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  1. The economy would be fine if we put kids to work instead.
  2. The latest polls say that is not true.
  3. have you been drinking today ?
  4. yeh but this time he got caught saying it when he thought the mic was off. Caught in a web of facts. The Ministry of truth will impeach him for this.
  5. Every vote for kanye is one less for Biden. Soon the MSM will be telling us Biden can't lose, its a lock, no path forward for Trump, Trump will have to win every contested state and thats impossible. Clinton had them all in the bag, she couldn't lose. She didn't lose because she did something wrong, she lost because she never had them in the first place. The news isn't news, its just wishful opinions.
  6. Anyone handy with tools can do very nicely fixing up cheap houses, mostly in need of furnace, plumbing elec upgrade and maybe a metal roof. Buy for $20K, put 15K in, sell for 50+ I looked at houses starting at $15K , the problems are obvious, furnace goes out and pipes burst. Fix is simple, convert to pex and replace or rebuild furnace....or convert to pellet stove. Wood stoves are still very popular too. I rebuilt my furnace but rarely ever use it, I like kerosine heaters, very cheap to run. 15K heater burns 3 gals 24 hrs , house is 65F. $45 week. 25K heater burns twice as much but gets the house too hot. Gas stations sell kero at the pump. Last winter I never turned the oil furnace on once.
  7. We greatly prefer Trump to deranged marxists.
  8. Our mortgage is less than $200 month. I could make that collecting shopping carts at the supermkt. But I'm retired so... I don't see a lot of jobs advertised but theres no lack of work. My neighbor moved here 3 yrs ago, he delivered some vegs for the Amish, they don't drive. Now he has a van and delivers 6 days a week, wants to hire me next yr...but I'm retired so...
  9. Summer fell on a thurs this year. No kiddin, saw a guy splitting wood for winter today, getting ready....already. I guess it needs to dry a bit. Its 58F at 4am now. Nice cool nites for easy sleeping.
  10. It is, but once you get above the volvo line sanity sets in. I bought a very old heavy $100 simplicity snowblower , a commercial model, I repowered with a harbor freight 9hp predator engine, starts first pull. After I had cancer surgery and 2 heart attacks the farmer next door runs his massey ferguson tractor with blower down my driveway for me, I rarely get to clear my own snow, refuses to take payment.
  11. come on up, theres no police, just a county sheriff who don't bother anyone. Ride your snowmobile down the street. its normal here. Houses are cheap as buttons, prices start at $20K. Living in Boston ,we saw this video on youtube and wrote a check on the spot after a 10 minute viewing. I finally have a garage to set my tools up. Next to no covid here. No crime, great neighbors, no gun permits needed. No nutty leftists.
  12. any video of Trump grabbing little girls?
  13. Bear spray followed by a good tazing.