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  1. My apologies. I was responding to the report of the Ebay listing and honestly thought the original said for sale. Please accept my apology and relist @ManInCharge247
  2. This is not the way to handle this. Locking this up.
  3. Stevens had a wall of his plugs. I could always be wrong but I am certain I remember it being his and just never got around to using it. If you want it, you can have it for 30 shipped.
  4. I bought this at Stevens Bait and Tackle about 20 years ago if not more. Not sure if this is the color you're looking for.
  5. No harm done. I figured that's what happened honestly. Thanks.
  6. Please read the rules of the forum. I have reinstated your original post and pricing but your pictures have been removed by you. Please re-upload your pictures to your original thread. 7.If you use this forum to sell something, and delete the opening post or price or change your opening post so that the item and pricing are no longer visible, you'll be removed from this forum. Trying to hide the terms of an offer or sale is dishonest and suspect.
  7. I would have traded with you but I found a whole box of the SS poppers that I forgot I had. The others in your thread were nothing I needed.
  8. No problem.
  9. What does this mean???
  10. @Mark L not sure if you are still looking for some.
  11. Three colors. Black, bunker and bone (we used to peel the chrome ones to make a bone color as it was the best color, by far). No twisted hangers. $45 shipped.
  12. Please read the rules of the BST forum. No "make me an offer" posts. Your listing must have a clear asking price. Do not sell outside of the BST forums. You listed this again in the Main Forum and it had to be moved. Thanks.