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  1. I hope your AC floods your whole house…
  2. My Aunt passed out and I had call 911 to check her and brought to the Hospital. Ive been sitting in the Hospital with All kinds of ADD Freaks and Geeks that were counting the floor tiles and mumbling to themselves with crack faces and spray paint huffing complexion….
  3. Yes I did…. I was busy myself **** for Brains….
  4. What happened to “Post every Minute Toady Toast” ????
  5. I hope that dog bites him agam…
  6. He snaps bones tumbling down the mountain paths….
  7. Yes….
  8. It was a high energy, physical, talented scoring and defensive intimidation game Ernie….. I think you taking a nap was the best thing you could do for your nerves….
  9. That Oil vs Flame game last night was Terrific….
  10. I made some good gravy for the meatloaf the other day… and EFF SWEATY EDDY….
  11. OOOOOFFF-DAAaaahhhh!!!!
  12. HYMAN Busts it OPEN !
  13. What’s Life like up in Calgary? Im thinking of moving there…