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  1. Great stuff Jimmy....enjoy!
  2. Totally
  3. I buy a 50 pack of oscillating blades from Amazon for $29.99.....60 cents a blade and they hold up as well as any other I have used. Better than the Harbor Freight ones and far cheaper.
  4. Such BS Nightfighter.....ugh. Andersen sucks. This might make you feel a bit better about your situation....I had a guy at Harvey warranty service tell me late last fall that I was approved for a replacement window under warranty. A $4,200.00 unit that we agreed would be produced this March so I could install in spring. Forward to this spring and the guy has left the company, and there is (apparently) no written record of the approved claim. Now I may be out the cost of the window plus install. Not a loss I can really afford to take.
  5. ...and it smells FANTASTIC!
  6. Tiger Balm is the ****.
  7. My ex was a Skank.
  8. No. Butt ugly and barely functional as a work vehicle I assume?
  9. If I'm an elite I'm not driving a pickup!
  10. Guinness!
  11. What good is a pickup with anything less than a 6' bed? ****....that is a stupid looking thing for 80k+, no wonder their stock has tanked.
  12. I missed hitting a chippy.
  13. That was the first thing down the gullet.
  14. Got me some tasty fish and chips when I was over there a few weeks ago. The brown sauce really makes it...great on the chips!
  15. Me too. Or I should say I actually like them a lot for an easy smoke while working, whether it be around the house or actually at work. The Macanudos too. Both nice, light, and easy. I save my more robust cigars for sitting down and enjoying.