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  1. Good luck out there. Best wishes to your family.
  2. My advice for the river, find the bunker (usually not difficult), snag a few, chunk heads at night.
  3. Last time this happened Joe Palotta from APFC and other clubs got together to restore access. It's a constant battle in this freakin state.
  4. Terrible news... very sorry to hear it. Well wishes to your wife and your family.
  5. Looking for gliders. Please post pics size & weight, thanks! Payment by Paypal.
  6. It's warmer than the ocean and I've seen some absolute pigs caught by the charters so far...
  7. First cast in the back for fluke a few days ago, first keeper at 18.5". Not a single fish after that, pretty amazing. First cast curse...
  8. If I'm not mistaken, a vehicle used in the commission of a felony is subject to Civil Forfeiture. If there's one thing the State actually wants to get out of criminal proceedings, it's the taking and then auctioning of the property for revenue.
  9. Spearfishermen here have been ticketed by Deal PD for being in the water.
  10. Cost me a fortune!
  11. The line stretcher has greater surface contact with the water resulting in more drag. It works fine to catch but it's easier on the arms to just skip a ranger across the surface. Thing glides like butter on top.
  12. I think it's been 3 days for me
  13. Hi RJ, Albany, NY water temp says 57 today. I believe the spawn should be imminent. I read one of your posts years ago where you indicated the fish like to spawn on cloudy days. Question: How soon can we expect the post-spawners to come back down? Do any hang around the river? As I understand they are ravenously hungry after spawning and move fast and hit hard in search of food. I read also that SB can swim in excess of 100 miles a day, so theoretically they can lay eggs and be into the NY Bight in a day and a half, correct?
  14. The females are generally all very heavy now. My good friend next to me caught a fish a few weeks ago that wasn't any longer than 40" but rocketed down a 30 boga past the 30 mark so fast my head spun.