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  1. Ok Tom....I'll do that.
  2. You’re a crazy man. Total badass
  3. J thought mueller and trump we’re working together. That is all…
  4. Say, if only there was a likely 2024 candidate who fits the bill: ‘Don’t you worry:’ Gov. DeSantis vows action against critical race theory. Without Yale, new Haven would be Bridgeport
  5. Oops!

    Couldn’t have said it better than this and we don’t agree on much
  6. No. That’s what cookies are for dipshit
  7. Bookmarked tabs? Jesus Christ
  8. Crazy

    958 women out of how many million? None o which died. me the real concern or danger or this vaccine.
  9. Crazy

    I know. Dudes a major ball breaker. It’s all good
  10. Crazy

    Ughhh god. This ****ing guy again
  11. Crazy

    Only when someone tries to make it seem abnormal, but you knew that.
  12. Crazy

    I haven’t. The only thing I’ve heard about were blood clots and those were all likely coincidence. Bleeding is part of a normal menstrual cycle as far as I know. do you have a link to any of this?
  13. Crazy

    A real Rosa parks in the making.
  14. Crazy

    How could you ever believe the mask could be a benefit, when you though this whole thing was BS from the get go?