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  1. I know you found one. Congrats. But for anyone looking, I'm considering getting a Saranac for local FW. My boss has one, and loves it for him and his 10 year old son. It has some fishing features, good back support and nice price.
  2. Each town is making the rules for their beach. There are quite a few beaches in Ocean County open for any activity as long as you maintain enough space. Last Friday (I think??) when it was warm, the beach by me was fine. The cops were riding the beach smiling and waiving to sunbathers, walkers, etc. The sign in the OP is for Ocean City NJ not Ocean County.
  3. Whatever the fix, I would eliminate the issue. Don't grow grass up to the column. Cut out a ring of sod around the entire column and lay down a thick layer of mulch. Throw in some ornamental plants if you like. Also eliminates the need to come back with a string trimmer.
  4. True Ship. Christie also beat the teachers up pretty good and they rallied. He won many of the teachers in 2009 & 13 by telling them what they wanted to hear. Then pulled a 180 in his last term. In 2017 they showed up in force.
  5. Dan your 2nd point is spot on.The hipocrisy is real on both sides. I'm no fan of Murphy, and this order goes wayyyy too far, but the right owns a big piece of this in NJ. Murphy could have been crushed in the election, but the established right disappeared. Christie's machine, which could have propped up their candidate, had their eyes on the white house, crickets. Kim G was a placeholder. They waged a limp campaign and gave it to Murphy. Republican turnout was almost at an all time low. 4 & 8 years earlier the party was energized under Christie and righties showed up at the ballot box. . A repub can win the state, in fact one did, twice. Those of you NJ folks bleating about the lefty sheep have skin in this game. Stop blaming the winners for your loss, it's pathetic, and exactly what the left is doing to Trump. Your choices are to do nothing except complain on the internet or get involved this time. If you choose the former, then baa baa baaack off. Happy Mother's day!
  6. I agree, suction cups are not great for primary attachment. The versa rail uses a through cabin strap to secure the rack. The cups are mostly for padding and friction. Malone claims the cups do not have to seal and can be placed across rain gutters and uneven surfaces. It's a temp rack with drawbacks, but I like it for the price. There's a good 2 min video from Malone, but its commercial and I don't think I can share it here.
  7. Malone versa-rail will work, about $150
  8. These are the benchmarks he said we need to hit before opening any non essential businesses, schools, parks, restaurants, etc. "Sustained Reduction" means at least 14 straight days of new cases well below the current rate. He did not say what the magic number of new cases is, just said we are not there yet. So we have to wait 14 days after we get "there", wherever "there" is?? This could take months.
  9. Apparently Murphy is going to release some details today in his briefing. Sounds like it will be a nothing-burger: On Sunday night, Murphy tweeted a logo touting “The Road Back: Restoring Economic Health through Public Health" with the promise of more details at a noon briefing in Trenton, when state officials will also detail the latest status of the outbreak that has infected 109,038 and killed 5,938 New Jersey residents. “Our Covid response has been guided by the simple truth that public health creates economic health,” Murphy said in the tweet. “The road back will be driven by data, science, and common sense.” Murphy has previously referred to the plan as a “broad blueprint” and warned last week that it would likely lack firm dates. Instead, the plan is expected to outline specific benchmarks including declines in cases or hospitalizations, expanded testing capacity and contact tracing that would trigger the gradual unraveling of the lockdown.
  10. Agree. I come here to the PG for the hypocrisy... on both sides
  11. OT made a video to answer questions about similarities and differences between all of the new and existing PDL models: Predator, Topwater, Sportsman, Salty....
  12. My shop is in Seaside Park, NJ. It's a hike, but give a shout if you're heading near the jersey shore when/if i can open this summer. Maybe we can bend a rod. You can use a PDL.
  13. Governor announced marina restrictions today. No charters or rentals allowed. Probably played a roll in the decision to stay closed. Charters, PWC and small boat rentals are big biz for many marinas.
  14. $1899 price point is very attractive on this yak. No hatches to access in-hull storage, but plenty of deck space to get creative. The OK Malibu PDL is marketed as a true family recreational pedal yak. It's selling pretty well. They call the tank well a jump seat for a reward facing small passenger or dog. My customers love it. It was a no brainer for Old Town to add some fishing features and introduce the Salty PDL. Fun for everyone! Spazz, where are you located? I can get you on a Malibu Pedal for a test ride this spring. It will give you an idea of how the Salty performs. And... Welcome to SOL. Great stuff here!
  15. FYI Lamson has a great upgrade program. Trade in an old reel for 50% off a new reel. Your old LP should qualify. google: waterworks lamson upgrade