozen years ago.
  2. Wow, nice piece.
  3. Close this up, listing elsewhere.
  4. These are wood o- 175 plus shipping and tiger- 100 plus shipping each. Tiger was a special order color. Both are new. Prices firm.
  5. Closed, moved elsewhere.
  6. I accept your offer. PayPal info sent to your inbox.
  7. Ten or 15 of these are Campo orders and all have large swivels except the green and silver with tape on the hooks. There are some real rare ones here, doo doo, orange, rainbow, gold over olive. NONE are used. Some have discoloration and storage marks but nothing that detracts from their value. I have taken pictures of each and can take more on request. The whole lot is $1000 shipped. No splits.
  8. Found two more. Yellow flash is 35 shipped. Rainbow trout is 50 shipped.
  9. Thanks. It pains me to sell it. But times are tough and we need the money.
  10. Some more. White darter 35. Green mackerel darter 55. Plus shipping.
  11. Reduced, 75 shipped. That's it.