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  1. CharlieB, you got it. PM on the way
  2. White/Green body Cardinal. See pics.....
  3. I have a Penn 4400ss for sale if anyone is interested. It is in excellent condition. $45 shipped. Also for sale is an Abu Cardinal 4 in excellent condition. This one is not the smallest one, it is tad larger. $55 shipped. Pics coming........
  4. Hi Cmansfield, this is an original Penn Battle, I posted pics. Let me know if you are interested. You have 1st dibs.
  5. Rec'd payment, thanks! I will ship it out asap
  6. Got your message, sent you my payment info
  7. Cwslagle, sorry, MDCrappie was given 1st chance if he wanted the Shimano and it looks like he is going to take it. I can work something out on the Penn Battle if you are interested.
  8. MDCrappie, $80 for both reels and that will cover shipping as well. PM me your info if you are ok with it.
  9. Reduced to $130 shipped.
  10. Here you go MDCrappie, thanks.
  11. I have a few UL reels that might be useful to some for the upcoming trout season. Pics coming soon. Daiwa BG10 in excellent condition, older model Daiwa (have the box). $45 shipped Shimano Sedona 1000 in excellent condition - $40 shipped Penn Battle 1000 - in excellent condition - $65 shipped I am not sure of how much use is on the Daiwa, however I can say the Shimano & Penn I bought new and used them a few times only.
  12. Old Bridge NJ
  13. I picked up a custom Fenwick last yr for Salmon fishing and I never got around to using it. This rod needs a good home. The blank is a SH-1201F 2 piece rod, length is 8ft 8 inches. There is a 2 inch spacer added in the reel seat as the original blank is 8'6 (see pics) The distance from the bottom part of the reel seat to the butt is 14 inches. I would say the rod is rated between 2-8lb. This rod is extremely light!!! Pics are coming in a few. $150 includes shipping. The price is firm. EDIT: I looked at the 1982 Fenwick catalog and here are the specs: SH-1021F Fast Action, Lure: 1/8-3/8, Butt size: .685 Tip size: 5 weight: 3 1/8oz. The rod might be rated 4-10oz, no line specs are listed.