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  1. Do you feel that not financially supporting an organization that **** in everybody’s mouths on orders from China will mean that everybody else gets chocolate pudding and we miss out? What’s another reason? Were you reserving the strongest one?
  2. That was one step removed from rubber bullet ear plugs.
  3. Isn't it well known procedure to insert people into the crowd, dressed to blend in, to get intelligence on what is being said and get a handle on who the leaders are? The video would be a lot more damning if the "CNN" guy did something illegal.
  4. The left is going to have to trick a lot of useful idiots into pulling down a lot of town square statues to make that...oh wait...
  5. Well supported argument you got there. lol
  6. Some hints for the people trying to convince Steve in Mass that he's a selfish, ignorant person (for the slam dunk): 1. Cite a peer reviewed and published conclusive research study that made the politicians and scientists smack themselves in the forehead and change tack on mask usage this last time. 2. Show that the politicians aren't funding the scientists that keep pivoting with the politicians. Hope this helps.
  7. Wonder how many swans Cuomo's gonna have to snuff before he feels better.
  8. Got up to page five and had to skip ahead - what page does someone cite scientific proof of "it's not for you, it's for others" on? Saying the same thing over and over sprinkled with insults doesn't seem to be having the desired effect.
  9. ****nut - at the time they were saying DON'T BUY UP THE MASKS. THEY ONLY HELP MEDICAL WORKERS.
  10. "Masks wont do anything to keep you from getting this. They only protect medical workers." - scientists That wasn't an an early stop in the evolution of a theory. That was pure CYA on the part of politicians who know there's a soft minded portion of the public who will go around repeating anything if you reference "medical experts". That's why you'll find mistrustful people. You helped create them.
  11. Robin: You tit! I soiled my armor, I was so scared! Tim: Look, that President's got a vicious streak a mile wide, he's a killer! Galahad: Get stuffed! Tim: He'll do you up a treat, mate. Galahad: Oh, yeah? Robin: Mangy Reps git! Tim: I'm warning you!