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  1. Damn Red, hope Mrs. Red gets better quickly. Prayers sent.
  2. Drinking the same now. I really like it.
  3. I'm pretty darn good at painting having done it professionally for close to 30 years, but I really do hate it. I didn't used to, but I've just done too much of it. But ceilings and walls aren't the worst, and I can plow through them, it is trim I hate. I hate caulking, filling holes, sanding between coats, crawling around painting baseboards, and old school windows are slow and agonizing. If I had a good subcontractor for interior painting I'd never do it again. I already sub out all my exterior jobs except for one customer. She bakes for me when I'm working at her place.
  4. Skimming the pool is a REAL pain in the ass.
  5. Wifey and I have been rewatching season one....almost ready to start season two.
  6. Doesn't say on the label?
  7. Wifey been making gin cocktails so I tried my hand at one last night. Very good, not too sweet, goes down dangerously easy. 80 ml gin (we use Gordon's for mixing) 20 ml raspberry liquor 30 ml triple sec 40 ml water Shaken with ice in one of those cocktail making things, poured into a glass, add some of the ice. Delicious! That said not much beats Jameson Signature Reserve over a few ice cubes.
  8. Nice job surviving that mess. Hopefully no lasting injuries to those involved.
  9. One hummingbird that regularly feeds at our feeders is always a sitter. Stops to eat. It's the only one as the rest just hover and eat. Pretty interesting behavior.
  10. One morning maybe 5 or 6 years ago I got down late to the canal (5:00 am, after sun up) and the fog was so thick you could barely see 25 feet on front of you. But what you could hear was splashing and what sounded like feeding bass. The guy to my right wasn't catching anything as I rigged up, so I figured maybe they were being picky. Clipped on a parrot pencil and chucked it out there. Just started working it and was on. The fog only lasted maybe another hour, but I had fish after fish blind casting that parrot pencil, the largest being about 25 pounds. Fun morning and I always love the fog. Had some great foggy mornings in SOCO too.
  11. This
  12. ****ing GHEY. This is the stuff that is degrading society...dumbing down everything, even the way people dress.
  13. Weeeeeeeedddddd!