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    Fishing avidly for apex predators for close to 5 decades
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    Fishing, anything that swims
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  1. These guys prey on people's inhibitions and make deals so close to good that they cannot resist. To me, if you want something bad enough, buy it from a legit site rather than discarding your instinct and playing roulette with your money.
  2. Please reread the rules. Lpms are allowed until the deal is made in public. Thank you
  3. I just checked. It is not removable.
  4. It's not in front of me right now, I am away. I am going to say, no though.
  5. I am good with that.
  6. Vic, help me out a bit with the shipping?
  7. Thanks. I'll pass based on shipping charges and such.
  8. 85 you have a deal.
  9. Bump2.....any offers?
  10. No way that I am paying 23 cents on every dollar next year on my taxes.
  11. If you meet me at 95 it's yours.