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  1. Orlando I screwed up at the saltwater edge sale last saturday.  Is there any way I could score one or two speed demon darters from you?  Thanks Charlie

  2. if you want something that will never crack or take on water or get water logged then my darter will be your best option. While the price is not cheap you are getting a quality product that cost a lot to make and comes with quality components as well. Very unique design and layout that is well tested and been proven over and over, just ask anyone that has fished one. Comes with ball bearing swivels in the belly and rear tail so it will move under pressure and not bind up like a fixed position rear hanger. Also comes with 6X hooks so no need to swap out any hooks, ready to take a beating and hold up. My red core design as mentioned above will come through with teeth marks/hook rash and make your darter look like a injured baitfish, so by fishing it more you are rewarded with a kickass looking lure. All my R&D and product cost in incorporated into my pricing, so you are getting something that you are looking for but if your wallet says no, then no it is but the answer is here. I also make one without the details called a speed demon darter that is slightly thinner and cost less, those I only do 1 color paint and no details but sport the same hardware and have the pink core design. I wish I could make 100 of these a day because I could sell 100 a day but there is a lot that goes into making these and being a 1 man show I can only do so much when I am not working or with the family.
  3. Interesting, first time I hear about something like that. I typically like to keep eyes as small as possible but making that small adjustment is easy. If you are not happy, I will make you one with a more exposed line tie and send me the one you have back and I’ll send ya a new one. Dm a few pic of the pattern you have
  4. There is a lot to them, its not like 1 piece. Lots more moving parts. Also most if not all glide baits are designed with LMB in mind, the hardware doesn’t hold up over time…adding just good hooks doesn't cut it. Adding heavier hooks also throws off the sink rate, I design mine around 6X hooks. I spent the years testing and modifying til I was 100% confident on my product. I had a few good friends test the piss out of them as well and gave me great feedback. I understand its not for everyone, I am good with that, its a tool for me for sure. Results…
  5. what size clip are you using? never had a issue with my 80lb clips.
  6. the master is wood, these are resin.
  7. After 3 years of designing and testing my personal glides, decided to make a small run of some of these 2 piece glides. I modified the original 3 times before settling on this final design. 11” 5.4oz
  8. here is a quick pic of my flatbottom Jet Outboard build. Built up everything on it, removed the wood transom and made a square aluminum transom. Multiple storage lockers/ rod locker/ center console. 8’ front casting deck and 5’ rear casting deck. Bunch of goodies going on it just need some good weather, it was supposed to be done months ago but the non stop rain here in Ca. has delayed progress. Hopefully be all done in a month or so
  9. I know of 1 guy that owns the original molds to those, he has the 2-3-4oz versions I believe. I had him make me some over the years, as Mike said very popular here in the West Coast Surf. I requested mine a certain way and welded a solid ring to them for free movement.
  10. I stopped using Jerry Brown 5 years ago. JB is a good braid but hasnt evolved with the times and technology. 15 years ago they were top of the line but since have been left behind.
  11. with all braid when there is tension, you rub it enough and it will fray. knowing when to back off is key to landing a fish if its in the rocks, also running a long leader helps a lot as well. As far is what I like about the X9...multiple things, I like the minimum noise in my guides, goes through them smoothly. I like the smaller diameter in lb. compared to other brands which nets me better distance. On top of that I like that despite having a lower diameter it has a higher breaking strength than its listed for.
  12. If you really must run something like this…I offer a solution. Heat wrap the head of the swivel that is connected to the clip. Less likely to move around be connected as one piece basically. Tinkered a bit after readying this thread and here is my solution
  13. been loving Berkely x9, so much that I bought 2/2000 yd spools and switched all my reels, couple 300 yard spools. 30lb/40lb/65lb
  14. umm I broke it all down for you already...lol
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