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  1. Payment Sent. Thank you. Yak
  2. I respectfully offer 170 shipped Yak
  3. It looks like the water pump kit for a Johnson 15 should be $20-$40. Installing the kit is relatively simple and quick, however, when was it changed last? Biggest concern in my opinion is if any of the bolts are frozen. I have a Yamaha 150 that I religiously change every other year because..1. I never want a problem out on the water and 2. I put anti seize on the bolts to keep them from becoming frozen. If it has not been done for a long time.. bolts may be frozen so I would consider taking it to marine mechanic. Good luck and tight_lines Yak
  4. Let me know in morning if still available yak
  5. Thanks... I discuss with my daughter. I prefer she gets this over some of the other cars she is looking at.. I will contact you tonight and let you know... Yak
  6. Chris, My daughter is looking for a reliable car to take back to college in North Carolina. I forwarded her the pictures.. You are in Pearl River?? I will speak with her tonight.. are you around over the weekend? Also, can you PM me the VIN? Thanks Yak
  7. AFMike, Where are you located in NJ? Yak
  8. Would you do 375 cash.. meet up on parkway in union county area?
  9. Don’t get this but whatever.. not how I read rules
  10. OK.. I have watched this long enough... I will take it..
  11. Are they smiling bills ?
  12. Payment Sent.. Thanks Tom Have a Happy and safe 4th.. Yakaholic
  13. I’ll take these for asking... yak
  14. Haven’t heard anything.. was this shipped? Yak
  15. Shipping info was sent with paypal payment.. message me when shipped.. Thanks