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  1. correct me if i am wrong but the only people that are paying these tariffs would be us the consumers. China will still get the $$ they want for the goods but once the product hits the port the company has to pay the tariff at the ports and then in turn us the consumers have to pay the tariff when they put the product up for sale. I am all for supporting the US product as long as its quality and meets my needs on what I feel is a fair price. The hard part of owning a business is the cost of lease space is crazy...$30 a sq ft in my area and min wage is $16.50/hr At those prices you almost have to cater to super high quality because those are the only ones who would be willing to pay.
  2. another thing is to understand the drift direction. cast ahead of it, that way when you hit bottom ( with adequate weight) you are still at a angle ahead of the drift, once the boat goes over your line and starts to past you, bring up and repeat.
  3. Def send it back, like others have said pick up from local guys.
  4. I love you even take the time to talk ish without being obvious with your jabs here and there... you know who you are, don’t think i haven’t noticed but in person yall all cool. The Harvey Dent’s of Stripers Online.
  5. Date or location doesn't matter to me, I'll try to be there regardless, I think the person organizing should pick what works best for him/her as it's a lot of work either way.
  6. Id love to land a Cubera from Shore....on my bucketlist.
  7. Certain island's are better than others. They are around just hard to land at times also. Everything has slowed down the last decade, fisherman have better tools, more options and better info. Regs haven't kept up to the advancement of fisherman over the years....
  8. Yeah that video never gets old! I was watching a video of where those GT’s eat like that, crazyyyyy they are near the Indian Ocean and hunt like in Wolf packs for birds. Skip to :49 in this video, you will see. I am going to Kaua’i next week and bringing my gear to hopefully land a GT(Ulua) from shore, hooking up with some locals so def gonna be trying.
  9. How mine are done
  10. Hey guys ! For those that couldnt make it to Surf Day, we are doing a meet and greet at our hotel today (2-17)at 4pm -5pm. There will be a nice collection of Mike Fixter plugs available for purchase also! Come join us before we leave! We are at the Homewood Suites- main Lobby - address is 4 Industrial Way East , Eatontown NJ 07724 Mike and I look forward to talking to everyone.
  11. Great pix of my ugly mug..hahahaha!
  12. Pleasure talking to you man!
  13. It was great meeting everyone, and I tried talking to everyone as much as possible and answer any questions. I sold out. Thank you everyone. I worked on those plugs since October and every single one of them (230) are gone. My wife and kid had a great time at the show and they were a great asset to me. I might organize something tomorrow evening for those that couldn’t make it to the show and want to chat with Mike and I.
  14. nice work, how did it swim and total weight?
  15. Thats a California Halibut. Out here a legal Ca halibut is 22” (4-5 years old) the record is 67lbs about 5ft long They can live as long as 30 years here is some table fair,1 left and right eyed