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  1. RG Lures hands down.
  2. Sean Ryan Show-Vigilance Elite ( Ex Navy Seal) - He does some great interviews and tactical videos. I really enjoy them. Jake Tran- He does great short films on stuff people do not want to talk about in the open. Those are my top 2, I use to listen to Joe Rogan on Youtube but now do that on Spotify.
  3. definetly not a hybrid, we dont have hybrids in California, our strain of Striped Bass came from the Navesink River in NJ in the 1890s via the railroad on trains.
  4. thanks for the info. love my 1145, def a good rod.
  5. I had a 1145 built in 2016, so by what you are saying my 1145 is different to what is available now?
  6. Could be. I have a 1145 it does have a rather fast taper but thats standard on all slingshots. Maybe its the stealth that has a version with graphene coating I am getting confused on.
  7. 2 different rods SS1145 SS1145S (graphene) price difference is the cost of the blank.
  8. It has something to do the environment the eggs are raised in in the process of the cells splitting to make the small smolts I believe. These broken patterns have showed on smolts raised artificially and released in the Hudson River(East Coast) and Sacramento River(West Coast). Normally a egg will float for 24-36hrs while drifting downriver while it becomes a small smolt, I highly doubt they are doing the same thing inside of a lab.
  9. Over here on the West Coast I call them digital stripers. Now a days it’s pretty rare to get a striper with 7 solid stripes. What caused this was in the early 90s we were raising striper smolts and they were showing those signs of broken lines. Since then they have spawned and mixed up with the genetics and now its pretty rare to get a solid 7 stripes. It doesn’t get “fixed” in salt water. Same thing is happening on the East Coast but will take a longer time to show, it has to mix into that biomass, ours is a lot smaller (est 250k)
  10. Sneek Peek at something coming soon….
  11. awesome man! glad it worked out great for you.
  12. hahaha, it works for me! I just sandwich from inside and out. It is something I do every winter ( check for leaks and repair) I got tired of buying waders every year. going on year 3.