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  1. Great seeing you all, too many to mention. you all know who are...
  2. Stayed in Corolla OBX last year, beautiful place ... Head north to see the horses on the beach,a must do... Enjoy
  3. Couldn't have said it better...
  4. Old school line-up
  5. Nice Rodger...
  6. lol...
  7. I'll see you there...
  8. Orvis has 3 flex ratings , tip, mid , and full flex in the Trident series rods. (which this rod is one of). Plenty of rod , comes with a full fore-grip for fighting fish. What's your budget??? . I know what I have into the rod and reel and line ,and will never recover that. So make a respectful offer... ??? TW Photos upon request
  9. I have an Orvis 9' , 2 piece , 11 weight mid flex fly rod with a Orvis Odyssey fly reel, with weight forward fly line, great drag . Collecting dust...
  10. I may have what your looking for... if your interested...???
  11. I'm staying out of that Bro-mance... just saying...
  12. Yep !!! fishing is fishing , catching is a bonus... Anyday...
  13. Its their home, we only visit it... watch your 6