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  1. We left the dock at 6 to head out to our flukin grounds ..... low and behold i caught a 28 in cod 1/2 mile out off the beach. My oldtimer friend told me thats a first in 20 years. So here's the pics. we caught 8 keepers 1 squid on a jig and 2 skates and this nice cod for dinner. [img=] [img=]
  2. sharky I never thought you would take it the wrong way. I'm sorry and i was only kidding around. Mike
  3. This guy is too funny ...
  4. LOL.... sounds like a good deal .
  5. My plug bag wore out I'll have to fix it.
  6. ^ ................... Oh and Chris will be on our team as well
  7. Dude.... jon is woody.. He surly doesn't cast like a girl. He's a very classy guy with morals and a master's degree .
  8. ok now its 24 lbs brother.... IT
  9. ^ you read his PM... lol You should of seen the fish I dropped...... Effer went over 40 lbs and we saw the bass grab the bunker right in front of us. dammm i wish i landed her....
  10. I'll give ya 25 IT did you weight on a certified scale ? Boga dosent count.
  11. looks like 20lbs to me.