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  1. If we ban plastic bags, then what will the osprey use for nesting material?
  2. I’m pretty sure pelican yaks are made from thermoformed plastic sheets. ABS, maybe? It’s thinner than the rotomolded PE your 106 is made with. This could account for the issue.
  3. I think Nuke has some huge warts that need to be addressed before anyone can call it a cost effective safe answer to our energy thirst, but to answer your question this is what crosses my mind: We already have the site and: High paying jobs, increased local business, increased American Industry, tax revenue, a product people can use regardless if it's in NJ, pushes advancement in technology, research & development.
  4. Lol, that’s pretty much what we’re doing. Build a plant, run it for 50 years, close it and leave the fuel there. Then build a plant somewhere else. Spent fuel is sprinkled all over the world with nowhere to go. We were promised that technology would catch up and the fuel storage problem would be solved in a few decades. That was 50+ years ago.
  5. We sent all of our students (NJ High school) home the week before Xmas. Up until then we were in-person on a hybrid schedule. After thanksgiving students and staff started dropping like flies. By 12/15 we did not have enough staff/subs/bus drivers to cover classes and bus routes. We lost (deaths) 2 drivers to Covid over the past 2 weeks. Even with the kids home, staff numbers are still low. We were scheduled to start hybrid again this Tuesday, but 3 of our 4 vice principals tested positive last week and too many staff members are positive or quarantining due to close contact. It's getting worse.
  6. Well done sir!
  7. Sold our house on the edge of the pinelands 4 years ago. The first couple that came to look pulled up to see about 8 deer including 2 fawns grazing on the front lawn. The wife was overwhelmed by the “cuteness”. They made an immediate offer. I battled with those effing deer for years. They consumed almost everything I tried to grow. However, I do believe they were responsible for selling my house so we parted on good terms...
  8. A federally subsidized study is in the works to determine the feasibility of building a new high tech nuke plant at the currently closed Oyster Creek site. Warm outflow back in 2025?? Yay or nay, what say you? y WAYNE PARRY , ASSOCIATED PRESS January 05, 2021 - 1:47 PM LACEY, N.J. — The company that's in the process of mothballing one of the nation's oldest nuclear power plants says it is interested in building a new next-generation nuclear reactor at the same site in New Jersey. Holtec International last month received $147.5 million — $116 million of which will come from the U.S. Department of Energy — to complete research and development work on a modern nuclear reactor that could be built at the site of the former Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station in the Forked River section of Lacey Township, New Jersey.
  9. I was being facetious about what we truly know and don’t know on a philosophical/existential level. I should have added a for clarity. My original point on the post I first quoted was that your argument about the “unknown” effects of this vaccine stems from the fact it alters your DNA (your words). Apparently this is something you “know” because you said so. It’s right there in your post. Also, please show me where I said I know for sure what the long term effects are. I didn’t. You seem to have a pension for posting dishonest facts. You’ve been called out on it several times in this thread alone.
  10. Hint: I'm sure I know what I know, it may not all be accurate, but I know what I know. Logically, I have no idea what you know or don't know. That's not true... I know you don't know that the vaccine does not alter your DNA
  11. You seem to be swinging at windmills. You also seem to be regurgitating stuff that's handed over in faith..... It's a "DNA altering" vaccine because you say so?
  12. Reverse transcriptase is an enzyme not a process. Please elaborate how this enzyme will work with the relatively minuscule amount of mRNA in the injection before it completely denatures?
  13. At 00:1:30 the animation explains how the human genome (DNA) is not affected, which is correct.
  14. I'm in.
  15. I'll take it as soon as I can. No fear of the vaccine. It will benefit those around me If I don't get sick and/or they don't catch it from me. My choice of diet, exercise (or lack thereof), and the total accumulation of pollutants and radiation (both natural and man made) that I am exposed to everyday will have a greater impact on my overall long term health than the any vaccine side effects.