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  1. i physically felt awkward watching that
  2. Why?....We have a president that claims to know more than our generals and military personnel.
  3. Is Lee Marvin still alive? He looks the part
  4. Does that really matter?
  5. I'm guessing the price jump is going from toray material to gore tex. wondering if the gore tex is worth almost double the price. Anyone here just use wading pants?
  6. Finally decided on getting a set of waders and boots for cooler days on the river. I'm willing to spend the money if they are worth it. I like Patagonia Gallegos, plus I like Patagonia as a company. The other is the Sims G4 I think. Anyway they run close to $500, which is way more than I want to spend, but I don't want to dick around either. Also looking for a good set of boots to go with it. Any insight to what you guys prefer? I will be fishing Farmington river primarily with sporadic trips to Colorado when visiting in laws, so packing weight could be a factor. Thanks, Jeff
  7. Say what you want, but the dude isn't backing down. We'll see how this plays out.
  8. She the sarah Palin of the left. Equally hot in a their own and way an equally as dangerous with regards to ignorance naïveté
  9. I thought the whole thing was a hoax.
  10. Fantasy football was a blessing for the NFL it grew their fan base exponentially. Granted they’re no real fans, but there now feel like they have actually skin in the game. I friends that going back wouldn’t know Warren Moon from Keith moon. Now because of social aspect and fantasy football. They think they’re George Young
  11. when you more "fans" watching for fantasy stats, then rooting for a team. plus commercial are ridiculous, 80% of the people watching don't know what the call is or what is actually being reviewed on a replay. To be honest...I usually start watching from the 4th quarter.....Can't waste 3 hrs on a Sunday afternoon watching football. I think a lot of these extra games ie thursday night, sunday night, and monday night are finally diluting the competition and fans willingness. It's too much. That being said the NFL is miles ahead of any other sport in terms of popularity and revenue.
  12. Hi Steve..........I know the church pool....I was dry flying in the morning and to be honest flailed, starting with just getting the tippet through the eyelet. then trying to keep the fly on the surface for a decent stretch. Anyway I'll poke around that part you mentioned and try applying what so many posted in this thread. My main goal is to have a couple different bows in the quiver and to learn as best I can on when in which to use. Right now I'm focusing on how to read the flow and getting as best of an idea where to drop the fly as opposed to getting too wrapped up in the types of flies etc.... But again its over an hour each way to get there and I have a wife and 2 babies, so when I get up there I want to have a strategy or at least a clue. I've only fished the river 3 times and they were within this the past 6 weeks. First day I caught 6 and felt like I actually had this thing down after only 2 trips to CO. I've been back twice since and have gone home feeling more lost and confused each time. I guess thats the nature of the sport. To be honest I consider myself a salt guy (live near the water in branford), but I never expected to become this obsessed with trout fishing on the fly and the Farmington river area is absolutely magnificent. I can't stop thinking about. Thanks everyone who has contributed, I'll post some pics when I finally "get it"
  13. I thought that the riffle gave the fisherman a little barrier between themselves and the fish and that this was one instance where you getaway with not having ninja skills. Even the drifts don't have to be "dead" to catch.
  14. Thanks for all the feedback guys........I'm wondering I'd I could go with rio euro nymph leader tied directly to fly line and then add another 18" of tippet and tie off a coupe different flies/nymphs. What about soft hackles? are those considered wet flies. I've seen a few videos were guys casting downstream and then letting the fly pull to the left out of the riffle as the fly finished it's drift. Anyway just looking at different options, since I plan on focusing on fishing this type of water next time I go. thanks, Jeff