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  1. I could use some Grimm.
  2. Dang these are good!
  3. Been on a Tree House kick...
  4. Niki Lauda...RIP.
  5. Last one.
  6. The owner of my local pub gave me one. I like regular Yuengling enough to drink the leftovers for sure.
  7. Mother****ing almonds.
  8. Took my ass to Tree House yesterday and spent WAY too much money.
  9. The new blond ale by Yuengling is kinda gross.
  10. We have a mini Whoodle, a mix of a Wheaten Terrier and a mini Poodle. Great dog, amazing temperament, won't get much bigger then 20 pounds, doesn't shed, and is hypo allergenic. We live in the Boston area and got her from a breeder in PA. It was a 12 hour round trip drive, but it was worth it.
  11. Lunch and some Town Branch bourbon at my local yesterday afternoon was a nice way to end the work week.
  12. I'm not a Night Shift guy, but it was gifted to me and was surprisingly nice. Exhibit A my buddy brought over I've always thought their beers were solid, not spectacular. But I gotta drink it...
  13. That Baby Bright is damn good.
  14. Going Green.