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  1. Update: I got the written warning for Speeding on Wednesday night. Today I get 3 letters in the mail from different attorneys offering their services for my recent citatiion. Obviously they troll the the township records and contact everyone with a violation. Weird thing is that the letters have a summons#, my name, and state that I got a citation for disregarding a stop sign (with the local moving violation/statute#). None of this matches the info on the warning I received from the officer. Should I be concerned that the township has me on record with a moving violation citation?
  2. 1990-91. Was getting burned out as a jetty jock casting bucktails, rigged eels all night in coastal NJ. A couple of local guys were playing with fly rods and it piqued my interest. Bought my first set up. I was hooked. A year or so later I met this guy from the next town over who was tying these incredible epoxy “fleyes”. He was starting a club in the spring. There were about 40 or so at the first meeting. The energy in the room was contagious. Great memories from those early years when we were learning and growing the sport.
  3. Sounds good. You’d have to give almost every teacher in the state of NJ a raise to reach that level.
  4. Nope, he approached from the passengers side. My wife handed him my documents.
  5. It's a longer discussion than I'm willing to have on SOL, but the short answer is that we have several modes of evaluation that have been in place, modified and improved for decades. Teachers are observed and evaluated multiple times in multiple ways throughout the year. Daily plans are submitted, reviewed and approved based on state-mandated curricula. Detailed records are kept, student grades are recorded and evaluated, student promotion/retention and graduation rates are evaluated, standardized tests like the Terranova and the HSPA are utilized, parents give feedback, individual student plans are adjusted. AP classes, extra curricular offerings, special support have markedly changed over time to better meet the needs of OUR kids. And, as I stated in a previous post, NJ is at the top of the list when it comes to success in all of these areas over the last 2-3 generations. We do it well, we do it best. It's expensive and there is waste, no doubt. It's all open and available for any taxpayer to see. We are in one of the most scrutinized professions in the country. Tying teacher performance to a single standardized test is idiotic and a waste of YOUR money, but makes for a great soundbite when you are running for something or you want to cash in on the taxpayers. Christie grabbed hold of this during his campaign and ran with it so that he could say that HE tied teacher performance to salaries with a single item, the PARCC. It was conceived, developed and implemented with almost no input from public educators, you know, the "group of folks that design and rate skills" for a living. It cost millions and failed miserably. But we still use it, pay for it, and Christie got to claim success and campaign on it. Follow the money, Pearson cashed in.
  6. I was on the mainland, but yeah, I still got some of that piney funk.
  7. Yep, he gave me a printed warning, like a register receipt. And, yes NJ.
  8. No. 52, and driving an 8 year old pick up. I did have a bag of Chik-Fil-A that we were taking home to my son. Maybe the cop really wanted some waffle fries.
  9. Got pulled over and was issued a written warning last night for doing 5mph over the limit. 8:00, heading home from Xmas shopping with the wife. It was a downhill grade too. The officer was pleasant and professional. I almost laughed when he said “sir, you were doing 45 in a 40 mph zone”. What was the point? Why bother to pull me over? Felt like I was being pulled aside for a random search at the airport. I’d love to hear a cop’s perspective. Am I missing something?
  10. How is this for performance: NJ public school graduates have consistently ranked highest in the country in HS graduation rates, SAT scores, College graduation rates, % of advanced degrees, average starting salaries & lifetime earnings. There are only 9 other states that have a higher SAT participation rates than NJ (82%), and none of them have higher average SAT scores. We as a state are doing great, in many cases best, by our kids academically. You can tie my salary to this performance. It basically means you need to pay me more than I already make
  11. We have some $100,000 per yer teachers where I work. They made the local "Patch" news too. For each one of them the following is true, yet not reported in the article: 35+ years working In the late 1980's they started at $18,500 or less with 100% free medical benefits They all have at least a bachelors and a masters degree If they have family medical coverage, then they are now paying just under $10,000/year for it So if you net out the medical costs, they are at $90,000. That's a $55,000 increase over 35+ years That's an average raise of $1,500 per year. Even adjusted for summers off this is far below what any similarly credentialed professional would be paid over the last 4 decades. It's a bargain!! Is there waste in schools, yes. Are there too many people in the system, yes! Are teachers overpaid.... Not even close. But we wouldn't be talking about it now if the article stated all the facts.
  12. I have no expertise other than my observations too, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on this statement being something you’ll be able to repeat at the end of the administration. I’m hopeful, but Jan 2009 - Jan 2017, the Obama years, saw a150% gain and was good to my retirement accounts. If you didn’t more than double your $ in those years then you need a new strategy. Maybe we’ll do better under Trump, but it’s only been 2 years, and crazy volatile. Your comparison right now is apples and, well... Orangemans (couldn’t resist )
  13. Last night dusk-7:00. First outing in a while that I did not land/see a fish. perfect conditions
  14. What makes you think they have a "slight" bias? I'm with Belmo, the far anything is just full of.....