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  1. I know a guy that got his shipment recently, this whole pandemic is a mess with a lot of non essentials not making things. Stuff that i would get in 2-3 days is taking 4+ weeks. Also with lots of people home building and little supplies gonna add to it.
  2. One of my best investments.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Good to know
  4. I noticed the new 2020 Saltiga 8000H is 23oz, that is a lot different from the previous model year, my 2015 8000H is 30oz. My 2015 Saltiga 5000h is 22oz. Also noticed the braid capacity of each. 2020 8000H is 50lb/280 2015 5000H is 55lb/440 so my question is the spool smaller on the 8000H to save the weight? if you compared them side by side is the 2020 8000h close to size of the 2015 5000H? i got questions....? LOL
  5. Here is the issue. Are you going to trust your life and loved ones lives over running into a stranger that is popping up next to you randomly that can potentially have the virus? If we have been in shelter in place now for over 2 weeks why are we getting spikes now of new cases? Yeah those people going out and exposing themselves. What was there activities for the last 14 days? Stop being selfish and wanting your way or the highway. At this route of people still doing what they want this will get dragged out and meanwhile there is people out of jobs and businesses will be shut down indefinitely. This is not a vacation, shelter in place so we can go back to work soon not take the time to go out and about and keep adding to the cases and prolong the time we need to be sheltering and not working.
  6. Please stop being selfish and wanting to use this time to do “extra” activities. People are out of work, businesses are closed. The more cases we get the longer this will drag on. The people taking care of the sick have kids that are at home, some really young. Stress for them is at a all time high. People are all alone fighting this virus, with a ventilator down there throat. It’s not a pretty scene, and knowing you can potentially die and be all alone and no visitors is horrible. Please respect the process and let’s not drag on this virus...its not a flu. Watch this vid to fully understand it, best short explanation ive seen
  7. Well said. Thank you
  8. people won't take anything serious until it affects them directly. My aunt called me last night that one of her nurses passed away , she only lasted 2 days under care.. The big problem is also while most can fight it off if they are healthy with proper care, but if 50 people come down with it and there is 30 beds to treat them, how would you feel if you were turned away, or if the person being turned away was your mom, resources will be depleted and decisions will be have to made (like in italy). I see young people still trying to do group events and who is to say they are not a host for the 14 days with no symptoms. The more people they interact with the more patients you create, just hope there is a bed available for us if it happens.....with that being said I am staying home and limiting any contact. i couldnt live with myself if I was careless and caused harm to those around me, kinda of like the Drunk Driver that survives but kills everyone they crashed into.
  9. Not Fixter plugs. Tail wrap is not Mikes (nor mine) and the finish on some of the wood is not on par to Mikes work. The paint is also not like Mike does his on some.
  10. I did.
  11. Its a troller that I did a collab with Mike Fixter 10-15 depending on speed and line tie adjustment as well
  12. 7.5” 3.5oz
  13. I make a large spook as well called the Hitman
  14. Eyeball it.
  15. Thanks for the support, got a good idea what I am doing next year hehe