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  1. This thread should have t-shirts.
  2. Does anyone really care what someone who's Banned Main thinks about police and fire services in NYC? How does that even happen?
  3. Are signatures from the dead vaccinated just as valuable for this snark?
  4. If you got the fake vaccine and you're still frightened because you know it's fake and it doesn't stop dick, stay under your bed. Let the men get on with their lives.
  5. Ugly Stik Bigwater Stand Up Montauk Ferris Wheel Rod From $149.95
  6. That second deck should be great for casting over shoulders. I need to pick up some more pyramid sinkers.
  7. Should replace the spotting tower with a Ferris wheel.
  8. Are surfers more likely to lose an arm or a leg in water that makes it harder for sharks to see?
  9. I'm all over it. Love mosquitos.
  10. Love the pics. Could this also be considered the "last hurricane didn't hurt anything" thread?
  11. The regular guy just jerking off by himself was like wtf.
  12. Coronavirus drowning. Wear your masks, people!
  13. I wonder if we can work out something like the drone permit for people who want to swim out to rocks. That seems to make the considerable risk that drones pose suddenly tolerable. Fun, fun, fun!
  14. They can tackle it like they currently kick people off the WE2 jetty. They don't march out to the end of the jetty to enforce that.
  15. To the members who feel they can see a perfectly reasonable reason we all have to lay down for this: Shouldn't the state start patrolling and kicking people off rocks when surf casters swim out to them? We're all being put at considerable risk to lose taxpayer money to those people, right? No juror is going to identify with someone who waits for dark and then swims out to a rock. Storm or no storm.