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  1. That's a big general area to be covering, but there is Surf fishing in SF and Bay fishing in SF, Sacramento has freshwater river fishing for Stripers as well. 3-4Hrs driving in between them all.
  2. what part of Northern California.
  3. hahaaha that was the whole idea behind my design on plugs.
  4. yeah the lips are lazer etched.
  5. Some stuff I made for my own bag
  6. Love my Fixter Pikies, so do the Stripers
  7. If you are fishing pacifica waters you are going to want a 10’6 -11’ rod, some of the steep beaches are tougher on shorter rods. Just my 2 cents
  8. Sorry fellas cant make it, some thing came up, hope yall have a good time!
  9. I had a close one a few years ago, I plugged in my pot and threw a little bit of lead in there and turned it up to 8 to melt quick, I must have gotten distracted and forgot to turn it down to 4 and before I realized it a big explosion and a wave a lead came out of the pot. I guess the lead got too hot for the pot, I got lucky and avoided any lead on me but was definitely a scary one.
  10. A skunk? A cow Mike , a cow.....
  11. Nice job! Thanks for the release
  12. No Mike painted the Pikie
  13. Mike Fixter Pikie is where it’s at.
  14. Keep at it. Learn to work 3/4-1oz and 1.5oz bucktails. Prob the best way to get em in #s. The most fun is topwater...but has its challenges.