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  1. Willing to part with the 716z?
  2. Hey all, revisiting this. I need a recommendation for a rod builder in central NJ or south NJ who will build me a tip section to match the grip/lower section. As stated earlier this rod has a lot of sentimental value to me and I am willing to put whatever $ into this to revive this beauty so I can fish it. Thanks!!
  3. Oh ok, FYI the reel is a Penn 712. That is why I asked. Thought the pic wasn't posted.
  4. Can you post a pic of the 6' Lamiglas blank & 714 reel?
  5. Having a hard time locating a good casting rod made by any manufacturer that has 7 or 7 1/2 ft med action rods extra fast action. Anyone have recommendations on company and model #s? And to be more specific, not looking to spend $450 on a Loomis.
  6. Penn 706, missing part of the reel foot but can still mount on a rod with no issues. Has paint loss. No corrosion inside, line roller spins great. $57 PayPal preferred.
  7. I have a Penn 714 and the drags are exactly the same. Remove the drag knob do you have these 3 components under the knob? 1 Teflon washer, 1 metal washer and 1 drag spring. I have this issue with another 714z and I am missing the metal washer.
  8. Thanks guys. I know the model St Croix Wild River blank this was built on WRS86MF2. Maybe I can just buy the blank? Or stock rod from St Croix and have a rod builder rewrap the top section for me. I am willing to shell out the $ whatever it takes. My issue now is who can I contact to rewrap the top section to match the bottom?
  9. Looks like you busted out the ol Penn 706 for them cats! lol nice!!!!
  10. Some do some don't. The 700, 704, 706 and 710 all have green spools. 712, 714, 716, 722 and 720 all have silver anodized spools.
  11. Thanks. I have done my fair share of fishing with spinning setups and I am fairly new to baitcasters. I always used the spool tension however the brake dial I misread. I would dial it close to where it says max, however max has an arrow pointing clockwise. So when I dialed in the break closer to max I was actually loosening the breaks hence the backlashes.
  12. He can get an access permit online on the DEP website. Google access permit for Ashokan Reservoir
  13. If you are fishing the Esopus definitely trout.
  14. I spent 4 days in early August in Phoenica fishing the esopus creek. Didn't have much success early on fishing under the bridges and overpass in town however with a little exploring we found the trout; We mostly used UL spinning setups and 1/8oz kastmasters. Did even better with salmon eggs. A few fly guys were around and did ok. Bring waders obviously, youre going to have to do a lot of walking past the hard hit most common areas to find the fish. Phoenica is close to where you will be there is a hardware/tackle shop in town that provides fishing licenses. Also. Sytheteacher is correct about the reservoir, you will need a 2nd permit to fish the Ashokan reservoir. I didn't have much success there however I did fish from the banks so who knows.
  15. Penn 712 repaint same color as the 722.