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  1. You're part of the problem. Too arrogant to even see it. I never asked back in here last time and won't be asking this time either. Enjoy the safe space nimby
  2. Is there evidence that this tool/method is only applied by the handful of liberals in this forum that derail? What makes this one tool the favorite among all the other liberal derailing tools?
  3. personal and antagonistic. This is the stuff we're trying to clean up in here. If you are unable to participate in discussions without being hurtful please refrain from commenting or take it to the outpost
  4. Is this the reason for the raid on Mar-lago?
  5. Preach it brother. Finally someone who gets it
  6. I guarantee Trump had a mole inside that was leaking info to the FBI telling them there was something there, knowing all well they would do something like this. He knows there's nothing there to find and he will use this massive government/personal vendetta gone bad to revamp the base. YOU watch. 12D chess unfolded before our very eyes
  7. Off topic and personal. Noted
  8. Feel free to start a new thread about Hilary Clinton. Although it's been discussed quite a bit already. This thread is about Trumps pad getting tossed. If you can't stay on topic then please do not participate in these discussions. Bosses orders. Now in regards to the topic, I heard the raid on Mar-lago was a perfect raid. Magnificent, the biggest and bestest raid ever performed by a government agency
  9. our work has only just begun. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump quaredinated this raid with the FBI just to smoke out any moles that might be within
  10. The libs finally pushed to hard. The rain of Trumps fury will come doen as hard as Thors lightning bolts and destroy every last one of them
  11. He sold trump out. He's a typical Rhino no better than a filthy lying lib. You support Pence over Trump and you are personally Signing the death certificate for this once proud country
  12. Pence is a traitor that needs to be burned at the stake
  13. The article said it's temporary so you should have your safe space back in time for the fall run
  14. Take it easy Mary. It's the Outpost for *
  15. Tom's the Maureen Dowd of the PG