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  1. I don't have any for sale, but if you're near Ocean County NJ and want to try one before the show, I'll have a couple demo's in 2 weeks.
  2. How about a quick review on the Behemoth? How is it holding up to the salt? I got a great deal on one at the FF show in NJ, Haven't used it yet.
  3. I agree these are not high-vis colors, but it's all they offer. Actually they have camo-green, but I intentionally left it out. I'm getting a few for a rental fleet which will be sold "used" down the road. Just wondered which color appeals to you all. Thanks for the replies.
  4. I would be cautious of a setup like this. There's a lot of force directed down on to your roof under the small footprint of the foam blocks. Typically the center of the roof does not have a lot of structural support and will flex/bend with little force (would you stand on it?). Spreading the force to the corners with racks/crossbars is a better idea.
  5. If allowed (this is a marketing question). Given these choices, which would you choose?
  6. Thanks! One of the longest running too. Tables are sold out. It's all about the weather now. I no longer run the show, but still volunteer for the high school fishing club. I'll be there from 7:00-10:00 helping the club & vendors get set. Say hi if you get a chance. I'll be the tallest guy wearing the SRHS club shirt. Front logo:
  7. Southern Regional flea market, Manahawkin, is Saturday, Feb 16th (same as surf day). We typically get 700-900 people through the door.
  8. If you're going to IBSP, get a bacon egg and cheese sammich from Betty & Nicks. They pile on thick-cut deep fried bacon. Great pancakes and omelettes too!!
  9. Be careful with foam blocks on the roof and straps through the doors. Puts a lot of concentrated downward force under the blocks on the flattest part of the roof. Too much force and it will buckle. Saw it happen last summer. Guy was using ratchet straps. He ratcheted it down too much and the roof flexed in the center. It popped back up when he released the pressure, but not 100%.
  10. When I worked in Manhattan 30 years ago, I had a 45 min train commute. I converted a Samsonite hard brief case into a pop-up Lap top tying desk. I Could usually find an empty double seat in the back of the train, and knock out a few flies each day. Wish I had a pic, it was a sweet set up and turned heads.
  11. I’m technically a JO dealer. I have a very small summer kayak & SUP rental biz in NJ. I do not cater to the fishing crowd, but I’m going bring a few of these into the mix because I have had some interest in pedal kayak rentals. Up until this point they’ve been too big and expensive to fit my business model. We will put these to the test this summer. On the warranty end, all I can offer is my experience. Over the past 3 years as a JO dealer, I’ve purchased, rented and sold (I sell new and used at the end of the season) approx 150 JO products. Mostly OK Malibu2, Scrambler, and Frenzy. I’ve had 1 warranty issue. A slightly deformed hull that caused the yak to pull to one side. The warranty process went smoothly and the customer was satisfied. I appreciate your unbiased reviews.
  12. ^^ This is encouraging.... I’ll have mine by late March.
  13. Dan, I'd like the following: Forward balanced Ultra Minnows: 2 - 3/4 oz 2 - 1 1/2 oz Collared Wobble jigs: 2 -1 oz 2- 2 oz 2 - 3 oz I'd also like a few regular Ultra Minnows form the other "Bare" thread: 2 - 2 oz 2 - 3oz 14 jigs total. This is my first foray in the CBST forum. Not sure how it works. Message me with a total and your paypal? you're shipping to 08752 Thanks Bob
  14. Exactly. One of Trump's highest priorities was to dismantle Obamacare because it was shoved down our throats and cost a fortune. He campaigned on it. The Dem's will do the exact same thing to anything that is part of the current standoff. It may be in 2020, 24, whatever. We need border security, we need fences, we need drones, manpower and so much more. However, it will cost way more than 5 billion and require both sides of the aisle put some skin in the game and come to a mutual agreement (wishful thinking). Right now we have a pissing match between egotistical buffoons on both sides. They ALL need to get in a room, put their big boy pants on and get to work. Saying "You will never get your wall" and responding by "walking out of the room" is akin to two 14 year old girls stomping away from an argument. It's irresponsible. A pox on both houses.
  15. Too short-sighted. It opens up a Pandora's box of precedents. What happens if/when we have a liberal president. He/she can pick some crazy ultra left-wing agenda item and call it a national emergency. Open borders maybe? Free healthcare for all? Lot's of votes gained. This system is broken/abused enough. This is bad in so many non-partisan ways.