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  1. Going to AMI w/o wife and kids. Besides catching sheepshead off the dock, wanted to check what else might be good down there this time. I plan bringing 7wt. Probably just cast from the beach. Thanks. Jeff
  2. he'll be back second half. bank on it.......they only need him for the playoffs anyway..either way the kid had a hell of a career in only 9 seasons. I think he led the league in receiving TD's one year
  3. I can't believe this kid hold's a press conference claiming he was innocent from the get go and none of it was made up. That's why Rham and CPD are so pissed. Such a joke.....should of plead guilty, owned it and then drop the charges if you want to be nice
  4. Always thought he was on the down low
  5. When did we find out what's in the report?..i only saw that is was finally completed and handed into AG?
  6. Is the ross still available? If so will you go 170 plus shipping?
  7. I’d like next shot at it if this falls through. I’m confused though. I thought you bought it from salty? Let me know. I think this would be a good reel if the hydros sl doesn’t work out. Jeff
  8. I’m opening this up to any other brands that fit the profile. Saltwater 7wt rod. Thanks
  9. Has this deal been closed yet? If not let me know. Thanks Jeff
  10. How much you looking for to part with it?
  11. As the title says...need to get a reel for 7wt rod.....just want to see if I can get a better deal here first. I'll be using it as my lightweight saltwater set up, schoolies maybe up to 12-16# fish. Also was wondering about behemoth 5/6 but was told to go with 7/8, thinking that night be overkill, especially since i rarely put any of the fish on the reel. Thanks Jeff
  12. The fly shop upcountry outfitters in new hartford is a great shop and they’ll be very helpful
  13. I live in Short Beach and keep a boat at the mouth of the Farm River. I know people fish it further up by near rt 1 Saltonstall. I've heard there is sea run trout to be caught as well. My son started playing hockey at the northford rink and going home I take rt 22, searching for a spot that looks fishable to at least nymph. Also I checked the mill area and it seems hard to find a spot to enter without trespassing Has anyone had any luck fishing any part of this river? Yes or no is fine but if you want to PM me with more specifics that'd be great. Getting up to New Hartford takes a lot of maneuvering. I'm trying to find somewhere to fly fish closer to Branford ie chatfield hollow, Devils Hop
  14. Why is it even up for a discussion?
  15. Check out the Serria Trading Post Fly Fishing by goggling The Allen Coumpany also makes good waders.


    The first set of waders if by FroggTogg they have it in 3 sizes at the sale price of $119.99  There are 3 or 4 other styles including Allen Co. I've fished using both and was ver;y happy with the FT's  and the Allen boot agood as well.


    Serria has about 14 pages of flyfishing stuff from Flys to $600  Bauer reels a half the price.


    Check it out.  The price of slys are very good a well.