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  1. Gotta take care of yourself Red so you can take care of the little lady! Eat something decent please.
  2. Snow is excellent.
  3. Does Mrs. Red get a single or will she have to share a room?
  4. The end (mercifully should be) is near!
  5. Thoughts and prayers sent Red. Hope the missus is home at 100% just as soon as possible.
  6. Nice spot. Never been there but have spent my life in and around Boston. It's a decent place but filled with ****ing lib-turds....
  7. Mmmm....drank me a bottle of Knob Creek just before I went on the wagon.
  8. Doing it right at Gillette (not my pic).
  9. The Pats defense is pretty brutal.
  10. Whoa.
  11. Guy I know is selling a 2006 BMW wagon with 85k for $7500.00. Too bad you're so darn far away!
  12. Hauling sheets etc. is left to my pickup which is all setup for working.
  13. Well, bought the Paslode. Gonna have to learn how to clean it. My Senco stick nailer is a beast and has served me, and continues to serve me well for maybe 10 years now. Great gun that will still get plenty of use.
  14. I looked for an A6 wagon for a bit and they are kind of hard to come by. Such a nice car. I did buy the hatchback....I managed to cram two 10" Sonotubes and two of those big foot footing bases in there recently.
  15. I kinda like the look of the Venza. Didn't realize they stopped making them.