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  1. ****ing delicious.
  2. Interboro has always been good to me; haven't had a bad beer from them yet. It's always drinkable and enjoyable.
  3. Gonna take April off, but until then....
  4. I've got three more to drain pour I guess...
  5. SUP

    Is NETA gonna be all effed up with the rec sales? Bummer for you city dwellers.
  6. SUP

  7. SUP

  8. Good stuff Jimmy, glad you're feeling well and are enjoying some quality time with your love.
  9. This was actually dissapointing. Tasted kinda soapy.
  10. ...and yeah, I will. Mostly cans now too which is great for shipping.
  11. $13 a four pack at the brewery if my memory serves me.
  12. Trillium
  13. I'll gladly hook you up next time. Just remind my forgetful ass.
  14. I admire the dedication. For me, no thanks!