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  1. I can confirm Seaside Park is open. Got my pass this week. The public works guys are using it almost daily to cart excess wind-blown sand from the boardwalk/street back up to the beach. So there may be an occasional temporary conflict when they are working. The beach replenishment workers and equipment are almost completely packed up and gone. The new access ramp over the dune is a very thick layer of compacted hard pack. Its a straight steep uphill ramp on the entrance side, and a long angled-south ramp on the down side toward the beach. Plenty wide enough to maneuver.
  2. The fluke is not even close to the greatest thing about this post. Great memories made! Nice job.
  3. I know a guy in NJ who can do a little better than that..... (Am I being too subtle?)
  4. True, but that’s just tuition. If you commute and eat and live at home for free, it’s not bad. For the 18-19 school year Rutgers is 15,500 for tuition only. Room and board is $13,500.They estimate $1,350 for books, and $4,500 for miscellaneous fees ( there’s a fee for everything) and transportation every year. True cost: about $34,000 for the first year if you live on campus and eat their food. Prices will go up every year.
  5. This is a demo model that I got as a dealer ( I think I mentioned that I have a yak rental biz.) I get a few calls for pedal rentals(non-fishing) so I decided to add a few Topwaters to my fleet because of size and price. Of course, the Demo has to be put through its paces, and I’ll have to be the one to do it! I really like the way a 7’ rod tucks under the seat and lays in the channel to the side of the drive. Wish it came in brighter colors.
  6. Maiden voyage/shakedown cruise today. Been pedaling a Revo since 07, and I never moved up to the high seats, so it was a little weird being up so high. Also took some time to train my legs to pedal in a circle. Not much else to say until I get some real time in. I have a positive first impression and high hopes for this little guy.
  7. I'm looking for a small amount of knotty pine for a kitchen Island project. 3 foot lengths (or longer). Tongue and groove with a detail similar to the picture. I'm in Ocean County, NJ. Anyone know of a source?
  8. Nice. Full warranty on demos is great!
  9. Was your kayak a full retail yak that the dealer opted to use as a demo or floor model? Or was it purchased through a Hobie demo program? I can’t comment on Hobie, but as an OK dealer I can’t offer full warranties on yaks purchased through their demo program. However, I can if it’s a retail kayak used as a floor model. Hobie may not have the same program.
  10. Ask the dealer about the warranty. If the dealer purchased the yak as a demo or rental model, then it may not carry a full warranty.
  11. The view of my "office" does not spark images of springtime or stripers, but I'm likely going to a local spot this weekend and soak some worms for winter hold-overs. Anyone else?
  12. Thanks to those of you who came out and supported Southern Regional last Saturday. It was good to put SOL names with faces. We had a great day. 100 tables and just over 700 attendees. A little below average, but a nice steady crowd. 100% of the $ raised goes directly to fund the high school fishing club. It’s a hump to make this thing happen every year, but the club advisors and kids make it seemless for the vendors and customers. Between a school day on Friday, afternoon setup, the show, breakdown and clean up, some of these kids were at the school 20 out of 34 hours. Again, thanks for supporting them!
  13. I don't have any for sale, but if you're near Ocean County NJ and want to try one before the show, I'll have a couple demo's in 2 weeks.
  14. How about a quick review on the Behemoth? How is it holding up to the salt? I got a great deal on one at the FF show in NJ, Haven't used it yet.