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  1. Seems everything is running late this Spring due to the conditions we've had on the rver. Shad are just moving through in bigger numbers now. Herring are catchable but, mostly patchy smaller pods of fish. No great numbers yet. Guys are catching enough to live line for a few Stripers. But, you need to have a boat to find the Pods.
  2. "NJ Senator John Corzine (and some other politician) will be heading off to visit the tsunami disaster areas." Why? Don't need them there. Photo Op? Hmmmm.......I don't like Richy Rich, I mean....If I want it, I'll just buy it Corzine. No number of photo ops would make me vote for this party hack.
  3. Okay will do. Sent E-mail with pictures and details still waiting reply,
  4. Oh, I'm sorry I didn't read and understand your details. Not Jersey? Also you wanted fiberglass? Trackers are composite/plastic.
  5. I have a square stern 16' Tracker canoe that will easly take a trolling motor. I've only used it about half a dozen times in three years. I'm willing to sell it for $75. You can pick it up.
  6. What's the shipping cost to NJ, 08628? I'm interested in the Sospenders PFDs. Send me a PM about the details. Is the $150 and shipping fixed?
  7. It's not the cravings that get to me most, they come and go. It's the boredom of not having a smoke at different times of the day. It's like you looked forward to these periods. When you quit you get nothing and have nothing throughout the day to look forward too. What I think of to keep myself from smoking..."I'm a pathetic junkie that needs a fix. What a useless scumbag I've become". Three weeks and counting. I quit once before for 10 months and thought I could have smoke once in a blue moon when out partying. Yeah right! Went right back to smoking like I never missed a day. It was like I had a vengeance and had to make up for lost time. 25 years of smoking isn't a easy habit to walk away from. I know I can never touch a smoke again in my life if I want to stay smoke free.
  8. If you hit home after it's done and than new it has a lot of them. Check this one out.
  9. Thought you guys might need a laugh. Check this site out. When it get's to the end pick joefish Tried to do a link but failed bigtime. Try typing in...... It takes a minute to load but well worth the wait. [ 06-09-2003, 11:38 PM: Message edited by: Cyclops ]
  10. Laid off from work currently. So I'm clean, not loafing.
  11. So it makes a difference if the kid only kicked the cat half to death, before he fed it to the alligator? Am I missing something? If you read my original post you'll see that I agree the kid is guilty of theft of personal property, however I also believe that he is guilty of extreme and needless cruelty to an intelligent animal. The patronizing comments about growing up in the country and "common sense", dont really add to the argument either IMHO. However, there is no excuse for needlessley torturing and killing a cat (or any other intelligent mammal), which you seem to dismiss as an irrelevance. The total disregard to animal cruelty that you are displaying now, just makes the twisted agenda of groups such as PETA all the easier to justify to the public IMO. It's good that we both agree that the boy was needlessly cruel to an animal, and that he did wrong. One again I think jail time or a 10,000 dollar fine is extreme. "Patronizing comments", I don't think so. You just need to go back and re-read what I wrote and the statements that I made. I'll repeat this statement again because I think it applies. "Maybe your mixing personal feelings into the story, and reading to much into it?" I think you have a few issues you need to work out for yourself. This was a topic for discussion and nothing else. Some how you keep turning it in to some type of personal issue. No need to reply, as I won't be posting further comments in this thread. You seem to only read and see what you what too. That doesn't make for much of a discussion. Hope it all works out for you in the long run. Now I'm being Patronizing.
  12. No issues here, ORB. Just common sense and priorities. If the boy went into the ladies yard and stole the cat from her property. He did just that, stole property. Ummmm? Where did it say, he beat and kicked it to death? Yes the boy was wrong and he was being cruel. Therefore he and his family should get court appointed counseling. Maybe your mixing personal feelngs into the story, and reading to much into it? You must be a cat I would say they owed me the money to buy a new dog, and need to get some counseling. I would feel sorry for the loss of the dog and move on. Funny thing about growing up in the country and working on a farm as a kid. You seem to develop a little more common sense when it comes to animals and killing. Sometimes when a dog or animal comes up lame or gets a serious injury. You have to put it down. You grab your 22 rife and a shovel and take a walk back behind the barn. You have to do what needs to be done. This is being compassionate to the animal and not wanting it to suffer. By no means the same thing as what this misguided boy did. But it's your responsibility as the animals owner to do what needs to be done. Your not killing for pleasure, nor for food. This leads to some of the modern day problems with our culture. Some folks treat pets better than they treat family or other people. Seems they got their priorities screwed up somewhere along the line.
  13.! You got a cat? You consider it valuable property? Than keep the dirty, stinking, pissing and crapping varmint on your own property not mine! I have a dog and it doesn't go wondering the neighborhood pissing and crapping in everyone's gardens. That is being a responsible pet owner. If the boy went onto the owners property to get the cat? Than he stole it. If he caught it wondering the neighborhood? It's a stray as far as I'm concerned, and the pet owner was being negligent and irresponsible, sorry. We tell our children, "if you want a pet, you have to be responsible for it", so the same should apply to adults. As for the boy.....he's fourteen and this is a first offence? He didn't perform a school shooting. He killed a cat, they reproduce like rodents and are considered a food source in some countries. I say, one year of probation with family group counseling. To see if he has any deep seated issues, that may develop later in life. Jail for killing a cat? You people must be nuts! What if someone ran it over with a car? They should go to jail for vehicle Cataside. You need to look into the court system, and how much space is available in the juvenile centers now due to serious issues. Not over a stupid cat.
  14. Hmmmm?.....sounds good.
  15. It's a icon for surf talk, for Pete's sake? Sometimes the guys here exhibit the same response that you would expect from a school of Blue fish. One takes a bit than the next creeps in for a taste, than it becomes a game of pile on. All this over a simple icon, truly sad. I remember a thread not to long ago where I think the title was something like, "Do you love Crazy Alberto?". Maybe a few people should re-read that thread. Talk about a lemming effect............