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  1. Nips are good for natural born enemies!
  2. What's wrong with my technique?
  3. Ben Moore oil based primer and Impervo as a finish...beautiful!
  4. Damn is that a clean cut!
  5. After work smoke. Working at home has its benefits....
  6. I've had some Nip whiskey....gimme the good old USA distilled stuff! And Jameson...
  7. 1/2 Oriental and the other half is mostly of Scottish ancestry. No sign of the darkness!
  8. Nice after lunch smoke.
  9. Newports for a while back in the day.
  10. One too many Hennessey & Heineken nights in high school has sworn me off The Hennessey. It is in my blood though....
  11. Jameson is just hard to beat for drinkability. I much prefer other spirits, but some days Jameo just hits the spot.
  12. It is excellent in coffee!
  13. Never! It's like the host....
  14. **** is like water, only better cause it gets you sheetfaced. I've really taken a shine to the stuff. What say you? Do you like the filthy Islanders rot gut??
  15. Wine. Red is good.