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  1. Theres that saying,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the first sip from the glass of science dispels all notion of God. But He is waiting down at the bottom of the glass. What you seek, also seeks you. Be careful what you seek.
  2. Considering what we know today about the origin of the universe.
  3. trump had 88 million followers, thats a huge platform that just needed an address.
  4. Trump has already launched his own platform. Facebuk loses no which way they decide now.
  5. Thats the problem of retiring too close to the rat race over the border. We drove 5 hours north of Boston and started visiting realtor offices once we got here. Tax is 1000 yr. Theres plenty of work around here, not a lot of jobs but just try finding an electrician who calls back or someone to build a set of steps or a pole barn. Everyones too busy already. With covid converting many jobs to telecommuting the local housing mkt tightened, prices are way up.
  6. Does your mind exist? is it physical? is it a thing, objective?
  7. I roll em myself, i buy menthol paper, they gonna ban that ? those without vices are just as lacking in virtue.
  8. What do you have to lose, its not like Joe will get dragged out of the white house.
  9. the results speak louder than critique. Theres no shortage of intelligent people in India. What lacks is the freedom and room for ingenuity to grow. Same with the UK vs European union , the EU is a disaster of bungling corrupt bureaucracy.
  10. I love living in Maine. Great place to retire, come on up.
  11. same old tired faces posing the same old tired questions over and over, refusing to learn or grow.
  12. God given common sense only goes to those connected with the source.
  13. atheism is a truth statement which warrants evidence. Atheists know absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The only way past that inconsistency is to swallow a lie, the longer those lies are swallowed the more erratic a mind becomes. But the good news is , it gets worse.