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  1. Yesterday morning from Keyes Beach in Hyannis of a ferry returning from Nantucket.
  2. Photo take yesterday evening at Millway Beach in Barnstable Village, Cape Cod.
  3. FM/NJ Yes, Nantucket is 30 miles away. By either of the two boats in the above photos the trip takes two hours one way. If you elect to take the high speed ferry - passengers only - the trip takes one hour. For us we can go to either Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard with boats leaving from Hyannis Harbor which is a fifteen minute walk from the house. If we decide on going to the Vineyard it's actually quicker for us to drive to Falmouth and take the ferry leaving from Falmouth Harbor, then the boat ride is about a 1/2 hour ride. Both islands are very interesting, really great and offer excellent fishing. For fishing go in September after all the tourists leave. After all these years there is always something new and exciting to see and do.
  4. Thanks Yes, the second vessel travels from Hyannis Harbor to Nantucket and it carries mostly trailer trucks and if room allows, a few regular trucks and an occasional car. The other vessel in the top photo ( MV Eagle) carries both freight (cars & trucks) and passengers from Hyannis to Nantucket but it does not take any trailer trucks. In the top photo The MV Eagle is passing a lighthouse located in the inner harbor of Hyannis.
  5. From last summer at Hyannis Cape Cod
  6. From the album Reflections

  7. From the album Reflections

  8. Ferry service to Nantucket has been cancelled by Hy-Line due to the ice build up in the respective harbors a they use aluminum vessels. The Steam Ship Authority is still operating. The Coast Guard has been actively performing ice breaking duties. Here the MV Nantucket carrying both freight and passengers approaches Hyannis Harbor as seen from our house this morning, Thursday, Feb. 26th