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  1. I think they take a brake from our feeders during their breeding cycle. Ours dissapeared for a week or two, now they have returned.
  2. Any good liquor stores near Tarrytown / White Plains / Westchester @Mike
  3. Chunkah


    Nice with the morning coffee overlooking the Vinyard.
  4. ****! I can only bring so much with me. I'm packing flour and spices minimally. The buttermilk soak sounds good. I read soaking in salted milk for 30 minutes can really help tenderize.
  5. Hoping to jig up some fresh squid in the coming days. Anyone have a good recipe for whatever I'm supposed to dredge them in before frying for calamari? I've never done it before....
  6. A few whacks with a 20 oz Estwing would take care of it.
  7. This is my problem. Not a big fan of beer anymore, so it's mostly all hard liquor for me.
  8. Chunkah


    Nice smooth little smoke is going nicely with my morning coffee.
  9. Yup. Happens more and more as I get older. Don't even drink half as much as I used to...it just hits different.
  10. Chunkah


    Forgot I had a box of these...lovely.
  11. I've been drinking Presidentés lately. Delicious.
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