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  1. In my research for an earlier post to make sure their Prime Minister is a chick before I used the word "her", I came across a headline that said Denmark reacted with shock and anger over the postponement. If you went to Denmark right this second, do you think you could find a single person walking around looking shocked and angered because President Trump postponed his trip there? It's just you, bud. And the people who wrote that headline have you posting like you're getting paid.
  2. Would I have made an offhand comment that set the left's hair on fire for like three days and then postponed an approaching visit when the head of state falls all over herself to stoke the US media fire? Have you seen how I post? lol
  3. The thread title and that first post and then the updates and now this. Over a cancelled trip to Denmark. You really don't them winding you up, huh?
  4. You wake up in the morning an you're told to be super offended for Denmark. It's only Wednesday. Call in sick and roll over and go back to bed, or post this and then be updating the thread with the guy's tweets five hours later? You're a good man, Charlie Brown.
  5. "Whose dick do I have to suck to beat this old- Oh! hi joe" ... "Wow, that looks well used."
  6. There's the racism/bigotry of low expectations, too. Just like black Americans can't be expected to figure out how to secure government issued ID before showing up to a polling place, the people crossing the border illegally can't be expected to request a visa. That's European genetics level **** to a Democrat.
  7. , he said while patting at his smoking scalp.
  8. We should draw a line in the snow.
  9. Anti Second Amendment politicians are the track workers at a motorsports event fooshing the tops of the flames engulfing the burning car while the extinguisher peters out.
  10. These idiots are going to get me stabbed.
  11. He must have a whopper of a bet with someone. "I'll bet I can get the left to flip out about..." :spins pointer: "...a leak..." :shakes hat/pulls out slip of paper: "...that I'm wondering if we could buy..." :throws dart at globe: ...Greenland." "Yer on!" "Gidder doooone!"
  12. 2/1024ths of an American indian.
  13. It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's angry muttering one liner reach around man!
  14. Wasn't the founder's kink killing as many black babies as she could get her hands on? To solve a problem? The Democrats consider those lifelong votes paid in full. Shouldn't they be kicking their heels up at this news? By their reckoning, those are American votes not being killed.
  15. Didn't the founder have some Hitler-esque quotes floating around?