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  1. Absolutely, Sold pending payment
  2. Brand-new commando 4 tube $370 to your door Tom's bags speak for themselves. The best ever made
  3. Sold Thanks SOL
  4. I bought this for a buddy and he backed out. I was going to keep it as a spare but the other one is bulletproof so I'm going to sell it Brand-new commando surfcasting black 3 tube. Everyone who has used Tom's bags knows they are the best ever made $345 to your door PRICE IS FIRM!
  5. Billyliam pm coming
  6. gellatly6 pm coming
  7. They are $75 firm I believe he made them for the 7" van staals I don't know about the accurate pliers. But I have had 3 different pairs of pliers in them and they have all fit nice
  8. I stocked up on some of Toms stuff and don't need it all. I have a few Commando Plier Sheaths. WHITE, $75 Shipping and fees included